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Do not upload images of the Atomium in Brussels

This building is copyrighted artwork. Nobody is allowed distributing his own photos of the Atomium without the consent of the copyright holders in Belgium and other countries without The Freedom of Panorama.. So all Atomium images will get deleted in Commons on sight. Thank you for your cooperation. (See the talk page for more information)
Atomium in Brussels (2006), but because there is no Freedom of Panorama (FOP) in Belgium, we had to make it black and aren't allowed to show the national monument of Belgium: the Atomium


"The image of the Atomium is protected since its construction. It's mandatory to gain approval from the vzw/asbl Atomium and the SABAM, before copying or broadcasting the image of the Atomium. It is also necessary to mention "copyright vzw/asbl Atomium"."


"The image of the Atomium is protected since 1958, every use of it should be requested for authorisation to the vzw/asbl Atomium."


"The image of the Atomium is protected. Any use, distribution and/or reproduction must be notified to vzw/asbl Atomium or the society SABAM. Any infringement of this procedure will be pursued through the courts."

English: The Atomium is a monument built in Brussels, Belgium, for the World's Fair (Expo '58).