Le Premier Consul franchissant les Alpes au col du Grand-Saint-Bernard

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English: Bonaparte crossing the Great Saint Bernard is a 1800 paintings by Jacques-Louis David . There are five versions of this portrait.
Français : Bonaparte franchissant le Grand Saint-Bernard est une peinture de Jacque-Louis David. Il existe cinq versions de ce portrait.
Italiano: Napoleone attraversa il passo del Gran San Bernardo è un quadro di Jacques-Louis David. Esistono cinque versioni di questo ritratto.

1. Version: Château de la Malmaison, January 1800/1, 260 × 221 cm, M.M.49.7.1, commissioned by Charles IV of Spain[edit]

2. Version Schloss Charlottenburg, 1801, 260 × 226 cm, GK I 913, probably commissioned by Napoleon for Château de Saint-Cloud, seized by the German General von Blücher for the German King of Prussia Prince Frederick William III, since 1815 in Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin[edit]

3. Version: Versailles, Empire Hall, 1802, 273 x 234, MV 1567, commissioned by Napoleon for the Library of Les Invalides (1802-1816)[edit]

Image:David_napoleon.jpg|oil on canvas
264 × 232 cm
Belvedere museum Image:David-Napoleon.png Image:Napoleonpic.jpg|oil on canvas
267 × 230 cm
musée du château de Versailles ancienne collection du Prince Napoléon Image:Empereur et roi.JPG|Engraving of 1805 </gallery>