Awards and decorations of the Civil Air Patrol

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The awards and decorations of the Civil Air Patrol are "designed to recognize heroism, service, and program achievements" of members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) of the United States of America. The CAP is the official auxilliary of the United States Air Force, and these awards are made to improve the esprit de corps of members. These awards are all worn in the form of medals or ribbons and all are considered civilian decorations. Civil Air Patrol regulations allow them to only be worn and displayed on appropriate CAP uniforms.

CAP members[edit]


Senior awards[edit]

Professional development awards[edit]

Aerospace Education Awards[edit]

Cadet Awards[edit]

Cadet program awards[edit]

Cadet program achievements[edit]

Service and activity ribbons[edit]

Service ribbons[edit]

Activity ribbons[edit]

Obsolete Ribbons[edit]