Butterflies of Assam, India

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoLepidoptera • DivisioRhopalocera
Assam in India (disputed hatched).svg

This is a gallery list of butterfly species and subspecies found in Assam, a state in Northeast India.

Family: Papilionidae[edit]

Family: Pieridae[edit]

Subfamily: Pierinae[edit]

Tribus: Teracolini

Genus: Ixias[edit]

Species: Ixias marianne (White Orange-tip)[edit]

Family: Lycaenidae[edit]

Subfamily: Polyommatinae[edit]

Tribus: Polyommatini

Genus: Castalius[edit]

Species: Castalius rosimon (Common Pierrot)[edit]

Subspecies: Castalius rosimon rosimon (Continental Common Pierrot)

Genus: Jamides[edit]

Species: Jamides pura (White Cerulean)[edit]

Subspecies: Jamides pura pura (Continental White Cerulean)

Subfamily: Theclinae[edit]

Tribus: Deudorigini

Genus: Rapala[edit]

Species: Rapala pheretima (Copper Flash)[edit]

Subspecies: Rapala pheretima petosiris (Indian Copper Flash)

Tribus: Hypolycaenini

Species: Hypolycaena erylus (Common Tit)[edit]

Subspecies: Hypolycaena erylus himavantus (Sikkim Common Tit)

Genus: Zeltus[edit]

Species: Zeltus amasa (Fluffy Tit)[edit]

Subspecies: Zeltus amasa amasa (Indian Fluffy Tit)

Tribus: Loxurini

Genus: Yasoda[edit]

Species: Yasoda tripunctata (Branded Yamfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Yasoda tripunctata tripunctata (Sylhet Branded Yamfly)

Tribus: Remelanini

Genus: Remelana[edit]

Species: Remelana jangala (Chocolate Royal)[edit]

Subspecies: Remelana jangala ravata (Northern Chocolate Royal)

Family: Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily: Cyrestinae[edit]

Genus: Chersonesia[edit]

Species: Chersonesia risa (Common Maplet)[edit]
Species: Cyrestis thyodamas (Map Butterfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Cyrestis thyodamas thyodamas (Oriental Map Butterfly)

Subfamily: Limenitidinae[edit]

Tribus: Adoliadini

Genus: Euthalia[edit]

Species: Euthalia anosia (Grey Baron)[edit]

Subspecies: Euthalia anosia anosia (Assam Grey Baron)

Species: Euthalia monina (Powdered Baron)[edit]

Subspecies: Euthalia monina kesava (Assam Powdered Baron)

Tribus: Limenitidini

Genus: Athyma[edit]

Species: Athyma kanwa (Dot-dash Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma kanwa phorkys (Northern Dot-dash Sergeant)

Species: Athyma perius (Common Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma perius perius (Oriental Common Sergeant)

Tribus: Parthenini

Genus: Parthenos[edit]

Species: Parthenos sylvia (Clipper)[edit]

Subspecies: Parthenos sylvia gambrisius (Bengal Clipper)

Subfamily: Nymphalinae[edit]

Tribus: Nymphalini

Genus: Kaniska[edit]

Species: Kaniska canace (Blue Admiral)[edit]

Subspecies: Kaniska canace canace (Chinese Blue Admiral)

Subfamily: Satyrinae[edit]

Tribus: Amathusiini

Genus: Discophora[edit]

Species: Discophora sondaica (Common Duffer)[edit]

Subspecies: Discophora sondaica zal (Indian Common Duffer)

Genus: Thaumantis[edit]

Species: Thaumantis diores (Jungleglory)[edit]

Subspecies: Thaumantis diores diores (Assam Jungleglory)

Tribus: Satyrini

Genus: Lethe[edit]

Species: Lethe mekara (Common Red Forester)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe mekara zuchara (Assam Common Red Forester)

Genus: Zipaetis[edit]

Species: Zipaetis scylax (Dark Catseye)[edit]

Subspecies: Zipaetis scylax scylax (Patkai Dark Catseye)

Tribus: Zetherini

Genus: Ethope[edit]

Species: Ethope himachala (Dusky Diadem)[edit]

Family: Hesperiidae[edit]

Subfamily: Coeliadinae[edit]

Genus: Burara[edit]

Species: Burara oedipodea (Branded Orange Awlet)[edit]

Subspecies: Burara oedipodea belesis (Himalayan Branded Orange Awlet)

Subfamily: Hesperiinae[edit]

Tribus: Aeromachini

Genus: Ampittia[edit]

Species: Ampittia dioscorides (Bush Hopper)[edit]

Subspecies: Ampittia dioscorides dioscorides (Indian Bush Hopper)

Genus: Astictopterus[edit]

Species: Astictopterus jama (Forest Hopper)[edit]

Subspecies: Astictopterus jama olivascens (Indo-Chinese Forest Hopper)

Genus: Cupitha[edit]

Species: Cupitha purreea (Wax Dart)[edit]

Genus: Halpe[edit]

Species: Halpe porus (Bispot Banded Ace or Moore's Ace)[edit]
Species: Halpe zema (Zema Banded Ace)[edit]

Subspecies: Halpe zema zema (Sikkim Zema Banded Ace)

Genus: Hyarotis[edit]

Species: Hyarotis adrastus (Tree Flitter)[edit]

Subspecies: Hyarotis adrastus praba (Bengal Tree Flitter)

Genus: Matapa[edit]

Species: Matapa cresta (Fringed Branded Redeye)[edit]

Genus: Notocrypta[edit]

Species: Notocrypta paralysos (Common Banded Demon)[edit]

Subspecies: Notocrypta paralysos asawa (Indo-Chinese Common Banded Demon)

Genus: Scobura[edit]

Species: Scobura cephala (Extra Forest Bob or Forest Bob or Indian Forest Bob)[edit]
Species: Scobura isota (Khasi Forest Bob)[edit]

Genus: Sebastonyma[edit]

Species: Sebastonyma dolopia (Tufted Ace)[edit]

Genus: Suastus[edit]

Species: Suastus gremius (Oriental Palm Bob)[edit]

Subspecies: Suastus gremius gremius (Indian Palm Bob)

Tribus: Baorini

Genus: Iton[edit]

Species: Iton semamora (Common Wight)[edit]

Subspecies: Iton semamora semamora (Bengal Common Wight)

Genus: Polytremis[edit]

Species: Polytremis eltola (Yellow-spot Swift)[edit]

Subspecies: Polytremis eltola eltola (Darjeeling Yellow-spot Swift)

Species: Polytremis lubricans (Contiguous Swift)[edit]

Subspecies: Polytremis lubricans lubricans (Oriental Contiguous Swift)

Tribus: Taractrocerini

Genus: Oriens[edit]

Species: Oriens goloides (Smaller Dartlet or Indian Dartlet)[edit]