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ID Heavy rail
or freight
Light rail
or metro
icon depicts
ex u uex
STR STR exSTR uSTR uexSTR Track vertical
STRq STRq exSTRq uSTRq uexSTRq Track horizontal
STRf STRf exSTRf uSTRf uexSTRf Straight forward
STRg STRg exSTRg uSTRg uexSTRg Straight backward
STRfq STRfq exSTRfq uSTRfq uexSTRfq Straight to left
STRgq STRgq exSTRgq uSTRgq uexSTRgq Straight to right
STR~R STR~R exSTR~R uSTR~R uexSTR~R Straight at right (to match BS2)
STR~L STR~L exSTR~L uSTR~L uexSTR~L Straight at left (to match BS2)
STR~LR STR~LR exSTR~LR uSTR~LR uexSTR~LR Half-width at both sides (to match BS2)
STR~Rq STR~Rq exSTR~Rq uSTR~Rq uexSTR~Rq Half-width against left across
STR~Lq STR~Lq exSTR~Lq uSTR~Lq uexSTR~Lq Half-width against right across
KSTRa KSTRa exKSTRa uKSTRa uexKSTRa Straight stub start
KSTRxa KSTRxa   uKSTRxa   Straight stub start, with unused continuation
KSTRa~R KSTRa~R exKSTRa~R uKSTRa~R uexKSTRa~R Straight half-width, against left, stub start
KSTRa~L KSTRa~L exKSTRa~L uKSTRa~L uexKSTRa~L Straight half-width, against right, stub start
KSTRe KSTRe exKSTRe uKSTRe uexKSTRe Straight stub end
KSTRxe KSTRxe   uKSTRxe   Straight stub end, with unused continuation
KSTRe~R KSTRe~R exKSTRe~R uKSTRe~R uexKSTRe~R Straight half-width, against left, stub end
KSTRe~L KSTRe~L exKSTRe~L uKSTRe~L uexKSTRe~L Straight half-width, against right, stub end
KSTRaq KSTRaq exKSTRaq uKSTRaq uexKSTRaq Straight stub start, across
KSTRxaq KSTRxaq   uKSTRxaq   Straight stub start, across, with unused continuation
KSTReq KSTReq exKSTReq uKSTReq uexKSTReq Straight stub end, across
KSTRxeq KSTRxeq   uKSTRxeq   Straight stub end, across, with unused continuation
LSTR LSTR exLSTR uLSTR uexLSTR Interruption vertical
LSTRq LSTRq exLSTRq uLSTRq uexLSTRq Interruption horizontal
LSTRe LSTRe exLSTRe uLSTRe uexLSTRe Interruption fade forward
LSTRa LSTRa exLSTRa uLSTRa uexLSTRa Interruption fade backward
LSTR~R LSTR~R exLSTR~R uLSTR~R uexLSTR~R Half-width interruption against left
LSTR~L LSTR~L exLSTR~L uLSTR~L uexLSTR~L Half-width interruption against right
ID Heavy rail
or freight
Light rail
or metro
icon depicts
ex u uex

Track endings[edit]

