Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

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Geometric period[edit]

Inclusive Cypriot art

Greek Archaic period[edit]

Archaic Greek sculptures[edit]


Archaic Greek small metalware[edit]

Archaic Greek pottery[edit]

675-500 BC

East Greek type pottery[edit]

East Greek orientalizing pottery[edit]

Black figure pottery[edit]

Corinthian and orientalizing pottery[edit]

Archaic Greek terracotta figurines[edit]

Greek Classical period[edit]

Greek Classical sculptures[edit]

Red figure pottery[edit]

Classical age glassware[edit]

Hellenistic period[edit]

Hellenistic sculptures[edit]

Aphrodite aidoumene[edit]

Roman Age[edit]

Greek sculptures of the Roman Age[edit]

Crouching Aphrodite[edit]

Other sculptures[edit]


Classical mosaics[edit]

Hellenistic mosaics[edit]

Roman Age mosaics[edit]

Early Christian mosaics[edit]

Building and Lapidariun[edit]

Main Courtyard[edit]

Higher floor[edit]

Minor Courtyard[edit]

Garden and lapidariun[edit]