Beyt ha-Totchan Museum

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Self-propelled artillery[edit]

105 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 "Priest"[edit]

M107 175 mm self-propelled gun[edit]

IDF designation "Romach".

M109 155 mm self-propelled howitzer[edit]

IDF designation "Rokhev" / "Doher".

M110 203 mm self-propelled howitzer[edit]

IDF designation "Kardom".

M-50 155 mm self-propelled howitzer[edit]

L-33 Roem[edit]


Makmat 120 mm[edit]

Makmat 160 mm[edit]

Towed artillery[edit]

Canon de 65 M modele 1906 Schneider-Ducrest[edit]

Model 50 155 mm howitzer[edit]

Krupp 75 mm field gun[edit]

57 mm anti-tank gun ZiS-2[edit]

85 mm gun D-44[edit]

122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30)[edit]

122 mm howitzer D-30[edit]

130 mm gun M-46[edit]

180 mm gun S-23[edit]

Ordnance QF 17 pounder[edit]

Ordnance QF 25 pounder[edit]

M101 105 mm howitzer[edit]

M102 105 mm howitzer[edit]

M40 recoilless rifle[edit]

DEFA 90 mm anti-tank gun[edit]

Soltam M-71[edit]

120 mm mortar[edit]

Soltam M-66[edit]

Rockets and missiles[edit]


M752 Lance missile launcher[edit]

MAR-290 ("Episkopi")[edit]

MAR-290 ("Eshel ha-Yarden")[edit]


M577 Command Post Carrier[edit]

IDF designation "Mugaf".

M548 Cargo Carrier[edit]

IDF designation "Alfa".