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Straight tracks[edit]

  ex u uex
bSTR bSTR exbSTR ubSTR uexbSTR
bSTRq bSTRq exbSTRq ubSTRq uexbSTRq Across
  ex u uex

Parallel lines[edit]

  e x ex u ue ux uex
bvSTR bvSTR ebvSTR xbvSTR exbvSTR ubvSTR uebvSTR uxbvSTR uexbvSTR Parallel lines
bvvSTR bvvSTR     exbvvSTR ubvvSTR     uexbvvSTR Parallel lines triple
bvvvSTR bvvvSTR     exbvvvSTR ubvvvSTR     uexbvvvSTR Parallel lines quadruple
bvSTRq bvSTRq ebvSTRq xbvSTRq exbvSTRq ubvSTRq uebvSTRq uxbvSTRq uexbvSTRq Parallel lines across
mbvSTR mbvSTR embvSTR xmbvSTR exmbvSTR umbvSTR uembvSTR uxmbvSTR uexmbvSTR Mixed parallel lines
mbvSTRq mbvSTRq embvSTRq xmbvSTRq exmbvSTRq umbvSTRq uembvSTRq uxmbvSTRq uexmbvSTRq Mixed parallel lines across
hbvSTR hbvSTR ehbvSTR xhbvSTR exhbvSTR uhbvSTR uehbvSTR uxhbvSTR uexhbvSTR Elevated
hbvSTRa@f hbvSTRa@f ehbvSTRa@f xhbvSTRa@f exhbvSTRa@f uhbvSTRa@f uehbvSTRa@f uxhbvSTRa@f uexhbvSTRa@f Elevated start, moved forward
hbvSTRa hbvSTRa ehbvSTRa xhbvSTRa exhbvSTRa uhbvSTRa uehbvSTRa uxhbvSTRa uexhbvSTRa Elevated start
hbvSTRa@g hbvSTRa@g ehbvSTRa@g xhbvSTRa@g exhbvSTRa@g uhbvSTRa@g uehbvSTRa@g uxhbvSTRa@g uexhbvSTRa@g Elevated start, moved backward
hbvSTRae hbvSTRae ehbvSTRae xhbvSTRae exhbvSTRae uhbvSTRae uehbvSTRae uxhbvSTRae uexhbvSTRae Elevated start and end
hbvSTRe@f hbvSTRe@f ehbvSTRe@f xhbvSTRe@f exhbvSTRe@f uhbvSTRe@f uehbvSTRe@f uxhbvSTRe@f uexhbvSTRe@f Elevated end, moved forward
hbvSTRe hbvSTRe ehbvSTRe xhbvSTRe exhbvSTRe uhbvSTRe uehbvSTRe uxhbvSTRe uexhbvSTRe Elevated end
hbvSTRe@g hbvSTRe@g ehbvSTRe@g xhbvSTRe@g exhbvSTRe@g uhbvSTRe@g uehbvSTRe@g uxhbvSTRe@g uexhbvSTRe@g Elevated end, moved backward
mhbvSTR mhbvSTR emhbvSTR xmhbvSTR exmhbvSTR umhbvSTR uemhbvSTR uxmhbvSTR uexmhbvSTR Mixed, elevated
mhbvSTRa@f mhbvSTRa@f emhbvSTRa@f xmhbvSTRa@f exmhbvSTRa@f umhbvSTRa@f uemhbvSTRa@f uxmhbvSTRa@f uexmhbvSTRa@f Mixed, elevated start, moved forward
mhbvSTRa mhbvSTRa emhbvSTRa xmhbvSTRa exmhbvSTRa umhbvSTRa uemhbvSTRa uxmhbvSTRa uexmhbvSTRa Mixed, elevated start
mhbvSTRa@g mhbvSTRa@g emhbvSTRa@g xmhbvSTRa@g exmhbvSTRa@g umhbvSTRa@g uemhbvSTRa@g uxmhbvSTRa@g uexmhbvSTRa@g Mixed, elevated start, moved backward
mhbvSTRae mhbvSTRae emhbvSTRae xmhbvSTRae exmhbvSTRae umhbvSTRae uemhbvSTRae uxmhbvSTRae uexmhbvSTRae Mixed, elevated start and end
mhbvSTRe@f mhbvSTRe@f emhbvSTRe@f xmhbvSTRe@f exmhbvSTRe@f umhbvSTRe@f uemhbvSTRe@f uxmhbvSTRe@f uexmhbvSTRe@f Mixed, elevated end, moved forward
mhbvSTRe mhbvSTRe emhbvSTRe xmhbvSTRe exmhbvSTRe umhbvSTRe uemhbvSTRe uxmhbvSTRe uexmhbvSTRe Mixed, elevated end
mhbvSTRe@g mhbvSTRe@g emhbvSTRe@g xmhbvSTRe@g exmhbvSTRe@g umhbvSTRe@g uemhbvSTRe@g uxmhbvSTRe@g uexmhbvSTRe@g Mixed, elevated end, moved backward
  e x ex u ue ux uex