  ex t ext u uex ut uext
ENDEa ENDEa exENDEa tENDEa extENDEa uENDEa uexENDEa utENDEa uextENDEa Line end start
ENDExa ENDExa   tENDExa   uENDExa   utENDExa   Line end start, with unused continuation
ENDEa~R ENDEa~R exENDEa~R tENDEa~R extENDEa~R uENDEa~R uexENDEa~R utENDEa~R uextENDEa~R Line end start, left part
ENDEa~L ENDEa~L   tENDEa~L   uENDEa~L uexENDEa~L utENDEa~L uextENDEa~L Line end start, right part
ENDE@G ENDE@G exENDE@G     uENDE@G       Line end start, extended
LENDEa LENDEa exLENDEa     uLENDEa uexLENDEa     Line end, interruption start
LENDEg LENDEg               Line end, interruption start, extended
hENDEa hENDEa exhENDEa     uhENDEa uexhENDEa     Line end elevated start
hENDEa-r hENDEa-r exhENDEa-r     uhENDEa-r uexhENDEa-r     Line end elevated start, left side
hENDEa-l hENDEa-l exhENDEa-l     uhENDEa-l uexhENDEa-l     Line end elevated start, right side
hENDExa hENDExa       uhENDExa       Line end elevated start, with unused continuation
ENDEe ENDEe exENDEe tENDEe extENDEe uENDEe uexENDEe utENDEe uextENDEe Line end end
ENDExe ENDExe   tENDExe   uENDExe   utENDExe   Line end end, with unused continuation
ENDEe~L ENDEe~L   tENDEe~L   uENDEe~L   utENDEe~L   Line end end, left part
ENDEe~R ENDEe~R   tENDEe~R   uENDEe~R   utENDEe~R   Line end end, right part
ENDE@F ENDE@F       uENDE@F uexENDE@F     Line end end, extended
LENDEe LENDEe exLENDEe     uLENDEe uexLENDEe     Line end, interruption end
LENDEf                 Line end, interruption end, extended
hENDEe hENDEe exhENDEe     uhENDEe uexhENDEe     Line end elevated end
hENDEe-r hENDEe-r exhENDEe-r     uhENDEe-r       Line end elevated end, left side
hENDEe-l hENDEe-l exhENDEe-l     uhENDEe-l       Line end elevated end, right side
ENDE ENDE exENDE tENDE extENDE uENDE uexENDE utENDE uextENDE Line end line continues
hENDExe hENDExe       uhENDExe       Line end elevated end, with unused continuation
ENDEaq ENDEaq exENDEaq tENDEaq extENDEaq uENDEaq uexENDEaq utENDEaq uextENDEaq Line end start, across
ENDExaq ENDExaq   tENDExaq   uENDExaq   utENDExaq   Line end start, across, with unused continuation
LENDEaq LENDEaq exLENDEaq             Line end, interruption start, across
hENDEaq hENDEaq exhENDEaq     uhENDEaq uexhENDEaq     Line end elevated start, across
hENDExaq hENDExaq       uhENDExaq       Line end elevated start, across, with unused continuation
ENDEeq ENDEeq exENDEeq tENDEeq extENDEeq uENDEeq uexENDEeq utENDEeq uextENDEeq Line end end, across
ENDExeq ENDExeq   tENDExeq   uENDExeq   utENDExeq   Line end end, across, with unused continuation
LENDEeq LENDEeq exLENDEeq             Line end, interruption end, across
hENDEeq hENDEeq exhENDEeq     uhENDEeq uexhENDEeq     Line end elevated end, across
hENDExeq hENDExeq       uhENDExeq       Line end elevated end, across, with unused continuation
ENDEq ENDEq exENDEq tENDEq extENDEq uENDEq uexENDEq utENDEq uextENDEq Line end line across continues
hENDEq hENDEq exhENDEq     uhENDEq uexhENDEq     Line end elevated line across continues
ENDE1@G ENDE1@G exENDE1@G     uENDE1@G uexENDE1@G     Line end from corner 1, moved backward
ENDE1 ENDE1 exENDE1     uENDE1 uexENDE1 utENDE1   Line end from corner 1
ENDE3+1xe ENDE3+1xe       uENDE3+1xe   utENDE3+1xe   Line end from corner 1; continues out of use
ENDE1@F ENDE1@F exENDE1@F     uENDE1@F uexENDE1@F     Line end from corner 1, moved forward
ENDE2@F ENDE2@F exENDE2@F     uENDE2@F uexENDE2@F     Line end from corner 2, moved forward
ENDE2 ENDE2 exENDE2     uENDE2 uexENDE2 utENDE2   Line end from corner 2
ENDE2+4xa ENDE2+4xa       uENDE2+4xa   utENDE2+4xa   Line end from corner 2; continues out of use
ENDE2@G ENDE2@G exENDE2@G     uENDE2@G uexENDE2@G     Line end from corner 2, moved backward
ENDE3@F ENDE3@F exENDE3@F     uENDE3@F uexENDE3@F     Line end from corner 3, moved forward
ENDE3 ENDE3 exENDE3     uENDE3 uexENDE3 utENDE3   Line end from corner 3
ENDE3+1xa ENDE3+1xa       uENDE3+1xa   utENDE3+1xa   Line end from corner 3; continues out of use
ENDE3@G ENDE3@G exENDE3@G     uENDE3@G uexENDE3@G     Line end from corner 3, moved backward
ENDE4@G ENDE4@G exENDE4@G     uENDE4@G uexENDE4@G     Line end from corner 4, moved backward
ENDE4 ENDE4 exENDE4     uENDE4 uexENDE4 utENDE4   Line end from corner 4
ENDE2+4xe ENDE2+4xe       uENDE2+4xe   utENDE2+4xe   Line end from corner 4; continues out of use
ENDE4@F ENDE4@F exENDE4@F     uENDE4@F uexENDE4@F     Line end from corner 4, moved forward
ENDEl ENDEl exENDEl             Line end curve to left
ENDEr ENDEr exENDEr             Line end curve to right
ENDElxa ENDElxa               Line end curve to left, start, with unused continuation
ENDErxa ENDErxa               Line end curve to right, start, with unused continuation
ENDE+lxa         uENDE+lxa       Line end curve from left, start, with unused continuation
ENDE+rxa ENDE+rxa               Line end curve from right, start, with unused continuation
ENDE+rxe ENDE+rxe               Line end curve from right, end, with unused continuation
AENDEl+l AENDEl+l exAENDEl+l             Switchback to left
AENDEr+r AENDEr+r exAENDEr+r             Switchback to right
  ex t ext u uex ut uext

Continuation arrows[edit]

See also BSicon/Catalogue/others2#Continuation arrowheads for stand-alone arrowhead icons that can be used as overlays, e.g.   (lCONTggq).

