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English: Bills horse troughs are watering troughs that were manufactured in Australia and installed to provide relief for working horses in the first half of the twentieth century. The troughs were financed by a trust fund established through the will of George Bills. A total of around 700 troughs were distributed by the trust in Australia and 50 in several other countries.


Town Coordinates Picture Description
Agnes Bank 33°36′35″S 150°43′03″E / 33.6097°S 150.7176°E / -33.6097; 150.7176 AgnesBankBillsHorseTrough.JPG On Castlereagh Road on the way to Richmond
Albury 36°5′18.8″S 146°54′32.1″E / 36.088556°S 146.908917°E / -36.088556; 146.908917 (Albury) AlburyBillsHorseTrough.JPG In Oddies Creek Park, Wodonga Place
Alexandra 37°11′40″S 145°42′33″E / 37.1944°S 145.7091°E / -37.1944; 145.7091 AlexandraBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Senior Citizens centre
Annandale 33°52′40″S 151°10′20″E / 33.8779°S 151.1722°E / -33.8779; 151.1722 AnnandaleBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside Annandale North Public School at 206 Johnston St
Ararat (Emu Park) 37°17′23.9″S 142°55′38.5″E / 37.289972°S 142.927361°E / -37.289972; 142.927361 (Ararat1) Ararat1BillsHorseTrough.jpg in Emu park.
Ararat (Museum) 37°17′00.6″S 142°56′03.4″E / 37.2835°S 142.934278°E / -37.2835; 142.934278 (Ararat2) Ararat2BillsHorseTrough.jpg outside Langi Morgala Museum
Avoca 37°5′19.68″S 143°28′26.4″E / 37.0888°S 143.474°E / -37.0888; 143.474 (Avoca) AvocaBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Avoca Hotel
Avenel 36°53′32.0″S 145°13′47.8″E / 36.89222°S 145.229944°E / -36.89222; 145.229944 (Avenel) AvenelBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Harvest Home Hotel
Bacchus Marsh (Royal Hotel) BacchusMarshBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Royal Hotel (now Young and Main)
Bacchus Marsh (Blacksmith's Cottage) BacchusMarshBlacksmithBillsHorseTrough.JPG To the rear of the Old Blacksmiths Shop
Bairnsdale 37°49′25.328″S 147°38′37.32″E / 37.82370222°S 147.6437°E / -37.82370222; 147.6437 (Bairnsdale) Balranald Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In Howitt Park, near the Princes Highway
Ballarat1 37°34′10.6″S 143°51′05.5″E / 37.569611°S 143.851528°E / -37.569611; 143.851528 (Ballarat1) Ballarat1BillsHorseTrough.jpg Cnr Midland Hwy & South St in park.
Ballarat2 37°34′11.1″S 143°50′13.7″E / 37.56975°S 143.837139°E / -37.56975; 143.837139 (Ballarat2) Ballarat2BillsHorseTrough.jpg outside 420 Pleasant St
Balmoral Balmoral Bills Horse Trough.JPG In a park opposite the pub
Balranald 34°38′24.48″S 143°33′54.31″E / 34.6401333°S 143.5650861°E / -34.6401333; 143.5650861 (Balranald) Bairnsdale Bills Horse Trough.JPG Outside the old jail
Balwyn 37°48′40″S 145°04′13″E / 37.8110°S 145.0704°E / -37.8110; 145.0704 Balwyn Bills Horse Trough.JPG At the Balwyn Vet clinic on Whitehorse Road
Bangalee 34°50′35.21″S 150°33′54.34″E / 34.8431139°S 150.5650944°E / -34.8431139; 150.5650944 (Bangalee) Bangalee Bills Horse Trough.JPG On Illaroo Road
Barham 35°37′48″S 144°07′41.5″E / 35.63°S 144.128194°E / -35.63; 144.128194 (Barham) BarhamBillsHorseTrough.JPG Across the street from the Barham Hotel
Barmedman 34°08′41.64″S 147°23′13.92″E / 34.1449°S 147.3872°E / -34.1449; 147.3872 (Barmedman) BarmedmanBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the memorial park on Loftus St
Bealiba 36°47′24.6″S 143°32′44.6″E / 36.790167°S 143.545722°E / -36.790167; 143.545722 (Bealiba) BealibaBillsHorseTrough.JPG Opposite the catholic church, south end of town.
