Butterflies of Kerala

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoLepidoptera • DivisioRhopalocera
Butterfly parts.svg

This is a gallery list of butterfly species found in Kerala, India. (Some of the images may be from other Indian States and so different subspecies from those found in Kerala.)


Family: Papilionidae[edit]

Subfamily: Papilioninae[edit]

Genus: Graphium (Swordtails, bluebottles and jays)[edit]

Graphium agamemnon (Tailed jay)[edit]
Graphium antiphates (Fivebar swordtail)[edit]
Graphium doson (Common jay)[edit]
Graphium nomius (Spot swordtail)[edit]
Graphium teredon (Narrow banded bluebottle)[edit]

Genus: Pachliopta (Red-bodied swallowtail, roses)[edit]

Pachliopta aristolochiae (Common rose)[edit]
Pachliopta hector (Crimson rose)[edit]
Pachliopta pandiyana (Malabar rose)[edit]

Genus: Papilio (Swallowtails, mimes)[edit]

Papilio buddha (Malabar banded peacock)[edit]
Papilio clytia (Common mime)[edit]
Papilio crino (Common banded peacock)[edit]
Papilio demoleus (Lime butterfly)[edit]
Papilio dravidarum (Malabar Raven)[edit]
Papilio helenus (Red Helen)[edit]
Papilio liomedon (Malabar banded swallowtail)[edit]
Papilio paris (Paris Peacock)[edit]
Papilio polymnestor (Blue Mormon)[edit]
Papilio polytes (Common Mormon)[edit]

Genus: Troides (Birdwings)[edit]

Troides minos (Southern birdwing)[edit]

Family: Pieridae[edit]

Subfamily: Coliadinae (Yellows)[edit]

Genus: Catopsilia (Emigrants)[edit]

Catopsilia pomona (Common emigrant)[edit]
Catopsilia pyranthe (Mottled emigrant)[edit]

Genus: Colias (Clouded yellows)[edit]

Colias nilagiriensis (Nilgiri clouded yellow)[edit]

Genus: Eurema (Grass yellows)[edit]

Eurema andersonii (One-spot grass yellow)[edit]
Eurema blanda (Three-spot grass yellow)[edit]
Eurema brigitta (Small grass yellow)[edit]
Eurema hecabe (Common grass yellow)[edit]
Eurema laeta (Spotless grass yellow)[edit]
Eurema nilgiriensis (Nilgiri grass yellow)[edit]

Subfamily: Pierinae (Whites)[edit]

Genus: Appias (Puffins and albatrosses)[edit]

Appias albina (Common albatross)[edit]
Appias indra (Plain puffin)[edit]
Appias lalage (Spot puffin)[edit]
Appias libythea (Striped albatross)[edit]
Appias lyncida (Chocolate albatross)[edit]
Appias wardii (Lesser albatross)[edit]

Genus: Belenois (Pioneers)[edit]

Belenois aurota (Pioneer white, Caper white)[edit]

Genus: Cepora (Gulls)[edit]

Cepora nadina (Lesser gull)[edit]
Cepora nerissa (Common gull)[edit]

Genus: Colotis (Arabs)[edit]

Colotis amata (Small salmon Arab)[edit]
Colotis aurora (Plain orange-tip)[edit]
Colotis danae (Crimson-tip)[edit]
Colotis fausta (Large salmon Arab)[edit]
Colotis etrida (Small orange-tip)[edit]

Genus: Delias (Jezebels)[edit]

Delias eucharis (Common Jezebel)[edit]

Genus: Hebomoia (Great orange tips)[edit]

Hebomoia glaucippe (Great orange tip)[edit]

Genus: Ixias (Indian orange tips)[edit]

Ixias marianne (White orange tip)[edit]
Ixias pyrene (Yellow orange tip)[edit]

Genus: Leptosia (Psyche)[edit]

Leptosia nina (Psyche)[edit]

Genus: Pareronia (Wanderers)[edit]

Pareronia ceylanica (Dark wanderer)[edit]
Pareronia hippia (Indian wanderer)[edit]

Genus: Pieris (Whites)[edit]

Pieris canidia (Indian cabbage white)[edit]

Genus: Prioneris (Sawtooths)[edit]

Prioneris sita (Painted sawtooth)[edit]

Family: Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily: Apaturinae[edit]

Genus: Euripus (Courtesans)[edit]

Euripus consimilis (Painted courtesan)[edit]

Genus: Rohana (Princes)[edit]

Rohana parisatis (Black prince)[edit]

Subfamily: Biblidinae[edit]

Genus: Ariadne (Castors)[edit]

Ariadne ariadne (Angled castor)[edit]
Ariadne merione (Common castor)[edit]