  ex u uex Line continues…
CONTf CONTf exCONTf uCONTf uexCONTf forward
CONTf@F CONTf@F exCONTf@F uCONTf@F uexCONTf@F forward extended
hCONTf hCONTf exhCONTf uhCONTf uexhCONTf forward elevated
LCONTf LCONTf exLCONTf uLCONTf uexLCONTf forward interruption
CONTfa CONTfa exCONTfa uCONTfa uexCONTfa forward tail
hCONTfa hCONTfa exhCONTfa uhCONTfa uexhCONTfa from back elevated
CONTg CONTg exCONTg uCONTg uexCONTg backward
CONTg@G CONTg@G exCONTg@G uCONTg@G uexCONTg@G backward extended
hCONTg hCONTg exhCONTg uhCONTg uexhCONTg backward elevated
LCONTg LCONTg exLCONTg uLCONTg uexLCONTg backward interruption
CONTge CONTge exCONTge uCONTge uexCONTge backward tail
hCONTge hCONTge exhCONTge uhCONTge uexhCONTge from front elevated


CONTfq CONTfq exCONTfq uCONTfq uexCONTfq forward, across
CONTf@Fq CONTf@Fq exCONTf@Fq uCONTf@Fq uexCONTf@Fq forward, across extended
hCONTfq hCONTfq exhCONTfq uhCONTfq uexhCONTfq forward, across elevated
CCONTfq CCONTfq exCCONTfq uCCONTfq uexCCONTfq forward, across in cutting
LCONTfq LCONTfq exLCONTfq uLCONTfq uexLCONTfq forward, across interruption
CONTfaq CONTfaq exCONTfaq uCONTfaq uexCONTfaq from back, across
hCONTfaq hCONTfaq exhCONTfaq uhCONTfaq uexhCONTfaq from back, across elevated
CONTgq CONTgq exCONTgq uCONTgq uexCONTgq backward, across
CONTg@Gq CONTg@Gq exCONTg@Gq uCONTg@Gq uexCONTg@Gq backward, across extended
hCONTgq hCONTgq exhCONTgq uhCONTgq uexhCONTgq backward, across elevated
CCONTgq CCONTgq exCCONTgq uCCONTgq uexCCONTgq backward, across in cutting
LCONTgq LCONTgq exLCONTgq uLCONTgq uexLCONTgq backward, across interruption
CONTgeq CONTgeq exCONTgeq uCONTgeq uexCONTgeq from front, across
hCONTgeq hCONTgeq exhCONTgeq uhCONTgeq uexhCONTgeq from front, across elevated


CONT1 CONT1 exCONT1 uCONT1 uexCONT1 From corner 1
hCONT1 hCONT1 exhCONT1 uhCONT1 uexhCONT1 From corner 1 elevated
LLCONT1 LLCONT1 exLLCONT1     From corner 1 interruption
CONT3+1 CONT3+1 exCONT3+1 uCONT3+1 uexCONT3+1 From corner 1 to corner 3
CONT2 CONT2 exCONT2 uCONT2 uexCONT2 From corner 2
hCONT2 hCONT2 exhCONT2 uhCONT2 uexhCONT2 From corner 2 elevated
LLCONT2         From corner 2 interruption
CONT4+2 CONT4+2 exCONT4+2 uCONT4+2 uexCONT4+2 From corner 2 to corner 4
CONT3 CONT3 exCONT3 uCONT3 uexCONT3 From corner 3
hCONT3 hCONT3 exhCONT3 uhCONT3 uexhCONT3 From corner 3 elevated
LLCONT3         From corner 3 interruption
CONT1+3 CONT1+3 exCONT1+3 uCONT1+3 uexCONT1+3 From corner 3 to corner 1
CONT4 CONT4 exCONT4 uCONT4 uexCONT4 From corner 4
hCONT4 hCONT4 exhCONT4 uhCONT4 uexhCONT4 From corner 4 elevated
LLCONT4 LLCONT4 exLLCONT4 uLLCONT4 uexLLCONT4 From corner 4 interruption
CONT2+4 CONT2+4 exCONT2+4 uCONT2+4 uexCONT2+4 From corner 4 to corner 2


CONTl+f CONTl+f exCONTl+f uCONTl+f uexCONTl+f forward to left
CONTr+f CONTr+f exCONTr+f uCONTr+f uexCONTr+f forward to right
CONTl+g CONTl+g exCONTl+g uCONTl+g uexCONTl+g back to left
CONTr+g CONTr+g exCONTr+g uCONTr+g uexCONTr+g back to right
CONTf+l CONTf+l exCONTf+l uCONTf+l uexCONTf+l from left to forward
CONTg+l CONTg+l exCONTg+l uCONTg+l uexCONTg+l from left to back
CONTf+r CONTf+r exCONTf+r uCONTf+r uexCONTf+r from right to forward
CONTg+r CONTg+r exCONTg+r uCONTg+r uexCONTg+r from right to back