Beechworth 36°21′29.8″S 146°41′19.2″E / 36.358278°S 146.688667°E / -36.358278; 146.688667 (Beechworth) Beechworth Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Outside Town Hall Gardens on Ford St
Bellevue Hill 33°53′14″S 151°15′32″E / 33.8872°S 151.2589°E / -33.8872; 151.2589 BellevueHillBillsHorseTrough.JPG On Victoria Road, near Cooper Park
Bendigo 36°44′21.1″S 144°16′14.7″E / 36.739194°S 144.27075°E / -36.739194; 144.27075 (Bendigo) BendigoShowgroundsBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the Bendigo showgrounds, near the main entrance and windmill
Berrigan 35°38′55.67″S 145°48′25.19″E / 35.6487972°S 145.8069972°E / -35.6487972; 145.8069972 (Berrigan) BerriganBillsTrough.JPG In the Berrigan sportsground
Berry 34°46′32.36″S 150°41′56.21″E / 34.7756556°S 150.6989472°E / -34.7756556; 150.6989472 (Berry) Berry Bills Horse Trough.JPG Corner of Prince Alfred St and the Princes Highway
Berwick Berwick Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the Berwick showgrounds
Birchip 35°58′45.54″S 142°55′05.16″E / 35.9793167°S 142.9181°E / -35.9793167; 142.9181 (Birchip) Birchip Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the median strip on the main street
Birregurra 38°20′16.08″S 143°47′18.96″E / 38.3378°S 143.7886°E / -38.3378; 143.7886 (Birregurra) BirregurraBillsHorseTrough.JPG Beal St, just to the north of the main street
Blackburn Blackburn Bills horse trough.jpg Canterbury Road, near the Blackburn Rd intersection
Bomen 35°4′1.73″S 147°24′32.23″E / 35.0671472°S 147.4089528°E / -35.0671472; 147.4089528 (Bomen) BomenBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the entrance to the Wagga saleyards
Boree Creek BoreeCreekBillsTrough.JPG Outside the Boree Creek Hotel
Botany 33°56′33.36″S 151°12′2.163″E / 33.9426°S 151.20060083°E / -33.9426; 151.20060083 (Botany) BotanyBillsHorseTrough.JPG outside Booralee Park on Bay St
Branxton 32°39′20.8″S 151°21′05.02″E / 32.655778°S 151.3513944°E / -32.655778; 151.3513944 (Branxton) Branxton Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Corner of John Rose Ave and the New England Highway
Bridgewater 36°36′02.3″S 143°56′24.9″E / 36.600639°S 143.94025°E / -36.600639; 143.94025 (Bridgewater) BridgewaterBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the hotel carpark next to the river.
Bright 36°43′44.0″S 146°57′28.3″E / 36.72889°S 146.957861°E / -36.72889; 146.957861 (Bright) BrightBillsHorseTrough.jpg In a park in Woods St
Brighton BrightonBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Hampton and Halifax street
Brimpaen 37°04′21.81″S 142°17′02.49″E / 37.072725°S 142.284025°E / -37.072725; 142.284025 (Brimpaen) Brimpaen Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the Grampians Horse Riding centre, Schmidts Rd
Broadford 37°12′12.2″S 145°03′0.6″E / 37.203389°S 145.050167°E / -37.203389; 145.050167 (Broadford) BroadfordBillsHorseTrough.JPG Murchison St beside the slab hut
Bruthen 37°42′30.24″S 147°49′40.44″E / 37.7084°S 147.8279°E / -37.7084; 147.8279 (Bruthen) Bruthen Bills Horse Trough.JPG Near the skatepark on the eastern approach to town along the Great Alpine Road
California Gully 36°43′59.9″S 144°15′22.1″E / 36.733306°S 144.256139°E / -36.733306; 144.256139 (California Gully) CaliforniaGullyBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the corner of Thomas and Speedy streets, near some units
Cape Clear 37°47′13.92″S 143°36′45.72″E / 37.7872°S 143.6127°E / -37.7872; 143.6127 (Cape Clear) CapeClearBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Cape Clear and Rokewood Rd
Captains Flat 35°35′26″S 149°26′47.91″E / 35.59056°S 149.4466417°E / -35.59056; 149.4466417 (Captains Flat) Captains Flat Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In Foxlow St in front of the Recreation Reserve
Carisbrook CarisbrookBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a park on Green St opposite the General Store
Carlingford 33°46′15.93″S 151°02′16.07″E / 33.7710917°S 151.0377972°E / -33.7710917; 151.0377972 (Carlingford) Carlingford Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Farrell Avenue
Casterton 37°35′14.49″S 141°24′14.38″E / 37.5873583°S 141.4039944°E / -37.5873583; 141.4039944 (Casterton) Casterton Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the former railway station precinct
Charlton 36°16′36.48″S 143°21′01.08″E / 36.2768°S 143.3503°E / -36.2768; 143.3503 (Charlton) Charlton Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the Driver Education Centre on Wright St, non-standard
Chinkapook 35°11′14.02″S 142°56′41.13″E / 35.1872278°S 142.9447583°E / -35.1872278; 142.9447583 (Chinkapook) Chinkapook Bills Horse Trough.JPG On the corner of the main street with Nyah Road
Clarendon 33°36′35″S 150°47′19″E / 33.6096°S 150.7885°E / -33.6096; 150.7885 ClarendonBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the Jockey's carpark at Hawkesbury Racecourse
Coleraine 37°36′04.21″S 141°41′50.19″E / 37.6011694°S 141.697275°E / -37.6011694; 141.697275 (Coleraine) Coleraine Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Outside the former railway station
Como 34°00′10.38″S 151°04′13.1″E / 34.0028833°S 151.070306°E / -34.0028833; 151.070306 (Como) Como Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the car park at Carina Bay Reserve, off Tivoli Esplanade
