Balochistan, Pakistan

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Map of Balochistan
Provincial Government flag

Balochistan (Urdu:بلوچستان) is one of four and the largest by far, but the least populated of all the provinces of Pakistan. The provincial capital is Quetta. It has area of 134,051 mi2 or (347,190 km2) by far the largest of all the provinces but the least populated within Federated Pakistan.

Administration of Pak Balochi Government[edit]

Districts of Pak-Balochistan[edit]

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Pak-Balochistan provincial symbols[edit]

Culture of Pak Balochistan[edit]

The Pak Balochistan has a rich culture, language, folk music and literature, Balochi culture day is celebrated on the 2nd day in March each year.


Tombs of Chisty sufi's[edit]

Quetta Pakistan[edit]

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