Genus: Byblia (Jokers)[edit]

Byblia ilithyia (Joker)[edit]

Subfamily: Charaxinae[edit]

Genus: Charaxes (Rajahs and nawabs)[edit]

Charaxes agrarius (Anomalous nawab)[edit]
Charaxes athamas (Common nawab)[edit]
Charaxes psaphon (Plain tawny rajah)[edit]
Charaxes schreiber (Blue nawab)[edit]
Charaxes solon (Black rajah)[edit]

Subfamily: Cyrestinae[edit]

Genus: Cyrestis (Maps)[edit]

Cyrestis thyodamas (Common map)[edit]

Subfamily: Danainae[edit]

Genus: Danaus (Tigers)[edit]

Danaus chrysippus (Plain tiger)[edit]
Danaus genutia (Striped tiger)[edit]

Genus: Euploea (Crows)[edit]

Euploea core (Common Indian crow)[edit]
Euploea klugii (King crow)[edit]
Euploea sylvester (Double-branded crow)[edit]

Genus: Idea (Tree nymphs)[edit]

Idea malabarica (Malabar tree nymph)[edit]

Genus: Parantica (Glassy tigers)[edit]

Parantica aglea (Glassy tiger)[edit]
Parantica nilgiriensis (Nilgiri tiger)[edit]

Genus: Tirumala (Blue tigers)[edit]

Tirumala limniace (Blue tiger)[edit]
Tirumala septentrionis (Dark blue tiger)[edit]

Subfamily: Heliconiinae[edit]

Genus: Acraea (Costers)[edit]

Acraea terpsicore/violae (Tawny coster)[edit]

Genus: Argynnis (Fritillaries)[edit]

Argynnis hyperbius (Indian fritillary)[edit]

Genus: Cethosia (Lacewings)[edit]

Cethosia mahratta (Sahyadri lacewing)[edit]

Genus: Cirrochroa (Yeomen)[edit]

Cirrochroa thais (Tamil yeoman)[edit]

Genus: Cupha (Rustics)[edit]

Cupha erymanthis (Rustic)[edit]

Genus: Phalanta (Leopards)[edit]

Phalanta alcippe (Small leopard)[edit]
Phalanta phalantha (Common leopard)[edit]

Genus: Vindula (Cruisers)[edit]

Vindula erota (Cruiser)[edit]

Subfamily: Libytheinae[edit]

Genus: Libythea (Beaks)[edit]

Libythea laius (Lobed beak)[edit]
Libythea myrrha (Club beak)[edit]

Subfamily: Limenitidinae[edit]

Genus: Athyma (Sergeants)[edit]

Athyma inara (Colour sergeant)[edit]
Athyma perius (Common sergeant)[edit]
Athyma ranga (Blackvein sergeant)[edit]
Athyma selenophora (Staff sergeant)[edit]

Genus: Dophla (Dukes)[edit]

Dophla evelina (Redspot duke)[edit]

Genus: Euthalia (Barons)[edit]

Euthalia aconthea (Common baron)[edit]
Euthalia lubentina (Gaudy baron)[edit]
Euthalia nais/Symphaedra nais (Baronet)[edit]
Euthalia telchinia (Blue baron)[edit]

Genus: Moduza (Commanders)[edit]

Moduza procris (Commander)[edit]

Genus: Neptis (Sailers)[edit]

Neptis clinia (Southern sullied sailer)[edit]
Neptis/Phaedyma columella (Shortbanded sailer)[edit]
Neptis hylas (Common sailer)[edit]
Neptis jumbah (Chestnut-streaked sailer)[edit]
Neptis nata (Clear sailer)[edit]
Neptis soma (Creamy Sailer / Sullied sailer)[edit]
Neptis/Lasippa viraja (Yellowjack Sailer / Yellowback Sailer)[edit]

Genus: Pantoporia (Lascars)[edit]

Pantoporia hordonia (Common lascar)[edit]
Pantoporia sandaka (Extra lascar)[edit]

Genus: Parthenos (Clippers)[edit]

Parthenos sylvia (Clipper)[edit]

Genus: Tanaecia (Counts)[edit]

Tanaecia lepidea (Grey count)[edit]

Subfamily: Nymphalinae[edit]

Genus: Doleschallia (Autumn leaves)[edit]

Doleschallia bisaltide (Autumn leaf)[edit]

Genus: Hypolimnas (Eggflies)[edit]

Hypolimnas bolina (Great eggfly)[edit]
Hypolimnas misippus (Danaid eggfly)[edit]

Genus: Junonia (Pansies)[edit]

