Artesanía (crafts and folk art) of Mexico

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English: The Mexican Spanish term "artesanía" covers both items made for utilitarian purposes and decorative. Traditionally, these are made by hand and have some link to Mexico's Spanish and indigenous past.


Most pottery or ceramics in are of the majolica glazed type (the best known is the Talavara of Puebla) and indigenous style burnished pottery


Traditionally, metals worked in Mexico include silver, gold and copper. Ironwork was introduced by the Spanish


Alebrijes are fantastic creatures, which usually combine parts of two or more animals and painted in bright colors. They can be made of paper mache or wood.


Paper crafts[edit]

Paper crafts generally consists of paper cut into designs as use as banners (papel picado or banderolas), or the making of amate bark paper (Otomi Indians)

Crafts for holidays, celebrations and commemorations[edit]


Huichol crafts[edit]



Stained glass[edit]

Other crafts[edit]

Crafts for sale in Mexico[edit]