Diagonal turns

CONT1+r CONT1+r exCONT1+r uCONT1+r uexCONT1+r to corner 1 from right
hCONT1+r hCONT1+r exhCONT1+r uhCONT1+r uexhCONT1+r to corner 1 from right elevated
CONT1+f CONT1+f exCONT1+f uCONT1+f uexCONT1+f to corner 1 from forward
hCONT1+f hCONT1+f exhCONT1+f uhCONT1+f uexhCONT1+f to corner 1 from forward elevated
CONT2+g CONT2+g exCONT2+g uCONT2+g uexCONT2+g to corner 2 from back
hCONT2+g hCONT2+g exhCONT2+g uhCONT2+g uexhCONT2+g to corner 2 from back elevated
CONT2+r CONT2+r exCONT2+r uCONT2+r uexCONT2+r to corner 2 from right
hCONT2+r hCONT2+r exhCONT2+r uhCONT2+r uexhCONT2+r to corner 2 from right elevated
CONT3+l CONT3+l exCONT3+l uCONT3+l uexCONT3+l to corner 3 from left
hCONT3+l hCONT3+l exhCONT3+l uhCONT3+l uexhCONT3+l to corner 3 from left elevated
CONT3+g CONT3+g exCONT3+g uCONT3+g uexCONT3+g to corner 3 from back
hCONT3+g hCONT3+g exhCONT3+g uhCONT3+g uexhCONT3+g to corner 3 from back elevated
CONT4+f CONT4+f exCONT4+f uCONT4+f uexCONT4+f to corner 4 from forward
hCONT4+f hCONT4+f exhCONT4+f uhCONT4+f uexhCONT4+f to corner 4 from forward elevated
CONT4+l CONT4+l exCONT4+l uCONT4+l uexCONT4+l to corner 4 from left
hCONT4+l hCONT4+l exhCONT4+l uhCONT4+l uexhCONT4+l to corner 4 from left elevated
CONTl+3 CONTl+3 exCONTl+3 uCONTl+3 uexCONTl+3 to left from corner 3
CONTl+4 CONTl+4 exCONTl+4 uCONTl+4 uexCONTl+4 to left from corner 4
CONTf+1 CONTf+1 exCONTf+1 uCONTf+1 uexCONTf+1 to forward from corner 1
CONTf+4 CONTf+4 exCONTf+4 uCONTf+4 uexCONTf+4 to forward from corner 4
CONTr+1 CONTr+1 exCONTr+1 uCONTr+1 uexCONTr+1 to right from corner 1
CONTr+2 CONTr+2 exCONTr+2 uCONTr+2 uexCONTr+2 to right from corner 2
CONTg+2 CONTg+2 exCONTg+2 uCONTg+2 uexCONTg+2 to back from corner 2
CONTg+3 CONTg+3 exCONTg+3 uCONTg+3 uexCONTg+3 to back from corner 3
  ex u uex Line continues…

Embankments and cuttings[edit]

  ex u uex
DSTRa DSTRa exDSTRa uDSTRa uexDSTRa Embankment start
DSTRa@g DSTRa@g exDSTRa@g uDSTRa@g uexDSTRa@g Embankment start, shifted back
DSTRe@f DSTRe@f exDSTRe@f uDSTRe@f uexDSTRe@f Embankment end, shifted forward
DSTRe DSTRe exDSTRe uDSTRe uexDSTRe Embankment end
DSTRae DSTRae exDSTRae uDSTRae uexDSTRae Embankment start & end
DSTRa@g(r) DSTRa@g(r) exDSTRa@g(r) uDSTRa@g(r) uexDSTRa@g(r) Embankment on right side, start
DSTR-R DSTR-R exDSTR-R uDSTR-R uexDSTR-R Embankment on right side
DSTRe@f(r) DSTRe@f(r) exDSTRe@f(r) uDSTRe@f(r) uexDSTRe@f(r) Embankment on right side, end
DSTRa@g(l) DSTRa@g(l) exDSTRa@g(l) uDSTRa@g(l) uexDSTRa@g(l) Embankment on left side, start
DSTR-L DSTR-L exDSTR-L uDSTR-L uexDSTR-L Embankment on left side
DSTRe@f(l) DSTRe@f(l) exDSTRe@f(l) uDSTRe@f(l) uexDSTRe@f(l) Embankment on left side, end
DSTRaq DSTRaq exDSTRaq uDSTRaq uexDSTRaq Embankment start across
DSTRa@gq DSTRa@gq exDSTRa@gq uDSTRa@gq uexDSTRa@gq Embankment start across, shifted back
DSTRq DSTRq exDSTRq uDSTRq uexDSTRq Embankment across
DSTRe@fq DSTRe@fq exDSTRe@fq uDSTRe@fq uexDSTRe@fq Embankment end across, shifted forward
DSTReq DSTReq exDSTReq uDSTReq uexDSTReq Embankment start across
DSTRaeq DSTRaeq exDSTRaeq uDSTRaeq uexDSTRaeq Embankment start & end across
CSTRa CSTRa exCSTRa uCSTRa uexCSTRa Cutting start
tCSTRa tCSTRa extCSTRa utCSTRa uextCSTRa Cutting start, from tunnel
CSTRa@g CSTRa@g exCSTRa@g uCSTRa@g uexCSTRa@g Cutting start, shifted back
CSTRe@f CSTRe@f exCSTRe@f uCSTRe@f uexCSTRe@f Cutting end, shifted forward
CSTRe CSTRe exCSTRe uCSTRe uexCSTRe Cutting end
tCSTRe tCSTRe extCSTRe utCSTRe uextCSTRe Cutting end, to tunnel
CSTRae CSTRae exCSTRae uCSTRae uexCSTRae Cutting start & end
CSTRa@g(r) CSTRa@g(r) exCSTRa@g(r) uCSTRa@g(r) uexCSTRa@g(r) Cutting on right side, start
CSTR-R CSTR-R exCSTR-R uCSTR-R uexCSTR-R Cutting on right side, middle
CSTRe@f(r) CSTRe@f(r) exCSTRe@f(r) uCSTRe@f(r) uexCSTRe@f(r) Cutting on right side, end
CSTRa@g(l) CSTRa@g(l) exCSTRa@g(l) uCSTRa@g(l) uexCSTRa@g(l) Cutting on left side, start
CSTR-L CSTR-L exCSTR-L uCSTR-L uexCSTR-L Cutting on left side, middle
CSTRe@f(l) CSTRe@f(l) exCSTRe@f(l) uCSTRe@f(l) uexCSTRe@f(l) Cutting on left side, end
CSTRq CSTRq exCSTRq uCSTRq uexCSTRq Cutting across
  ex u uex


