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Bay breeds[edit]

"Blood" bays[edit]

The most classic shade of "bay."

"Blood" bay heads[edit]

Dark Bay, Mahogany bay, or brown horses[edit]

Dark bay details[edit]

Bay with clipped body hair[edit]

Bay horses after body-clipping. Many bays have a two-toned hair shaft, lighter at the root than the tip. When their body hair is cut short with clippers, they may appear to be a different color.

Bay with Pangare[edit]


Bay foals[edit]

Colors and patterns on bay base color[edit]

Tobiano on bay base color[edit]

Leopard spotting on bay base color[edit]


Bay roan, Stichelhaariger Brauner[edit]

Brauner mit eingestreuten weißen Haaren

English: Roaning on a dark bay color may result in horses resembling a blue roan
Deutsch: Wenn das Roan-Gen auf die Farbe eines Schwarzbraunen wirkt, kann man oft nur am Gesicht erkennen, daß es sich nicht um einen Stichelhaarigen Rappen oder Blauschimmel handelt

Multiply patterned spotting on bay base color[edit]


en:Buckskin (horse)

Buckskin details[edit]