Junonia almana (Peacock pansy)[edit]
Junonia atlites (Grey pansy)[edit]
Junonia hierta (Yellow pansy)[edit]
Junonia iphita (Chocolate pansy)[edit]
Junonia lemonias (Lemon pansy)[edit]
Junonia orithya (Blue pansy)[edit]

Genus: Kallima (Oakleaves)[edit]

Kallima horsfieldi (South-Indian/Sahyadri blue oakleaf)[edit]

Genus: Kaniska[edit]

Kaniska canace (Blue admiral)[edit]

Genus: Vanessa (Admirals, ladies[edit]

Vanessa cardui (Painted lady)[edit]
Vanessa indica (Indian red admiral)[edit]

Subfamily: Satyrinae[edit]

Genus: Amathusia (Palmkings)[edit]

Amathusia phidippus (Palmking)[edit]

Genus: Discophora (Duffers)[edit]

Discophora lepida (Southern duffer)[edit]

Genus: Elymnias (Palmflies)[edit]

Elymnias hypermnestra (Tailed palmfly)[edit]

Genus: Heteropsis[edit]

Heteropsis/Telinga adolphei (Redeye Bushbrown)[edit]
Heteropsis/Telinga davisoni (Palni bushbrown)[edit]

Genus: Lethe (Treebrowns)[edit]

Lethe drypetis (Tamil treebrown)[edit]
Lethe europa (Bamboo treebrown)[edit]
Lethe rohria (Common treebrown)[edit]

Genus: Melanitis (Evening browns)[edit]

Melanitis leda (Common evening brown)[edit]
Melanitis phedima (Dark evening brown)[edit]
Melanitis zitenius (Great evening brown)[edit]

Genus: Mycalesis (Bushbrowns)[edit]

Mycalesis anaxias (Whitebar bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis igilia (Small longbrand bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis junonia (Malabar glad-eye bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis mineus (Dark branded bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis/Telinga oculus (Red-disc bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis perseus (Common bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis subdita (Tamil bushbrown)[edit]
Mycalesis visala (Long-brand bushbrown)[edit]

Genus: Orsotriaena[edit]

Orsotriaena medus (Smooth-eyed bushbrown)[edit]

Genus: Parantirrhoea[edit]

Parantirrhoea marshalli (Travancore evening brown)[edit]

Genus: Ypthima (Rings)[edit]

Ypthima asterope (Common threering)[edit]
Ypthima baldus (Common fivering)[edit]
Ypthima ceylonica (White fourring)[edit]
Ypthima chenu (Nilgiri fourring)[edit]
Ypthima huebneri (Common fourring)[edit]
Ypthima striata (Striated fivering)[edit]
Ypthima tabella (Baby fivering)[edit]
Ypthima ypthimoides (Palni fourring)[edit]

Genus: Zipaetis (Catseyes)[edit]

Zipaetis saitis (Tamil/Banded catseye)[edit]

Family: Riodinidae[edit]

Subfamily: Nemeobiinae[edit]

Genus: Abisara (Judies)[edit]

Abisara bifasciata (Double-banded judy)[edit]
Abisara echerius (Plum judy)[edit]

Family: Lycaenidae[edit]

Subfamily: Curetinae[edit]

Genus: Curetis (Sunbeams)[edit]

Curetis acuta (Angled sunbeam)[edit]
Curetis siva (Shiva sunbeam)[edit]
Curetis thetis (Indian sunbeam)[edit]

Subfamily: Miletinae[edit]

Genus: Spalgis (Apeflies)[edit]

Spalgis epius (Apefly)[edit]

Subfamily: Polyommatinae[edit]

Genus: Acytolepis (Hedge blues)[edit]

Acytolepis lilacea (Hampson's hedge blue)[edit]
Acytolepis puspa (Common hedge blue)[edit]

Genus: Anthene (Ciliate blues)[edit]

Anthene emolus (Ciliate blue)[edit]
Anthene lycaenina (Pointed ciliate blue)[edit]

Genus: Azanus (Babul blues)[edit]

Azanus jesous (African babul blue)[edit]
Azanus ubaldus (Bright babul blue)[edit]
Azanus uranus (Dull babul blue)[edit]

Genus: Caleta[edit]

Caleta decidia (Angled pierrot)[edit]

Genus: Castalius[edit]

Castalius rosimon (Common Pierrot)[edit]

Genus: Catochrysops[edit]

Catochrysops panormus (Silver forget-me-not)[edit]
Catochrysops strabo (Forget-me-not)[edit]

Genus: Celastrina[edit]

Celastrina lavendularis (Plain hedge blue)[edit]

Genus: Celatoxia[edit]

Celatoxia albidisca (White-disc hedge blue)[edit]