Cootamundra (Stratton Park) 34°39′03.09″S 148°01′03.18″E / 34.6508583°S 148.01755°E / -34.6508583; 148.01755 (Cootamundra (Stratton Park)) Cootamundra Stratton Park Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In Stratton Park on the corner of Campbell and Sutton Sts
Cootamundra (Yass Road) 34°37′51.99″S 148°02′20.64″E / 34.6311083°S 148.0390667°E / -34.6311083; 148.0390667 (Cootamundra (Yass Road)) Bills horse trough located on Yass Road, Cootamundra.jpg On Yass Rd
Corowa (Newmarket Hotel) 35°59′35.84″S 146°23′21.17″E / 35.9932889°S 146.3892139°E / -35.9932889; 146.3892139 (Corowa (Newmarket Hotel)) Corowa Newmarket Hotel Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Outside the Newmarket Hotel
Corowa (Racecourse) 36°01′04.24″S 146°22′16.15″E / 36.0178444°S 146.3711528°E / -36.0178444; 146.3711528 (Corowa (Racecourse)) Corowa Racecourse Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the race course reserve
Creswick CreswickBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Kennedy Lane and Carmody Dve
Crookwell 34°27′26.81″S 149°28′17.79″E / 34.4574472°S 149.4716083°E / -34.4574472; 149.4716083 (Crookwell)) Crookwell Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG On Robertson St, near the Council chambers, opposite Memorial Park
Culcairn 35°40′09.48″S 147°02′50.64″E / 35.6693°S 147.0474°E / -35.6693; 147.0474 (Culcairn)) CulcairnBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the Recreation Reserve, near the pony club
Darlington Point 34°34′4.2″S 146°0′2.5″E / 34.567833°S 146.000694°E / -34.567833; 146.000694 (Darlington Point)) DarlingtonPointBillsTrough.JPG Opposite the Punt Hotel, behind the public toilets
Daylesford DaylesfordBillsHorseTrough.JPG In Victoria Park, behind a shed near the netball courts
Dean DeanBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the entrance to the Recreation Reserve
Devenish DevenishBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the agricultural display on the main street
Dimboola 36°27′30.24″S 142°01′44.04″E / 36.4584°S 142.0289°E / -36.4584; 142.0289 (Dimboola) Dimboola Bills Horse Trough.JPG Near the gate leading into the Recreation Reserve
Donald 36°22′05.88″S 142°58′47.28″E / 36.3683°S 142.9798°E / -36.3683; 142.9798 (Donald) Donald Bills Horse Trough.JPG On the Sunraysia Highway, northern end of town, in front of the old Police Camp
Drouin 38°05′49.56″S 145°50′08.16″E / 38.0971°S 145.8356°E / -38.0971; 145.8356 (Drouin) Drouin Bills Horse Trough.JPG At the Drouin racecourse, near the stalls
Dunkeld 37°38′57.48″S 142°20′41.28″E / 37.6493°S 142.3448°E / -37.6493; 142.3448 (Dunkeld) Dunkeld Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the caravan park near the intersection of the Hamilton Highway and Halls Gap Rd
Dunolly 36°51′37.4″S 143°43′53.5″E / 36.860389°S 143.731528°E / -36.860389; 143.731528 (Dunolly) DunollyBillsHorseTrough.JPG Inkerman St, behind the court house
Echuca EchucaBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the old police station
Elmore 36°29′44.7″S 144°36′27.0″E / 36.49575°S 144.6075°E / -36.49575; 144.6075 (Elmore) ElmoreBillsHorseTrough1.JPG In front of the historic display
Elmore 36°29′41.6″S 144°28′28.0″E / 36.494889°S 144.47444°E / -36.494889; 144.47444 (Elmore) ElmoreRailwayStationBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the Railway Station
Epping EppingBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the corner of Park and High Streets
Epsom 36°42′49.1″S 144°19′09.9″E / 36.713639°S 144.319417°E / -36.713639; 144.319417 (Epsom) EpsomBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the former Turf Club Hotel
Eskdale 36°27′52.92″S 147°15′03.24″E / 36.4647°S 147.2509°E / -36.4647; 147.2509 (Eskdale) Eskdale Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the centre median on the Omeo Highway
Finley 35°39′03″S 145°34′22″E / 35.6508°S 145.5728°E / -35.6508; 145.5728 Finley Bills Horse Trough.JPG Near the entrance to the museum in Mary Lawson Wayside Rest
Geelong Geelong Fitzroy Street Bills horse trough.jpg Fitzroy Street
Geelong Geelong Showgrounds Bills Horse Trough.JPG Near the nursery at the Geelong Showgrounds
Glenthompson 37°38′11.76″S 142°32′54.96″E / 37.6366°S 142.5486°E / -37.6366; 142.5486 (Glenthompson) Glenthompson Bills Horse Trough.JPG In a park on the Hamilton Highway
Gosford 33°25′48.51″S 151°18′53.38″E / 33.4301417°S 151.3148278°E / -33.4301417; 151.3148278 (Gosford) Gosford Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Outside the Henry Kendall Cottage and Museum
Great Western GreatWesternBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the hotel
Gulgong 32°21′46.25″S 149°32′04.52″E / 32.3628472°S 149.5345889°E / -32.3628472; 149.5345889 (Gulgong) Gulgong Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Mayne Street
Haddon 37°35′27.4″S 143°43′08.8″E / 37.590944°S 143.719111°E / -37.590944; 143.719111 (Haddon) Haddon Bills Horse Trough.JPG
Hamilton 37°44′25.8″S 142°01′27.48″E / 37.7405°S 142.0243°E / -37.7405; 142.0243 (Hamilton) Hamilton Bills Horse Trough.JPG In Memorial Park near the Uniting Church
Hay 34°30′31.68″S 144°50′35.52″E / 34.5088°S 144.8432°E / -34.5088; 144.8432 (Hay) HayBillsHorseTrough.JPG Moppett St, outside the Commonwealth Bank
Heathcote 36°55′25.5″S 144°42′27.6″E / 36.92375°S 144.707667°E / -36.92375; 144.707667 (Heathcote) HeathcoteBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the entrance to the historical precinct