  e x ex u ue ux uex
bSHI2lr bSHI2lr     exbSHI2lr ubSHI2lr     uexbSHI2lr To left and right shift
bSHI2lxr bSHI2lxr       ubSHI2lxr       To left and right shift, right out of use
bSHI2rxl bSHI2rxl       ubSHI2rxl       To left and right shift, left out of use
bvvWSLgl bvvWSLgl ebvvWSLgl xbvvWSLgl exbvvWSLgl ubvvWSLgl uebvvWSLgl uxbvvWSLgl uexbvvWSLgl To left shift and return
bvvWSLgr bvvWSLgr ebvvWSLgr xbvvWSLgr exbvvWSLgr ubvvWSLgr uebvvWSLgr uxbvvWSLgr uexbvvWSLgr To right shift and return
bvvWSLglr bvvWSLglr ebvvWSLglr xbvvWSLglr exbvvWSLglr ubvvWSLglr uebvvWSLglr uxbvvWSLglr uexbvvWSLglr To left and right shift and return
bvvWSLglxr bvvWSLglxr ebvvWSLglxr     ubvvWSLglxr uebvvWSLglxr     To left and right shift and return, right out of use
bvvWSLgrxl bvvWSLgrxl ebvvWSLgrxl     ubvvWSLgrxl uebvvWSLgrxl     To left and right shift and return, left out of use
bSHI2+lr bSHI2+lr     exbSHI2+lr ubSHI2+lr     uexbSHI2+lr From left and right shift
bSHI2+lxr bSHI2+lxr       ubSHI2+lxr       From left and right shift, right out of use
bSHI2+rxl bSHI2+rxl       ubSHI2+rxl       From left and right shift, left out of use
bvvWSLg+l bvvWSLg+l ebvvWSLg+l xbvvWSLg+l exbvvWSLg+l ubvvWSLg+l uebvvWSLg+l uxbvvWSLg+l uexbvvWSLg+l From left shift and return
bvvWSLg+r bvvWSLg+r ebvvWSLg+r xbvvWSLg+r exbvvWSLg+r ubvvWSLg+r uebvvWSLg+r uxbvvWSLg+r uexbvvWSLg+r From right shift and return
bvvWSLg+lr bvvWSLg+lr ebvvWSLg+lr xbvvWSLg+lr exbvvWSLg+lr ubvvWSLg+lr uebvvWSLg+lr uxbvvWSLg+lr uexbvvWSLg+lr From left and right shift and return
bvvWSLg+lxr bvvWSLg+lxr ebvvWSLg+lxr     ubvvWSLg+lxr uebvvWSLg+lxr     From left and right shift and return, right out of use
bvvWSLg+rxl bvvWSLg+rxl ebvvWSLg+rxl     ubvvWSLg+rxl uebvvWSLg+rxl     From left and right shift and return, left out of use
bvABZgr-ABZgl bvABZgr-ABZgl     exbvABZgr-ABZgl ubvABZgr-ABZgl     uexbvABZgr-ABZgl Through & to right on right line; through & to left on left line
bvABZg+r-ABZg+l bvABZg+r-ABZg+l     exbvABZg+r-ABZg+l ubvABZg+r-ABZg+l     uexbvABZg+r-ABZg+l Through & from right on right line; through & from left on left line
bvÜSTB         ubvÜSTB     uexbvÜSTB Double crossover
hbvÜSTB         uhbvÜSTB uehbvÜSTB   uexhbvÜSTB Double crossover elevated
hbnvÜSTl           uehbnvÜSTl     Single crossover right to left, elevated
hbnvSHI4gr         uhbnvSHI4gr uehbnvSHI4gr     Left to both elevated
hbvSHI4g+r         uhbvSHI4g+r       Both to left elevated
  e x ex u ue ux uex


  e x ex u ue ux uex
bAKBHFl+l bAKBHFl+l     exbAKBHFl+l         Switchback station on left
bAKS+BHFl+l bAKS+BHFl+l               Switchback station on left, with S-Bahn
bAKBHFr+r bAKBHFr+r     exbAKBHFr+r         Switchback station on right
bAKS+BHFr+r bAKS+BHFr+r               Switchback station on right, with S-Bahn
bvAKBHFr+r-STR bvAKBHFr+r-STR               Switchback station on right parallel line
  e x ex u ue ux uex

1¼ wide[edit]

  e x ex u ue ux uex
lvBHF+c           uelvBHF+c uxlvBHF+c   Parallel station legend symbol
  e x ex u ue ux uex


  e x ex u ue ux uex
bvvWSLa bvvWSLa     exbvvWSLa ubvvWSLa     uexbvvWSLa Turning loop start
bvvWSLe bvvWSLe     exbvvWSLe ubvvWSLe     uexbvvWSLe Turning loop end
bvvvWSLa                 Turning loops start
bvvvWSLe bvvvWSLe               Turning loops end
tbWSTR         utbWSTR     uextbWSTR Tunnel under non-navigable waterway
hbKRZWae hbKRZWae     exhbKRZWae uhbKRZWae     uexhbKRZWae Bridge over non-navigable waterway
mbKRZo +cerulean mbKRZo +cerulean   xmbKRZo +cerulean   umbKRZo +cerulean   uxmbKRZo +cerulean   Bridge over cerulean line
bvISLAND bvISLAND               Parallel lines shift around obstruction
bBAHN bBAHN               Train (generic)
  e x ex u ue ux uex


More widths are available in {{Routemap}}, which uses CSS to display spacers.

o   ⅛ width
c ¼ width
d ½ width
cd ¾ width
leer full width
+c 1¼ wide
+d 1½ wide
+cd 1¾ wide
b double-width (2×)
s quadruple-width (4×)
bs sextuple-width (6×)
w octuple-width (8×)