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The Town portion of Beamish Museum occupies the north east corner of the site. The tramway runs east-west through a main street of shops, with a row of buildings along the north side, plus a park and a shorter row on the south side. At the east end, it curves south, with further buildings on either side.

General views[edit]

Main street[edit]

Looking east down main street[edit]

Looking west down main street[edit]

Main street, north side[edit]


The longest row of buildings is on the north side of the main street. From west to east, they are (with signage writing & colour):

At the eastern end, beside the waiting room, is a stone fountain 54°53′22″N 1°39′37″W / 54.889403°N 1.660325°W / 54.889403; -1.660325


Main street, south side[edit]


On the south side, there are just two buildings, opposite the print works & sweet shop.


Rear area[edit]

Main street curve[edit]

At its eastern end, the main street curves to the south. There are four buildings that front onto the street in this section:

Street & facades[edit]





Masonic lodge[edit]



Ravensworth Terrace[edit]

No. 2 - Music teacher (Miss Florence Smith)[edit]
No. 3 - Dentists (J. Jones)[edit]
No. 4 - Residence of J. Jones[edit]
No. 5 - Solicitor's (J. & R.S. Watson)[edit]

Sweet shop[edit]

Motor & Cycle works[edit]


Tramway detail[edit]

Livery stables[edit]

The entrance arch for the stables in the north side of main street opens out onto a courtyard 54°53′22″N 1°39′40″W / 54.889465°N 1.661087°W / 54.889465; -1.661087, which has stable blocks on its west side (behind the pub) and the north side. On the east side is the entrance to the large E-W aligned Carriage House, while on the south side, backing onto the rear of the print works, is a smaller carriage shed.


Carriage sheds[edit]


Redman Park[edit]

On the south side of main street, west of the Co-Op and opposite Ravensworth Terrace, is a park. Entry is via a gate in the corner next to the Co-Op, opposite the pub.

WWI memorial gun[edit]

Object location 54° 53′ 19.04″ N, 1° 39′ 40.88″ W Kartographer map based on OpenStreetMap. View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth info

Reflecting the custom of the period, Redman Park features a captured German artillery piece on display as a World War 1 memorial. Positioned on the south side facing east, it's a 15 cm Kanone 16. It's not an actual ready to fire artillery piece, rather it's the barrel still on its 4 wheeled transporter wagon, with one of its axles removed.


Centrepiece of the the park is the bandstand.

Object location 54° 53′ 20.22″ N, 1° 39′ 40.88″ W Kartographer map based on OpenStreetMap. View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth info

West of Ravensworth Terrace[edit]

East of bakery[edit]

Post boxes[edit]

See Beamish Museum: Post boxes