Heidelberg HeidelbergBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a lane off Jika St outside the court house museum
Henty 35°31′07.9″S 147°02′10.5″E / 35.518861°S 147.03625°E / -35.518861; 147.03625 (Henty) HentyWindmill&BillsHorseTrough.JPG On the Olympic Highway, near the historical display
Hill End 33°01′37.78″S 149°25′13.96″E / 33.0271611°S 149.4205444°E / -33.0271611; 149.4205444 (Hill End) Hill End Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the NPWS carpark
Holbrook 35°43′36.1″S 147°18′42.2″E / 35.726694°S 147.311722°E / -35.726694; 147.311722 (Holbrook) HolbrookBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the museum on the Hume Highway
Hopetoun 35°43′43″S 142°22′02.2″E / 35.72861°S 142.367278°E / -35.72861; 142.367278 (Hopetoun) HopetounBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the entrance to the Lake Corrong Homestead on Evelyn St
Hunters Hill 33°49′26.4″S 151°8′22.29″E / 33.824°S 151.139525°E / -33.824; 151.139525 (Hunters Hill) Hunters Hill Bills Horse Trough 004.JPG On Park St, near the corner of Princes St, opposite Boronia Park ovals
Huntly HuntlyBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a private garden in front of a house on the main street
Ingleburn 33°59′52.82″S 150°51′55.71″E / 33.9980056°S 150.865475°E / -33.9980056; 150.865475 (Ingleburn) Ingleburn Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Corner of Oxford and Macquarie Streets
Inglewood 36°34′30.9″S 143°52′05.6″E / 36.57525°S 143.868222°E / -36.57525; 143.868222 (Inglewood) InglewoodBillsHorseTrough.JPG In small park in the main street shops
Jeparit 36°08′20.76″S 141°58′53.76″E / 36.1391°S 141.9816°E / -36.1391; 141.9816 (Jeparit (Recreation Reserve)) Jeparit Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the Recreation Reserve near the Showground shelter
Jeparit 36°08′42.36″S 141°59′34.08″E / 36.1451°S 141.9928°E / -36.1451; 141.9928 (Jeparit (Museum)) Jeparit Museum Bills Horse Trough.JPG Inside the Jeparit Museum, near the entrance
Jerilderie 35°21′20.8″S 145°43′39.77″E / 35.355778°S 145.7277139°E / -35.355778; 145.7277139 (Jerilderie) Jerilderie Bills Horse Trough.JPG In a private residence backing onto Billabong Creek
Kangaroo Flat KangarooFlatBillsHorseTrough.JPG In Kangaroo Flat Park,
Kearsley 32°51′24.57″S 151°23′48.42″E / 32.856825°S 151.3967833°E / -32.856825; 151.3967833 (Kearsley) Kearsley Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Outside the public school on the corner of Allendale and Caledonia Streets
Kerang (Museum) 35°44′11.04″S 143°54′47.16″E / 35.7364°S 143.9131°E / -35.7364; 143.9131 (Kerang (Museum)) KerangMuseumBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the museum
Kerang (Showgrounds) 35°44′2.76″S 143°55′35.76″E / 35.7341°S 143.9266°E / -35.7341; 143.9266 (Kerang (Showgrounds)) KerangShowgroundsBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the showgrounds (inside the racecourse) next to a toilet block
Kempsey 31°05′48.47″S 152°50′06.02″E / 31.0967972°S 152.8350056°E / -31.0967972; 152.8350056 (Kempsey) Kempsey Bills Horse Trough.jpg Outside the Macleay Valley Coast Visitor Centre
Kew KewBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the entrance to the Kew General Cemetery, towards Church St
Kilmore 37°17′46.3″S 144°57′10.9″E / 37.296194°S 144.953028°E / -37.296194; 144.953028 (Kilmore) KilmoreHorseTrough.JPG Outside the community centre on Foote St, opposite the park
Koo Wee Rup 38°11′55.68″S 145°29′30.84″E / 38.1988°S 145.4919°E / -38.1988; 145.4919 (Koo Wee Rup) Koo Wee Rup Bills Horse Trough.JPG Outside the Historical Society building
Koroit 38°17′53.6″S 142°22′04.44″E / 38.298222°S 142.3679°E / -38.298222; 142.3679 (Koroit) KoroitBillsHorseTrough.JPG On Garden St, outside the caravan park
Korumburra 38°26′31.2″S 145°49′50.88″E / 38.442°S 145.8308°E / -38.442; 145.8308 (Korumburra) Korumburra Bills Horse Trough.JPG In Coal Creek Historical Village
Korong Vale KorungValeBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a park on the Kinypanial Rd
Kyneton KynetonBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Piper and Wedge Sts
Lancefield 37°16′39.2″S 144°44′10.7″E / 37.277556°S 144.736306°E / -37.277556; 144.736306 (Lancefield) LancefieldBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the garden at the entrance to the main street
Lara 38°01′30″S 144°24′49″E / 38.0249°S 144.4137°E / -38.0249; 144.4137 Lara Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Near the roundabout corner of Rennie St and McClelland Avenueclose to the RSL building
Leongatha 38°28′09.84″S 145°56′58.2″E / 38.4694°S 145.9495°E / -38.4694; 145.9495 (Leongatha) Leongatha Bills Horse Trough.JPG At the Recreation Reserve
Lismore 37°57′13″S 143°20′35.95″E / 37.95361°S 143.3433194°E / -37.95361; 143.3433194 (Lismore) LismoreBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the median strip on the main road, near the war memorial
Liverpool 33°56′03.15″S 150°55′07.15″E / 33.9342083°S 150.9186528°E / -33.9342083; 150.9186528 (Liverpool) Liverpool Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the grounds of Collingwood House
Majorca 37°06′56.9″S 143°47′46.3″E / 37.115806°S 143.796194°E / -37.115806; 143.796194 (Majorca) MajorcaBillsHorseTrough.JPG On the main road to the south of the town heading towards Talbot
