Bolbitius titubans

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumFungi • DivisioBasidiomycota • SubdivisioAgaricomycotina • ClassisAgaricomycetes • SubclassisAgaricomycetidae • OrdoAgaricales • FamiliaBolbitiaceae • GenusBolbitius • Species: Bolbitius titubans (Bull.) Fr. 1838
Bolbitius fragilis (L.) Fr.
Bolbitius vitellinus (Pers.) Fr.
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Note: The complex B. fragilis/B. titubans is now considered to be synonym of B. titubans in Index Fungorum, though there is considerable variation as shown by the photos. The name B. vitellinus has also been widely used for these mushrooms and the names Bolbitius vitellinus var. fragilis (L.) M.M. Moser ex Bon & Courtec. (1987) and Bolbitius vitellinus var. titubans (Bull.) M.M. Moser ex Bon (1987) show how the extreme forms within the species have been described as varieties.