Level crossings[edit]

  e x ex u ue ux uex
BUE BUE eBUE xBUE exBUE uBUE ueBUE uxBUE uexBUE Unspecified road
BUEq BUEq eBUEq   exBUEq uBUEq ueBUEq   uexBUEq Unspecified road across
SKRZ-GDBUEq         uSKRZ-GDBUEq       Unpaved road across
SKRZ-G2 SKRZ-G2       uSKRZ-G2       Generic 2/3-lane road unprotected crossing
SKRZ-G2q SKRZ-G2q               Generic 2/3-lane road unprotected crossing, across
SKRZ-G1BUE SKRZ-G1BUE eSKRZ-G1BUE   exSKRZ-G1BUE         Generic single-lane road
SKRZ-G2BUE SKRZ-G2BUE eSKRZ-G2BUE   exSKRZ-G2BUE uSKRZ-G2BUE ueSKRZ-G2BUE     Generic 2/3-lane road
fBUE fBUE       ufBUE       Trail or footpath
mfKRZ+BUE mfKRZ+BUE               Trail or footpath
mgKRZ+BUE mgKRZ+BUE               Unwatered canal
BHF+BUE BHF+BUE eBHF+BUE   exBHF+BUE uBHF+BUE ueBHF+BUE   uexBHF+BUE Crossing at station
BUE-sv BUE-sv     exBUE-sv uBUE-sv     uexBUE-sv Unspecified road
United Kingdom
SKRZ-GBUE SKRZ-GBUE     exSKRZ-GBUE         Major (A) road
SKRZ-YBUE SKRZ-YBUE     exSKRZ-YBUE         Secondary (B) road
United States
BUE-us BUE-us eBUE-us   exBUE-us uBUE-us     uexBUE-us Unspecified road
BUE-usq         uBUE-usq       Unspecified road across
  e x ex u ue ux uex


The root GRENZE is being phased out. It is recommended to use the icons with GRZ root for borders, and icons with ZOLL root for customs.

  ex u uex
GRZq GRZq       Border overlay icon
STRq+GRZ STRq+GRZ exSTRq+GRZ uSTRq+GRZ uexSTRq+GRZ Border across
tSTR+GRZq tSTR+GRZq extSTR+GRZq utSTR+GRZq uextSTR+GRZq Border in tunnel
tKRZW+GRZq tKRZW+GRZq extKRZW+GRZq utKRZW+GRZq uextKRZW+GRZq Border in tunnel, under water
hSTRae+GRZq hSTRae+GRZq exhSTRae+GRZq uhSTRae+GRZq uexhSTRae+GRZq Border on bridge
hKRZWae+GRZq hKRZWae+GRZq exhKRZWae+GRZq uhKRZWae+GRZq uexhKRZWae+GRZq Border on bridge, over water
hSTR+GRZq hSTR+GRZq exhSTR+GRZq uhSTR+GRZq uexhSTR+GRZq Border elevated
hKRZW+GRZq hKRZW+GRZq exhKRZW+GRZq uhKRZW+GRZq uexhKRZW+GRZq Border elevated, over water
  ex u uex