Maldon MaldonBillsHorseTrough.JPG On High St
Malmsbury 37°11′18.9″S 144°23′01.8″E / 37.188583°S 144.383833°E / -37.188583; 144.383833 (Malmsbury) MalmsburyBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the garden in the middle of the Old Calder Highway, opposite the general store
Marong 36°44′08.5″S 144°07′59.9″E / 36.735694°S 144.133306°E / -36.735694; 144.133306 (Marong) MarongBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Marong Hotel
Maryborough 37°02′32.6″S 143°44′25.7″E / 37.042389°S 143.740472°E / -37.042389; 143.740472 (Maryborough) MaryboroughBillsHorseTrough.JPG On Park Rd, outside the football ground
Medlow Bath 33°40′42″S 150°16′58″E / 33.6784°S 150.2829°E / -33.6784; 150.2829 MedlowBathBillsHorseTrough.JPG On Railway Tce, at the intersection with Somerset St
Melbourne MelbourneTreasuryGardensBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the Treasury Gardens near the corner of Landsdowne St and Wellington Pde
Merbein 34°10′04.01″S 142°03′38.76″E / 34.1677806°S 142.0607667°E / -34.1677806; 142.0607667 (Merbein) Merbein Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Corner of Commercial St and Railway Ave
Meringur 34°23′23.79″S 141°20′14.06″E / 34.3899417°S 141.3372389°E / -34.3899417; 141.3372389 (Meringur) Meringur Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the Pioneer village
Metcalfe Metcalfe Bills Horse Trough.JPG Near the Metcalfe Shire Hall
Mildura 34°10′06.06″S 142°09′34.56″E / 34.16835°S 142.1596°E / -34.16835; 142.1596 (Mildura) MilduraBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the historical precinct
Mill Park MillPark2BillsHorseTrough.JPG In the grounds of Plenty Parklands Primary School
Milton 35°19′15.55″S 150°25′51.07″E / 35.3209861°S 150.4308528°E / -35.3209861; 150.4308528 (Milton) Milton Bills Horse Trough 007.JPG In the Milton Showgrounds
Mitcham 37°48′38″S 145°12′40″E / 37.8105°S 145.2111°E / -37.8105; 145.2111 Mitcham Bills horse trough.jpg Schwerkolt Cottage
Moama MoamaBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a garden in the Moama Bowls Club carpark
Moonee Ponds MooneePondsBillsHorseTrough.JPG In front of the historic court house on Mount Alexander Rd
Mooroopna 36°23′42.6″S 145°21′13.9″E / 36.395167°S 145.353861°E / -36.395167; 145.353861 (Mooroopna) MooroopnaBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a rest area on the Midland Highway
Mornington Mornington Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the foreshore park opposite the historic Court House
Mordialloc MordiallocBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Beach Rd and Nepean Highway
Moulamein 35°05′25.11″S 144°02′02.75″E / 35.0903083°S 144.0340972°E / -35.0903083; 144.0340972 (Moulamein) Moulamein Bills Horse Trough.JPG In a park by the Edward River
Mount Macedon MountMacedonBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the corner of Mount Macedon Rd and Douglas Rd
Murchison 36°37′01.1″S 145°13′06.6″E / 36.616972°S 145.2185°E / -36.616972; 145.2185 (Murchison) MurchisonBillsHorseTrough1.jpg In a park next to the river.
Murrayville 35°15′44.28″S 141°11′00.6″E / 35.2623°S 141.1835°E / -35.2623; 141.1835 (Murrayville) MurrayvilleBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a park/rest area on the Mallee Highway
Murrumburrah 31°45′47″S 150°50′01.22″E / 31.76306°S 150.8336722°E / -31.76306; 150.8336722 (Murrurundi) Murrurundi Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Corner of Albury and Bathurst streets
Murrurundi 34°32′57.17″S 148°21′01.12″E / 34.5492139°S 148.3503111°E / -34.5492139; 148.3503111 (Murrurundi) Murrumburrah Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Corner of Mayne and Mount St, non-standard trough
Myrtleford 36°33′44.13″S 146°43′44.75″E / 36.5622583°S 146.7290972°E / -36.5622583; 146.7290972 (Myrtleford) MyrtlefordBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the grounds of the Old School museum
Narrandera (Pony Club) 34°43′46.46″S 146°33′44.28″E / 34.7295722°S 146.5623°E / -34.7295722; 146.5623 (Narrandera (Pony Club)) NarranderaPonyClubBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the Narrandera Pony Club on Racecourse Road
Narrandera (Racecourse) 34°44′00.96″S 146°33′42.84″E / 34.7336°S 146.5619°E / -34.7336; 146.5619 (Narrandera (Racecourse)) NarranderaBillsTrough.JPG At the Narrandera Racecourse on Racecourse Road
Netherby 36°06′30.96″S 141°39′05.04″E / 36.1086°S 141.6514°E / -36.1086; 141.6514 (Netherby) NetherbyBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the public hall
Neutral Bay 33°50′3.92″S 151°12′55.61″E / 33.8344222°S 151.2154472°E / -33.8344222; 151.2154472 (Neutral Bay) NeutralBayBillsHorseTrough.JPG On Montpelier St, overlooking Forsyth Park
Newstead NewsteadBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the cafe on the corner of Lyons and Panmure St
Newtown (Golden Plains Shire) 37°41′18.96″S 143°39′19.8″E / 37.6886°S 143.6555°E / -37.6886; 143.6555 (Newtown) Bills horse trough Newtown Victoria.jpg On the Scarsdale-Pitfield Road, about 1.5 km south of Scardsdale
North Richmond 33°34′47″S 150°43′11″E / 33.5796°S 150.7198°E / -33.5796; 150.7198 NorthRichmondBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Bells Line of Road and Terrace Road
