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<nowiki>Estrella de granero; バーンスター; Barnstar; barnstar; 谷仓星; Амбарная Звезда; Хамбарна звезда; 穀倉星; 반스타; barnstar; نجمة الحظيرة; 谷仓星; ستاره انبار; 装饰物; dekoratív festett tárgy, amelyet csűr díszítésére használtak; 헛간을 장식하기 위한 이미지나 물체; painted object or image, often in the shape of a five-pointed star but occasionally in a circular "wagon wheel" style, used to decorate a barn in some parts of the United States; ozdoba stodoły w niektórych częściach Stanów Zjednoczonych, zazwyczaj w kształcie pięcioramiennej gwiazdy; 装饰物; 裝飾物; Pennsylvania star; primitive star; barn star; barnstars; barn stars; primitive stars; Pennsylvania stars; gwiazda stodolana; gwiazda stodoły; gwiazda z Pensylwanii; 穀倉星</nowiki>
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English: A barnstar is a decorative motif found on barn structures in some regions of the United States and Canada. It is the custom to reward Wikipedia contributors for hard work and due diligence by awarding them "barnstars" based on star anchors.

Actual barnstars[]

Wiki barnstars[]

General barnstars[]

General Barnstars are awarded not for work or contributions that do not fall into a specific Wikipedia category, but instead that describe contributions or editing along a specific theme.

Category barnstars[]

The following barnstars are awarded in recognition of excellent contributions that fall into one of the following seven major categories listed on the Main Page. The categories are listed below, along with several examples of some of the subtopics that are associated with each.

  • High-resolution barnstars – high quality designed barnstars
  • Culture – Art, literature, music, philosophy, religion
  • Geography – Geography, "nation" articles
  • History – Archaeology, history
  • Daily Life – Education, food & drink, language, sports & games
  • Science and Mathematics – The "hard" sciences: Biology, geology, medicine, mathematics, medicine, minerology, physics
  • Society – Economics, government & politics, law, media, royalty & nobility, war
  • Technology – Technology, transportation

Topical barnstars[]

A topical barnstarn is for a topic, wikiproject, or area of substantial interest to users of wikipedia.

Barnstars of National Merit[]

BoNM - United Nations Hires.png For high-quality Barnstar of National Merit see Barnstar of National Merit 2.0

Other related awards[]

Personal user awards[]

Proposed Barnstars[]