  e x ex u ue ux uex
lZOLL lZOLL     exlZOLL         Customs overlay icon
tZOLL tZOLL   xtZOLL       uxtZOLL   Customs in tunnel
hZOLL hZOLL   xhZOLL   uhZOLL   uxhZOLL   Customs elevated
ZOLLq ZOLLq   xZOLLq           Border across
tTZOLLW tTZOLLW   xtTZOLLW   utTZOLLW   uxtTZOLLW   Border in tunnel under water
TWZOLLt TWZOLLt               Border in tunnel under water across
hZOLLae hZOLLae   xhZOLLae   uhZOLLae   uxhZOLLae   Border on bridge
TZOLLWo TZOLLWo   xTZOLLWo   uTZOLLWo   uxTZOLLWo   Border on bridge over water
TWZOLLu TWZOLLu   xTWZOLLu           Border on bridge over water across
hTZOLLW hTZOLLW   xhTZOLLW   uhTZOLLW   uxhTZOLLW   Border on elevated track over water
WECHSEL WECHSEL     exWECHSEL uWECHSEL     uexWECHSEL type change heavy ↔ light rail
WECHSELq WECHSELq     exWECHSELq uWECHSELq     uexWECHSELq type change heavy ↔ light rail, across
  e x ex u ue ux uex

Border overlays[edit]

BSicon GRZ.svg GRZ BSicon lGRZa.svg lGRZa BSicon lGRZe.svg lGRZe BSicon dGRZq.svg dGRZq
BSicon GRZq.svg GRZq BSicon lGRZeq.svg lGRZeq BSicon lGRZaq.svg lGRZaq BSicon GRZ+q.svg GRZ+q
BSicon vGRZ-.svg vGRZ- BSicon v-GRZ.svg v-GRZ BSicon GRZq-.svg GRZq- BSicon -GRZq.svg -GRZq
BSicon GRZel.svg GRZel BSicon GRZal.svg GRZal BSicon GRZar.svg GRZar BSicon GRZer.svg GRZer
BSicon GRZlf.svg GRZlf BSicon GRZrg.svg GRZrg BSicon GRZlg.svg GRZlg BSicon GRZrf.svg GRZrf
BSicon lGRZTl.svg lGRZTl BSicon lGRZTa.svg lGRZTa BSicon lGRZTr.svg lGRZTr BSicon lGRZTe.svg lGRZTe
BSicon lGRZ2+4.svg lGRZ2+4 BSicon lKGRZ4.svg lKGRZ4 BSicon lKGRZ2.svg lKGRZ2 BSicon lGRZx.svg lGRZx
BSicon lGRZ3+1.svg lGRZ3+1 BSicon lKGRZ3.svg lKGRZ3 BSicon lKGRZ1.svg lKGRZ1
BSicon GRZl+g.svg GRZl+g BSicon GRZf+l.svg GRZf+l BSicon GRZf+r.svg GRZf+r BSicon GRZr+g.svg GRZr+g
BSicon lGRZ4m1.svg lGRZ4m1 BSicon lGRZ1m2.svg lGRZ1m2 BSicon lGRZ2m3.svg lGRZ2m3 BSicon lGRZ3m4.svg lGRZ3m4
BSicon lGRZ+1.svg lGRZ+1 BSicon lGRZ2.svg lGRZ2 BSicon lGRZ3.svg lGRZ3 BSicon lGRZ+4.svg lGRZ+4
BSicon lGRZr+1.svg lGRZr+1 BSicon lGRZ2+r.svg lGRZ2+r BSicon lGRZ3+l.svg lGRZ3+l BSicon lGRZl+4.svg lGRZl+4
BSicon lGRZ14.svg lGRZ14 BSicon lGRZ2+1.svg lGRZ2+1 BSicon lGRZ23.svg lGRZ23 BSicon lGRZ3+4.svg lGRZ3+4
BSicon exlGRZ.svg exlGRZ BSicon exlGRZa.svg exlGRZa BSicon exlGRZe.svg exlGRZe x20px exldGRZ
BSicon exlGRZq.svg exlGRZq BSicon exlGRZeq.svg exlGRZeq BSicon exlGRZaq.svg exlGRZaq BSicon exlGRZ+q.svg exlGRZ+q
BSicon exlGRZel.svg exlGRZel BSicon exlGRZal.svg exlGRZal BSicon exlGRZar.svg exlGRZar BSicon exlGRZer.svg exlGRZer
BSicon exlGRZlf.svg exlGRZlf BSicon exlGRZrg.svg exlGRZrg BSicon exlGRZlg.svg exlGRZlg BSicon exlGRZrf.svg exlGRZrf
BSicon exlGRZTl.svg exlGRZTl BSicon exlGRZTa.svg exlGRZTa BSicon exlGRZTr.svg exlGRZTr BSicon exlGRZTe.svg exlGRZTe
BSicon exlGRZ2+4.svg exlGRZ2+4 BSicon exlKGRZ4.svg exlKGRZ4 BSicon exlKGRZ2.svg exlKGRZ2 BSicon exlGRZx.svg exlGRZx
BSicon exlGRZ3+1.svg exlGRZ3+1 BSicon exlKGRZ3.svg exlKGRZ3 BSicon exlKGRZ1.svg exlKGRZ1
BSicon exlGRZ4m1.svg exlGRZ4m1 BSicon exlGRZ1m2.svg exlGRZ1m2 BSicon exlGRZ2m3.svg exlGRZ2m3 BSicon exlGRZ3m4.svg exlGRZ3m4
BSicon exlGRZ+1.svg exlGRZ+1 BSicon exlGRZ2.svg exlGRZ2 x20px exlGRZ3 BSicon exlKGRZ4.svg exlKGRZ4
x20px exlGRZr+1 x20px exlGRZ2+r x20px exlGRZ3+l x20px exlGRZl+4
BSicon exlGRZ14.svg exlGRZ14 BSicon exlGRZ2+1.svg exlGRZ2+1 BSicon exlGRZ23.svg exlGRZ23 BSicon exlGRZ3+4.svg exlGRZ3+4
Watershed borders
BSicon WGRZ.svg WGRZ BSicon WGRZq.svg WGRZq

