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diagrama de barras (es); 棒形圖 (yue); oszlopdiagram (hu); Súlurit (is); Barra-diagrama (eu); diagrama de barres (ca); Säulendiagramm (de); Grafiku me kolona (sq); نمودار میله‌ای (fa); 条形统计图 (zh); Søjlediagram (da); 條形統計圖 (zh-hk); stapeldiagram (sv); גרף עמודות (he); 條形統計圖 (zh-hant); दण्ड आरेख (hi); bar graph (ko); kolongrafikaĵo (eo); Sloupcový graf (cs); செவ்வக விளக்கப்படம் (ta); Ortogramma (it); স্তম্ভচিত্র (bn); Diagramme à barres (fr); Stupčani grafikon (hr); biểu đồ thanh (vi); pylväskaavio (fi); gráfico de barras (pt); Siart bar (cy); столбчатая диаграмма (ru); 棒グラフ (ja); Stupčani grafikon (sh); søylediagram (nb); Zolaqlı diaqram (az); ਛੜ ਗਰਾਫ਼ (pa); võrdlusdiagramm (et); staafdiagram (nl); Стовпчикова діаграма (uk); bar chart (en); مخطط شريطي (ar); 条形统计图 (zh-hans); čuoldadiagrámma (se) চার্ট (bn); Diagrammtyp zur Veranschaulichung von diskreten Variablen (de); diagrammi (fi); chart (en); 以条柱形显示的统计图 (zh); 以条柱形显示的统计图 (zh-hans); צורה של הצגה גרפית של נתונים מספריים (he) grafico de columnas, gráfica de barras, grafica de columnas, diagrama de columnas, gráfico de barras, gráfico de columnas, gráfica de columnas, grafica de barras, grafico de barras (es); Sloupcový diagram (cs); 条图, 长条图, 条状图, 条形图, 柱状图 (zh); نمودار میله ای (fa); Barra diagrama, Zutabe-diagrama, Zutabe diagrama (eu); stolpediagram (nb); gràfic de barres, diagrama de columnes (ca); гистрограмма (ru); stoalpodiagrámma, čuolddadiagrámma (se); Stabdiagramm, Säulengrafik, Streifendiagramm, Barplot (de); pylväsdiagrammi (fi); bar graph, bar charts (en); مخطط بياني شريطي (ar); 柱状图, 条形图 (zh-hans); דיאגרמת מקלות, דיאגרמת עמודות (he)
bar chart 
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English: A bar chart is a chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent. Bar charts are used for comparing two or more values. The bars can be horizontally or vertically oriented. Sometimes a stretched graphic is used instead of a solid bar.





Special orientation[edit]

Number of bars[edit]

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Special bar charts[edit]

3D bar charts[edit]

See Category:3D bar charts

Combination with line graphs[edit]

See also: Category:Pareto charts

Combination with pie charts[edit]

Combination with tables[edit]

Cummulative bar charts[edit]


A histogram is a graphical display of tabulated frequencies. It shows what proportion of cases fall into each of several categories. A histogram differs from a bar chart in that it is the area of the bar that denotes the value, not the height, a crucial distinction when the categories are not of uniform width. See Category:Histograms

Pareto chart[edit]

A Pareto chart is a special type of bar chart where the values being plotted are arranged in descending order. The graph is accompanied by a line graph which shows the cumulative totals of each category, left to right. See Category:Pareto charts


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