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Saudi Arabia


العربية [1]السعودية - المملكة العربية السعودية

السعودية أو المملكة العربية السعودية هي أكبر دولة من دول شبه الجزيرة العربية، يحدها شمالا كل من العراق والاردن والكويت ، وشرقا الامارات العربية المتحدة و قطر و الخليج العربي، وعُمان من الجنوب الشرقي ، واليمن من الجنوب يوجد فيها أماكن دينية مقدسة للمسلمين كالمسجد الحرام أو الكعبة المشرفة وهي قبلة المسلمين والتي يقع في مكة و المسجد النبوي فى المدينة .

English Saudi Arabia - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula. It borders ► Jordan on the northwest, ► Iraq on the north and northeast, ► Kuwait, ► Qatar, ► Bahrain, and the ► United Arab Emirates on the east, ► Oman on the southeast, and ► Yemen on the south, with the Persian Gulf with ► Iran to its northeast and the Red Sea with ► Egypt ► Sudan and to its west. It is called "the land of the two holy mosques", a reference to Mecca and Medina, Islam's two holiest places.

Short name  Saudi Arabia
Official name Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Status Independent country since 1926, united since 1932
Location Middle East
Capital [2] الرياض (Riyadh)
Population 33,413,660 inhabitants
Area 2,149,690 square kilometres (830,000 sq mi)
Major languages Arabic (official)
Major religions Islam
More information Saudi Arabia, Geography of Saudi Arabia, History of Saudi Arabia and Politics of Saudi Arabia
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General maps

Map of Saudi Arabia خريطة المملكة العربية السعودية
Map of Saudi Arabia خريطة المملكة العربية السعودية
Map of Saudi Arabia خريطة المملكة العربية السعودية
Topopgraphic map
Rub' al Khali or Empty Quarter (in German) خريطة الربع الخالي
Rub' al Khali خريطة الربع الخالي
Emirates of Saudi Arabia خريطة السعودية الادارية

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Saudi Arabia, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Saudi Arabia.

The Parthian Empire (250 BCE-226 CE)
Map of Parthia 100 BC
The Persian Sassanian Empire (226-650) in 602 to 629, Strokes: Under Sassanid military control.
Sassanide Empire
Sassanide Empire
Expansion of the Caliphateخريطة الخلافاء الراشدين: I: Muhammad ; II: Abu Bakr ; III: Omar and IV: Othman
Age of the Caliphs
Caliphate around 750
The Seljuq Empire 1037-1194
Ayyubid dynasty in 1189
The Ayyubid Empire of Saladin around 1190
Growth of the Ottoman Empire
Growth of the Ottoman Empire
Location of the Ottoman Empire in 1683

History of Asir

[[|border|251x400px]] Asir

Nedj and Saudi Arabia

First Saudi State
Second Saudi State
Al Rashid (Ha'il)
[[|border|251x400px]] Conquest by the Nedj
Kingdom of Hejaz
Land exchange between Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Satellite maps

Satellite map

Notes and references

General remarks:

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  • The maps of former countries that are more or less continued by a present-day country or had a territory included in only one or two countries are included in the atlas of the present-day country. For example the Ottoman Empire can be found in the Atlas of Turkey.
  1. Romanization: as-Sa'ūdiyyah - Al-Mamlakah al-'Arabiyyah as-Sa'ūdiyyah.
  2. Romanization: ar-Riyāḍ.

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