Crossovers and passing loops[edit]

  e x ex t et xt ext h eh xh exh u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext uh ueh uxh uexh
ÜST ÜST eÜST xÜST exÜST tÜST etÜST xtÜST extÜST hÜST ehÜST xhÜST exhÜST uÜST ueÜST   uexÜST utÜST uetÜST   uextÜST uhÜST uehÜST uxhÜST uexhÜST Double
ÜSTq ÜSTq     exÜSTq                                         Double across
ÜSTl ÜSTl eÜSTl   exÜSTl tÜSTl etÜSTl   extÜSTl hÜSTl ehÜSTl   exhÜSTl uÜSTl ueÜSTl   uexÜSTl utÜSTl uetÜSTl   uextÜSTl uhÜSTl uehÜSTl   uexhÜSTl Right to left
ÜSTr ÜSTr eÜSTr   exÜSTr tÜSTr etÜSTr   extÜSTr hÜSTr ehÜSTr   exhÜSTr uÜSTr ueÜSTr   uexÜSTr utÜSTr uetÜSTr   uextÜSTr uhÜSTr uehÜSTr   uexhÜSTr Left to right
FOW FOW     exFOW tFOW     extFOW hFOW     exhFOW uFOW     uexFOW         uhFOW     uexhFOW Double
ÜWBl ÜWBl     exÜWBl tÜWBl               uÜWBl     uexÜWBl utÜWBl               Right over left
ÜWBr ÜWBr     exÜWBr tÜWBr               uÜWBr     uexÜWBr utÜWBr               Left over right
PSL PSL     exPSL         hPSL     exhPSL uPSL     uexPSL utPSL       uhPSL     uexhPSL Passing loop
ISLAND ISLAND     exISLAND                 uISLAND ueISLAND uxISLAND uexISLAND                 Passing loop uniform thickness
PSLq PSLq     exPSLq                                         Passing loop across
PSLl PSLl ePSLl   exPSLl         hPSLl ehPSLl   exhPSLl uPSLl uePSLl   uexPSLl         uhPSLl uehPSLl   uexhPSLl Passing loop to left
PSLlxe PSLlxe                       uPSLlxe                       Former passing loop, stub to the left back
PSLle PSLle                       uPSLle                       Stub to the left back
PSLla PSLla                       uPSLla                       Stub to the left forward
PSLlxa PSLlxa                       uPSLlxa                       Former passing loop, stub to the left forward
PSLr PSLr ePSLr   exPSLr         hPSLr ehPSLr   exhPSLr uPSLr uePSLr   uexPSLr         uhPSLr uehPSLr   uexhPSLr Passing loop to right
PSLrxe PSLrxe                       uPSLrxe                       Former passing loop, stub to the right back
PSLre PSLre                       uPSLre                       Stub to the right back
PSLra PSLra                       uPSLra                       Stub to the right forward
PSLrxa PSLrxa                       uPSLrxa                       Former passing loop, stub to the right forward
PSLm PSLm               hPSLm     exhPSLm uPSLm uePSLm uxPSLm uexPSLm utPSLm uetPSLm uxtPSLm uextPSLm uhPSLm     uexhPSLm Passing loop with centre track
PSLa PSLa ePSLa xPSLa exPSLa tPSLa       hPSLa ehPSLa xhPSLa exhPSLa uPSLa   uxPSLa   utPSLa uetPSLa   uextPSLa uhPSLa uehPSLa uxhPSLa uexhPSLa Stub between tracks forward
mPSLa mPSLa emPSLa xmPSLa exmPSLa                 umPSLa uemPSLa uxmPSLa uexmPSLa                 Stub between tracks forward, mixed
PSLe PSLe ePSLe xPSLe exPSLe tPSLe       hPSLe ehPSLe xhPSLe exhPSLe uPSLe   uxPSLe   utPSLe       uhPSLe uehPSLe uxhPSLe uexhPSLe Stub between tracks back
YRD YRD eYRD   exYRD         hYRD ehYRD   exhYRD uYRD ueYRD   uexYRD utYRD     uextYRD uhYRD uehYRD   uexhYRD Railyard
YRDa YRDa     exYRDa                 uYRDa     uexYRDa utYRDa     uextYRDa         Railyard start
YRDe YRDe     exYRDe                 uYRDe     uexYRDe utYRDe     uextYRDe         Railyard end
YRDxa YRDxa                       uYRDxa       utYRDxa               Railyard start, line continues out of use
YRDxe YRDxe                       uYRDxe       utYRDxe               Railyard end, line continues out of use
YRDq YRDq     exYRDq                 uYRDq     uexYRDq                 Railyard across
YRDaq YRDaq     exYRDaq                 uYRDaq     uexYRDaq                 Railyard start, across
YRDeq YRDeq     exYRDeq                 uYRDeq     uexYRDeq                 Railyard end, across
dYRDaq dYRDaq     exdYRDaq                 udYRDaq     uexdYRDaq                 Railyard half-width start, across
dYRDmq dYRDmq     exdYRDmq                 udYRDmq     uexdYRDmq                 Railyard half-width middle, across
dYRDeq dYRDeq     exdYRDeq                 udYRDeq     uexdYRDeq                 Railyard half-width end, across
  e x ex t et xt ext h eh xh exh u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext uh ueh uxh uexh

