Butterflies of Arunachal Pradesh, India

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoLepidoptera • DivisioRhopalocera
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This is a gallery list of butterfly species and subspecies found in Arunachal Pradesh, a state in Northeast India.


Family: Papilionidae[edit]

Subfamily: Papilioninae[edit]

Tribus: Leptocircini

Genus: Graphium (Swordtails, bluebottles and jays)[edit]

Species: Graphium antiphates (Five-bar Swordtail)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium antiphates pompilius (Indo-Chinese Five-bar Swordtail)

Species: Graphium chironides (Veined Jay)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium chironides chironides (Darjeeling Veined Jay)

Species: Graphium sarpedon (Common Bluebottle)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium sarpedon sarpedon (Oriental Common Bluebottle)

Genus: Lamproptera[edit]

Species: Lamproptera curius (White Dragontail)[edit]

Subspecies: Lamproptera curius curius (Thai White Dragontail)

Tribus: Papilionini

Genus: Papilio (Swallowtails, mimes)[edit]

Species: Papilio protenor (Spangle)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio protenor euprotenor (Himalayan Spangle)

Family: Pieridae[edit]

Subfamily: Pierinae[edit]

Tribus: Anthocharidini

Genus: Hebomoia[edit]

Species: Hebomoia glaucippe (Great Orange-tip)[edit]

SubSpecies: Hebomoia glaucippe glaucippe (Oriental Great Orange-tip)

Tribus: Pierini

Genus: Appias[edit]

Species: Appias olferna (Eastern Striped Albatross)[edit]

Genus: Cepora[edit]

Species: Cepora nadina (Lesser Gull)[edit]

SubSpecies: Cepora nadina nadina (Khasi Lesser Gull)

Genus: Delias[edit]

Species: Delias pasithoe (Red-base Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias pasithoe pasithoe (Chinese Red-base Jezebel)

Genus: Pieris[edit]

Species: Pieris canidia (Asian Cabbage White)[edit]

SubSpecies: Pieris canidia indica (Himalayan Cabbage White)

Family: Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily: Apaturinae[edit]

Tribus: Apaturini

Genus: Euripus[edit]

Species: Euripus nyctelius (Courtesan)[edit]

Subspecies: Euripus nyctelius nyctelius (Sylhet Courtesan)

Genus: Mimathyma[edit]

Species: Mimathyma ambica (Indian Purple Emperor)[edit]

Subfamily: Charaxinae[edit]

Genus: Charaxes[edit]

Species: Charaxes bernardus (Tawny Rajah)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes bernardus hierax (Variable Tawny Rajah)

Species: Charaxes marmax (Yellow Rajah)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes marmax marmax (Sylhet Yellow Rajah)

Subfamily: Heliconiinae[edit]

Tribus: Argynnini

Genus: Argynnis[edit]

Species: Argynnis childreni (Large Silverstripe)[edit]

Subspecies: Argynnis childreni childreni (Himalayan Large Silverstripe)

Tribus: Vagrantini

Genus: Cirrochroa[edit]

Species: Cirrochroa aoris (Large Yeoman)[edit]

Subspecies: Cirrochroa aoris aoris (Himalayan Large Yeoman)

Species: Cirrochroa tyche (Common Yeoman)[edit]

Subspecies: Cirrochroa tyche mithila (Bengal Common Yeoman)

Subfamily: Limenitidinae[edit]

Tribus: Limenitidini

Genus: Athyma[edit]

Species: Athyma inara (Colour Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma inara inara (Himalayan Colour Sergeant)

Species: Athyma perius (Common Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma perius perius (Oriental Common Sergeant)

Species: Athyma zeroca (Small Staff Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma zeroca zeroca (Khasi Small Staff Sergeant)

Subfamily: Nymphalinae[edit]

Tribus: Junoniini

Genus: Hypolimnas[edit]

Species: Hypolimnas bolina (Great Eggfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Hypolimnas bolina jacintha ( Oriental Great Eggfly)

Subfamily: Satyrinae[edit]

Tribus: Elymniini

Genus: Elymnias[edit]

Species: Elymnias nesaea (Tiger Palmfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Elymnias nesaea timandra (Sylhet Tiger Palmfly)

Tribus: Satyrini

Genus: Aulocera[edit]

Species: Aulocera saraswati (Striated Satyr)[edit]

Subspecies: Aulocera saraswati vishnu (Eastern Striated Satyr)

Genus: Lethe[edit]

Species: Lethe kanjupkula (Broken Woodbrown)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe kanjupkula kanjupkula (Manipur Broken Woodbrown)

Tribus: Zetherini

Genus: Penthema[edit]

Species: Penthema lisarda (Yellow Kaiser)[edit]

Subspecies: Penthema lisarda lisarda (Himalayan Yellow Kaiser)

Family: Lycaenidae[edit]

Subfamily: Lycaeninae[edit]

Genus: Heliophorus[edit]

Species: Heliophorus tamu (Powdery Green Sapphire)[edit]

Subspecies: Heliophorus tamu tamu (Himalayan Powdery Green Sapphire)

Subfamily: Theclinae[edit]

Tribus: Deudorigini

Genus: Rapala[edit]

Species: Rapala pheretima (Copper Flash)[edit]

Subspecies: Rapala pheretima petosiris (Indian Copper Flash)

Family: Riodinidae[edit]

Family: Hesperiidae[edit]

Subfamily: Coeliadinae[edit]

Genus: Burara[edit]

Species: Burara amara (Small Green Awlet)[edit]
Species: Burara oedipodea (Branded Orange Awlet)[edit]

Subspecies: Burara oedipodea belesis (Himalayan Branded Orange Awlet)

Subfamily: Hesperiinae[edit]

Tribus: Aeromachini

Genus: Aeromachus[edit]

Species: Aeromachus pygmaeus (Pygmy Scrub Hopper)[edit]

Genus: Notocrypta[edit]

Species: Notocrypta paralysos (Common Banded Demon)[edit]

Subspecies: Notocrypta paralysos asawa (Indo-Chinese Common Banded Demon)

Genus: Pedesta[edit]

Species: Pedesta masuriensis (Mussoorie Bush Bob)[edit]
Subspecies: Pedesta masuriensis masuriensis (White-spotted Mussoorie Bush Bob)[edit]
Species: Pedesta pandita (Brown Bush Bob)[edit]

Genus: Psolos[edit]

Species: Psolos fuligo (Dusky Partwing)[edit]

Subspecies: Psolos fuligo subfasciatus (Indian Dusky Partwing)

Genus: Sebastonyma[edit]

Species: Sebastonyma dolopia (Tufted Ace)[edit]

Subfamily: Pyrginae[edit]

Tribus: Tagiadini

Genus: Odontoptilum[edit]

Species: Odontoptilum angulata (Chestnut Angle)[edit]

Subspecies: Odontoptilum angulata angulata (Oriental Chestnut Angle)

Genus: Seseria[edit]

Species: Seseria sambara (Notched Seseria)[edit]

Subspecies: Seseria sambara sambara (Himalayan Notched Seseria)

Genus: Tagiades[edit]

Species: Tagiades japetus (Common Snow Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Tagiades japetus ravi (Himalayan Common Snow Flat)

Species: Tagiades litigiosa (Water Snow Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Tagiades litigiosa litigiosa (Sylhet Water Snow Flat)