Nowra (Museum) 34°52′43.61″S 150°36′07.62″E / 34.8787806°S 150.6021167°E / -34.8787806; 150.6021167 (Nowra (Museum)) Nowra Museum Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Outside the museum
Nowra (Showgrounds) 34°52′31.3″S 150°35′28.43″E / 34.875361°S 150.5912306°E / -34.875361; 150.5912306 (Nowra (Showgrounds)) Nowra Showgrounds Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the showgrounds
Oaklands 35°33′25″S 146°09′55.5″E / 35.55694°S 146.165417°E / -35.55694; 146.165417 (Oaklands) OaklandsBillsTrough.JPG Outside the museum
Omeo 37°06′04.86″S 147°35′30.12″E / 37.10135°S 147.5917°E / -37.10135; 147.5917 (Omeo) Omeo Bills Horse Trough.JPG Behind the old court house
Ouyen 35°04′14.38″S 142°19′02.16″E / 35.0706611°S 142.3172667°E / -35.0706611; 142.3172667 (Ouyen) Ouyen Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In Pub Park on Rowe St
Paddington 33°53′00.34″S 151°13′15.2″E / 33.8834278°S 151.220889°E / -33.8834278; 151.220889 (Paddington) Paddington Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Oxford St and Greens Rd, outside Victoria Barracks
Parramatta 33°48′31.32″S 151°00′18.4″E / 33.8087°S 151.005111°E / -33.8087; 151.005111 (Parramatta) Parramatta Bills Horse Trough.jpg Victoria Rd and Church St, outside Prince Alfred Square
Pitt Town 33°35′10.05″S 150°51′31.72″E / 33.586125°S 150.8588111°E / -33.586125; 150.8588111 (Pitt Town) Pitt Town Bills Horse Trough.jpg Eldon and Bathurst Sts, outside Bird in Hand Inn
Poowong 38°20′33.36″S 145°45′52.56″E / 38.3426°S 145.7646°E / -38.3426; 145.7646 (Poowong) Poowong Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the median in the main street near the Poowong Hotel
Port Fairy 38°23′14.28″S 142°14′03.84″E / 38.3873°S 142.2344°E / -38.3873; 142.2344 (Port Fairy) PortFairyBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Aquatics centre on Campbell St
Portland 38°21′19.44″S 141°36′27.36″E / 38.3554°S 141.6076°E / -38.3554; 141.6076 (Portland) PortlandBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the botanical gardens
Pyramid Hill 36°32′7.90″S 144°6′56.47″E / 36.535528°S 144.1156861°E / -36.535528; 144.1156861 (Pyramid Hill) Pyramid Hill Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Outside the museum
Quambatook 35°51′07.62″S 143°31′16.37″E / 35.8521167°S 143.5212139°E / -35.8521167; 143.5212139 (Quambatook) Quambatook Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG On Guthrie St in a park on the south side of town
Rainbow 35°53′53.16″S 141°59′37.32″E / 35.8981°S 141.9937°E / -35.8981; 141.9937 (Rainbow) RainbowBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the top end of the main street
Raywood 36°3′14.67″S 144°12′24.35″E / 36.054075°S 144.2067639°E / -36.054075; 144.2067639 (Raywood) Raywood Bills Horse Trough.JPG Outside the Raywood Hotel
Red Cliffs 34°18′31.36″S 142°11′10.41″E / 34.3087111°S 142.186225°E / -34.3087111; 142.186225 (Red Cliffs) Red Cliffs Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the rest area off the Calder Highway
Research 37°42′13″S 145°10′43″E / 37.7037°S 145.1787°E / -37.7037; 145.1787 Research Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Near the intersection of Eltham-Yarra Glen Rd and Research-Warrandyte Rd
Robinvale 34°35′01.7″S 142°46′12.97″E / 34.583806°S 142.7702694°E / -34.583806; 142.7702694 (Robinvale) Robinvale Bills Horse Trough 003.JPG In the Rural Life Museum
Rochester 36°21′38.5″S 144°41′59.6″E / 36.360694°S 144.699889°E / -36.360694; 144.699889 (Rochester) RochesterBillsHorseTrough.JPG Diagonally opposite the Shamrock Hotel at the front of a park
Rockdale 33°57′08″S 151°08′53″E / 33.9521°S 151.1481°E / -33.9521; 151.1481 RockdaleBillsHorseTrough.JPG In Rockdale Park on the corner of West Botany Road and Bryant St
Romsey RomseyBillsHorseTrough.JPG On the west of the main street, between the main street and the service lane
Sandringham SandringhamBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner of Waltham St and Station St, opposite the train station
Scarsdale 37°40′15.24″S 143°39′17.28″E / 37.6709°S 143.6548°E / -37.6709; 143.6548 (Scarsdale) ScarsdaleBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the town hall, on the Pitfield Rd
Scone 32°03′08.46″S 150°51′37.99″E / 32.05235°S 150.8605528°E / -32.05235; 150.8605528 (Scone) Scone Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Scone Museum, 43-47 Kingdon St
Scotts Creek 38°26′59.12″S 143°2′54.68″E / 38.4497556°S 143.0485222°E / -38.4497556; 143.0485222 (Scotts Creek) Scotts Creek Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG In the Pony Club grounds
Sea Lake 35°30′14.04″S 142°50′57.12″E / 35.5039°S 142.8492°E / -35.5039; 142.8492 (Sea Lake) Sea Lake Bills Horse Trough.JPG Corner of Calder Highway and Swan Hill Road
Sebastian SebastianBillsTrough.JPG Outside the Little Sebastian Pub
Seymour 37°01′22.2″S 145°07′47.6″E / 37.022833°S 145.129889°E / -37.022833; 145.129889 (Seymour) SeymourBillsHorseTrough.JPG In Kings Park, to the south of the main path
Skipton 37°41′09.9″S 143°21′58.1″E / 37.686083°S 143.366139°E / -37.686083; 143.366139 (Skipton) Skipton Bills Horse Trough.JPG In a park on the north side of the Hamilton Highway between the highway and the service road/street parking
Smythesdale Smythesdale Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the Woady Yaloak Equestrain Centre, in the gardens near the main office.
