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English: Bulgogi (IPA: [pulɡoɡi]) is one of the most representative Korean barbecued dishes made with thinly sliced beef, mushrooms and vegetables marinated in a mixed sauce of ganjang (soy sauce), sesame oil, sugar and Korean pear. It is commonly "Korean BBQ" together with galbi (marinated beef short ribs)
한국어: 불고기는 한국의 대표적인 고기구이 요리로, 얇게 저민 쇠고기에 간장과 참기름, 설탕, 배 등을 섞은 양념에 절인 후 불에 구어서 먹는다. 흔히 서구에서는 갈비와 더불어 "Korean BBQ"라 불린다.

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