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In Buddhist thought, a bodhisattva (中文: 菩薩 pú sà) is a being who has not attained enlightenment, and may refrain from nirvana in the hopes of aiding others to reach it. Conventionally, the term is applied to hypothetical beings with a high degree of enlightenment and power.


also: Lokeshvara, Guanyin (Guanshiyin, Kuan Yin), Kannon, Sho Kannon, Kanzeon, Kanjizai (Kozeo) Padmapani, Spyan ras gzigs (Chenrezi, Chen rezig)


also: Metteyya, 弥勒佛 (Mi Le Fo), 布袋 (Hotei), 未来仏 (Miroku)


also: 普賢菩薩 (Fugen), 普贤菩萨 (Pǔxián)

Other bodhisattvas[edit]