South Morang 37°37′22.3″S 145°05′57.9″E / 37.622861°S 145.099417°E / -37.622861; 145.099417 (South Morang) SouthMorangBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a park on Wilton Vale Road near the entrance to Hawkstowe Estate
Springdale 34°28′05.88″S 147°43′29.64″E / 34.4683°S 147.7249°E / -34.4683; 147.7249 (Springdale) SpringdaleBillsHorseTrough.JPG On a sidestreet to the south of Burley Griffin Way
Spring Gully 36°47′54.6″S 144°17′14.28″E / 36.7985°S 144.2873°E / -36.7985; 144.2873 (Spring Gully) SpringGullyBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the One Tree Hotel, cnr Spring Gully and Retreat Rds
St Arnaud 36°36′59.9″S 143°15′29.4″E / 36.616639°S 143.258167°E / -36.616639; 143.258167 (St Arnaud) StArnaudBillsHorseTrough.JPG Inkerman St and Napier St
St Ives 33°42′55.29″S 151°10′24.99″E / 33.7153583°S 151.1736083°E / -33.7153583; 151.1736083 (St Ives) St Ives Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Mona Vale Rd and Palm St, outside Hassell Park
Stanhope 36°26′45.7″S 144°58′56.3″E / 36.446028°S 144.982306°E / -36.446028; 144.982306 (Stanhope) StanhopeBillsHorseTrough.JPG Brudenell St, in front of a park
Stratford 37°57′59.4″S 147°04′50.88″E / 37.9665°S 147.0808°E / -37.9665; 147.0808 (Stratford) Stratford Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the grounds of the museum on Hobson St
Strathdale StrathdaleBillsHorseTrough.JPG In front of the Bulls Head Hotel
Swan Hill 35°20′17.9″S 143°33′38.7″E / 35.338306°S 143.56075°E / -35.338306; 143.56075 (Swan Hill) SwanHillBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the war memorial on McCallum St
Talbot TalbotBillsHorseTrough.JPG Heales St, outside the post office
Tallangatta 36°12′57.6″S 147°10′41.52″E / 36.216°S 147.1782°E / -36.216; 147.1782 (Tallangatta) TallangattaBillsHorseTrough.JPG In the park on Towong St, opposite the Memorial Hall
Taradale 37°08′16.9″S 144°20′51.7″E / 37.138028°S 144.347694°E / -37.138028; 144.347694 (Taradale) TaradaleBillsHorseTrough.JPG High St
Tatura 36°26′28.0″S 145°13′50.8″E / 36.44111°S 145.230778°E / -36.44111; 145.230778 (Tatura) TaturaBillsHorseTrough.JPG Walshe and Casey Sts in a traffic island
Temora 34°27′27″S 147°32′06″E / 34.4575°S 147.535°E / -34.4575; 147.535 (Temora) TemoraBillsHorseTrough.JPG At the local museum on Macauley St
Templestowe TemplestoweBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the entrance to Pettys Reserve on Smiths Rd
Terang 38°14′12.48″S 142°55′48″E / 38.2368°S 142.93°E / -38.2368; 142.93 (Terang) TerangBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the town entry sign on the Princes Hwy coming from Colac
Thurgoona 36°03′10.45″S 146°58′03.34″E / 36.0529028°S 146.9675944°E / -36.0529028; 146.9675944 (Thurgoona) Thurgoona Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG In the pony club off Corrys Road
Timor 36°59′03.0″S 143°42′32.0″E / 36.98417°S 143.70889°E / -36.98417; 143.70889 (Timor) TimorBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the General Store on Timor Rd
Tocumwal 35°49′05.56″S 145°34′10.15″E / 35.8182111°S 145.5694861°E / -35.8182111; 145.5694861 (Tocumwal) Tocumwal Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Near the pony club house
Tooradin 38°12′52.56″S 145°22′42.96″E / 38.2146°S 145.3786°E / -38.2146; 145.3786 (Tooradin) Tooradin Bills Horse Trough.JPG Outside the Fisherman's Cottage museum
Toorak ToorakBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the entrance to Como Park on Williams Rd
Trentham TrenthamCosmoStBillsHorseTrough.JPG Cosmo St
Trentham TrenthamMarketStBillsHorseTrough.JPG Market St
Tumbarumba 35°46′37.92″S 148°00′43.56″E / 35.7772°S 148.0121°E / -35.7772; 148.0121 (Tumbarumba) TumbarumbaBillsHorseTrough.JPG Near the court house on Bridge St
Tunbridge Wells Tunbridge Wells Bills Horse Trough.jpg One of two in England.