Other features[edit]

  e x ex u ue ux uex
DAMPF DAMPF eDAMPF xDAMPF exDAMPF uDAMPF ueDAMPF uxDAMPF uexDAMPF Heritage or tourist railroad
KMW KMW eKMW xKMW exKMW uKMW ueKMW uxKMW uexKMW Milepost
KMWl       exKMWl uKMWl       Milepost on left
tKMW tKMW etKMW xtKMW extKMW utKMW uetKMW uxtKMW uextKMW Milepost in tunnel
KMW~R KMW~R               Milepost left half
KMW~L KMW~L               Milepost right half
KMWq KMWq eKMWq xKMWq exKMWq uKMWq ueKMWq uxKMWq uexKMWq Milepost across
tKMWq tKMWq etKMWq xtKMWq extKMWq utKMWq uetKMWq uxtKMWq uextKMWq Milepost in tunnel, across
PRSl PRSl ePRSl   exPRSl         “Post” on left
PRSr PRSr ePRSr   exPRSr         “Post” on right
STR nature reserve r STR nature reserve r     exSTR nature reserve r         Nature preserve on left
STR nature reserve l STR nature reserve l     exSTR nature reserve l         Nature preserve on right
STRb STRb eSTRb xSTRb exSTRb uSTRb ueSTRb uxSTRb uexSTRb Buildings on both sides
STRbl STRbl eSTRbl xSTRbl exSTRbl uSTRbl ueSTRbl uxSTRbl uexSTRbl Building on right
STRbm STRbm eSTRbm xSTRbm exSTRbm uSTRbm ueSTRbm uxSTRbm uexSTRbm Building straddles line
STRbr STRbr eSTRbr xSTRbr exSTRbr uSTRbr ueSTRbr uxSTRbr uexSTRbr Building on left
HSTRbm HSTRbm eHSTRbm xHSTRbm exHSTRbm uHSTRbm ueHSTRbm uxHSTRbm uexHSTRbm Building across
HSTRbu             uxHSTRbu   Building above
STRpl         uSTRpl       Power plant on right
STRpr         uSTRpr   uxSTRpr   Power plant on left
TRRl TRRl               Traverser left section
dTRRl dTRRl               Traverser left section, half width
TRRm TRRm               Traverser middle section
vTRRm vTRRm               Traverser middle section, two tracks
dTRRm dTRRm               Traverser middle section, half width
TRRr TRRr               Traverser right section
dTRRr dTRRr               Traverser right section, half width
LTRRl LTRRl               Traverser left section, no bridge
dLTRRl dLTRRl               Traverser left section, half width, no bridge
LTRRm LTRRm               Traverser middle section, no bridge
dLTRRm dLTRRm     exdLTRRm         Traverser middle section, half width, no bridge
LTRRr LTRRr               Traverser right section, no bridge
dLTRRr dLTRRr               Traverser right section, half width, no bridge
  e x ex u ue ux uex

Summits and nadirs[edit]

  ex t ext u uex ut uext
GIP GIP exGIP tGIP extGIP uGIP uexGIP utGIP uextGIP on the route
GIPq GIPq exGIPq tGIPq extGIPq uGIPq uexGIPq utGIPq uextGIPq on the route across
GIPl GIPl exGIPl tGIPl extGIPl uGIPl uexGIPl     on left
GIPlq GIPlq               on left across
GIPr GIPr exGIPr tGIPr extGIPr uGIPr uexGIPr utGIPr uextGIPr on right
GIPrq GIPrq               on right across
  ex t ext u uex ut uext


See also icons for showing electrification in a separate column.
  ex t ext u uex ut uext
Section change
SEC1 SEC1 exSEC1             Type 1
SEC2 SEC2 exSEC2 tSEC2           Type 2
dSEC1 dSEC1 exdSEC1             Type 1 half-width icon
dSEC2 dSEC2 exdSEC2