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Français Mayotte - Région Mayotte
Mayotte est une région d’outre-mer française située dans l'archipel des Comores au nord-ouest de Madagascar. Elle est constituée principalement de deux îles, Grande Terre et Petite Terre. Elle se situe dans le canal de Mozambique, dans l’océan Indien. Elle a la plus forte densité des DOM-TOM avec 538 hab./km². 90 % de la population est musulmane.
English Mayotte - Mayotte Region

Mayotte is an overseas region and a constituent part of the French Republic, at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, between northern ► Madagascar and northern ► Mozambique. The territory is geographically part of the ► Comoro islands, but has been politically separate since 1974, when it voted to remain French.

Short name Mayotte
Official name Mayotte Region
Status Overseas region and constituent part of the French Republic (French since 1843)
Location Southern Africa
Capital Mamoudzou
Population 256,518 inhabitants
Area 374 km²
Major language(s) French (official), Maore
Major religion(s) Islam
More information Mayotte, Geography of Mayotte, History of Mayotte and Politics of Mayotte
More images Mayotte - Mayotte (Category).

General maps

Topographic map (in French)
Administrative map (in French)
Road map (in French)
Map of the Comoros with Mayotte

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