Ultima 35°28′09.84″S 143°16′04.08″E / 35.4694°S 143.2678°E / -35.4694; 143.2678 (Ultima) Ultima Bills Horse Trough.JPG Breen St, near the corner will Dillon St
Urana 35°20′03.2″S 146°16′09.8″E / 35.334222°S 146.269389°E / -35.334222; 146.269389 (Urana) UranaBillsTrough.JPG Corner Federation Way and Vardy St, near the Catholic church
Wagga Wagga 35°7′41.05″S 147°22′4.34″E / 35.1280694°S 147.3678722°E / -35.1280694; 147.3678722 (Wagga Wagga) Bills Horse trough.jpg Outside the Museum of the Riverina
Wahgunyah 36°00′31.15″S 146°23′38.77″E / 36.0086528°S 146.3941028°E / -36.0086528; 146.3941028 (Wahgunyah) Wahgunyah Bills Horse Trough.jpg On the main street opposite the Hotel
Wallan 37°25′1.92″S 145°0′16.56″E / 37.4172°S 145.0046°E / -37.4172; 145.0046 (Wallan) WallanBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the Rattlers Hotel on Station Street
Wangaratta 36°21′20.31″S 146°19′25.89″E / 36.3556417°S 146.3238583°E / -36.3556417; 146.3238583 (Wangaratta) Wangaratta Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG Outside the Museum on Ford St
Warrimoo 33°43′16″S 150°35′59″E / 33.7211°S 150.5998°E / -33.7211; 150.5998 WarrimooBillsHorseTrough.JPG In Ardill Park
Warracknabeal 36°15′37.44″S 142°24′21.6″E / 36.2604°S 142.406°E / -36.2604; 142.406 (Warracknabeal) Warracknabeal Bills Horse Trough.JPG In the rural museum, next to a slab hut display
Warragul 37°25′1.92″S 145°0′16.56″E / 37.4172°S 145.0046°E / -37.4172; 145.0046 (Warragul) Warragul Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG In the showgrounds, near the pony club
Warrnambool 38°22′59.16″S 142°29′57.12″E / 38.3831°S 142.4992°E / -38.3831; 142.4992 (Warrnambool) WarrnamboolBillsHorseTrough.JPG The pony club in Albert Park, off Coulstock St
Wedderburn WedderburnBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the old Korong Vale Shire Hall
Wentworth 34°06′09.5″S 141°54′50.8″E / 34.102639°S 141.914111°E / -34.102639; 141.914111 (Wentworth) WentworthBillsHorseTrough.JPG Outside the prison museum
Wentworth Falls 33°43′17.1″S 150°22′14.89″E / 33.721417°S 150.3708028°E / -33.721417; 150.3708028 (Wentworth Falls) Wentworth Falls Bills Horse Trough.jpg On Falls Road, opposite Murray Park
Werrimull 34°23′14.56″S 141°35′49.43″E / 34.3873778°S 141.5970639°E / -34.3873778; 141.5970639 (Werrimull) Werrimull Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG On the corner of the main street and Werrimull South Road, opposite the silos
Willaura Willaura Bills Horse Trough.JPG Between the rail line and the main road, on the eastern side of town near the public hall.
Williamstown WilliamstownBillsHorseTrough1.JPG Opposite the Anglican church on Nelson Place
Williamstown WilliamstownBillsHorseTrough2.JPG Outside the Morning Star Hotel on Electra St
Winchelsea WinchelseaBillsHorseTrough.JPG In a park in front of the Barwon Hotel
Wodonga 36°08′01.36″S 146°53′27.4″E / 36.1337111°S 146.890944°E / -36.1337111; 146.890944 (Wodonga) Wodonga Bills Horse Trough 002.JPG In the showgrounds
Wongarbon 32°20′02.46″S 148°45′36.49″E / 32.3340167°S 148.7601361°E / -32.3340167; 148.7601361 (Wongarbon) Wongarbon Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Gundong St, near the general store
Woodend 37°21′28.2″S 144°31′38.2″E / 37.357833°S 144.527278°E / -37.357833; 144.527278 (Woodend) WoodendBillsTrough.JPG In a carpark on High St, near the Commonwealth Bank
Yackandandah 36°18′46.7″S 146°50′17.7″E / 36.312972°S 146.83825°E / -36.312972; 146.83825 (Yackandandah) YackandandahBillsHorseTrough.JPG Main street near the memorial park
Yanco 34°36′16.47″S 146°24′34.1″E / 34.604575°S 146.409472°E / -34.604575; 146.409472 (Yanco) Yanco welcome sign, hotel and Bills horse trough.jpg Below town entry sign in median strip
Yarra Glen 37°39′25.6″S 145°22′28.6″E / 37.657111°S 145.374611°E / -37.657111; 145.374611 (Yarra Glen) YarraGlenBillsHorseTrough.JPG In front of the RSL hall
Yea 37°12′44.8″S 145°25′30.6″E / 37.212444°S 145.425167°E / -37.212444; 145.425167 (Yea) YeaBillsHorseTrough.JPG Corner Station St and The Crescent
Yenda 34°14′56.69″S 146°11′44.02″E / 34.2490806°S 146.1955611°E / -34.2490806; 146.1955611 (Yenda) YendaBillsTrough.JPG North Ave in the median strip
Zetland 33°54′25.3″S 151°12′27.5″E / 33.907028°S 151.207639°E / -33.907028; 151.207639 (Zetland) Zetland Bills Horse Trough 001.JPG Joynton Ave and Elizabeth St