Genus: Chilades[edit]

Chilades lajus (Lime blue)[edit]
Chilades pandava (Plains cupid)[edit]
Chilades parrhasius (Small cupid)[edit]
Chilades/Freyeria putli (Small Grass jewel)[edit]
Chilades/Freyeria trochylus (Grass jewel)[edit]

Genus: Discolampa[edit]

Discolampa ethion (Banded blue pierrot)[edit]

Genus: Euchrysops[edit]

Euchrysops cnejus (Gram blue)[edit]

Genus: Everes[edit]

Everes lacturnus (Oriental/Indian cupid)[edit]

Genus: Ionolyce[edit]

Ionolyce helicon (pointed linebluee)[edit]

Genus: Jamides (Ceruleans)[edit]

Jamides alecto (Metallic cerulean)[edit]
Jamides bochus (Dark cerulean)[edit]
Jamides celeno (Common cerulean)[edit]

Genus: Lampides[edit]

Lampides boeticus (Peablue)[edit]

Genus: Leptotes[edit]

Leptotes plinius (Peablue)[edit]

Genus: Megisba[edit]

Megisba malaya (Malayan)[edit]

Genus: Nacaduba[edit]

Nacaduba beroe (Opaque six-line blue)[edit]
Nacaduba berenice (Rounded six-line blue)[edit]
Nacaduba calauria (Dark Ceylon six-line blue)[edit]
Nacaduba hermus (Pale four-line blue)[edit]
Nacaduba kurava (Transparent six-line blue)[edit]
Nacaduba pactolus (Large four-line blue)[edit]

Genus: Neopithecops[edit]

Neopithecops zalmora (Quaker)[edit]

Genus: Petrelaea[edit]

Petrelaea dana (Dingy lineblue)[edit]

Genus: Prosotas (Lineblues)[edit]

Prosotas dubiosa (Tailless lineblue)[edit]
Prosotas nora (Common lineblue)[edit]
Prosotas noreia (White-tipped lineblue)[edit]

Genus: Pseudozizeeria (Lineblues)[edit]

Pseudozizeeria maha (Tailless lineblue)[edit]

Genus: Talicada[edit]

Talicada nyseus (Red Pierrot)[edit]

Genus: Tarucus[edit]

Tarucus ananda (Dark pierrot)[edit]
Tarucus callinara (Spotted pierrot)[edit]
Tarucus nara (Striped pierrot)[edit]

Genus: Udara[edit]

Udara akasa (White hedge blue)[edit]

Genus: Zizeeria[edit]

Zizeeria karsandra (Dark grass blue)[edit]

Genus: Zizina[edit]

Zizina otis (Lesser grass blue)[edit]

Genus: Zizula[edit]

Zizula hylax (Tiny grass blue)[edit]

Subfamily: Theclinae[edit]

Genus: Amblypodia[edit]

Amblypodia anita (Purple leaf blue)[edit]

Genus: Ancema[edit]

Ancema blanka (Silver royal)[edit]

Genus: Arhopala[edit]

Arhopala abseus (Aberrant oakblue)[edit]
Arhopala alea (Rosy oakblue)[edit]
Arhopala amantes (Large oakblue)[edit]
Arhopala atrax (Indian oakblue)[edit]
Arhopala bazaloides (Tamil oakblue)[edit]
Arhopala centaurus (Centaur oakblue)[edit]

Genus: Bindahara[edit]

Bindahara phocides (Plane)[edit]

Genus: Catapaecilma[edit]

Catapaecilma major (Common tinsel)[edit]

Genus: Cheritra[edit]

Cheritra freja (Common imperial)[edit]

Genus: Creon[edit]

Creon cleobis (Broadtail royal)[edit]

Genus: Deudorix[edit]

Deudorix epijarbas (Cornelian)[edit]

Genus: Horaga[edit]

Horaga onyx (Common onyx)[edit]
Horaga viola (Brown onyx)[edit]

Genus: Hypolycaena[edit]

Hypolycaena nilgirica (Nilgiri tit)[edit]
Hypolycaena othona (Orchid tit)[edit]

Genus: Iraota[edit]

Iraota timoleon (Silverstreak blue)[edit]

Genus: Loxura[edit]

Loxura atymnus (Yamfly)[edit]

Genus: Pratapa[edit]

Pratapa deva (White royal)[edit]

Genus: Rachana[edit]

Rachana jalindra (Banded royal)[edit]

Genus: Rapala[edit]

Rapala iarbus (Common red flash)[edit]
Rapala lankana (Malabar flash)[edit]
Rapala manea (Slate flash)[edit]
Rapala varuna (Indigo flash)[edit]

Genus: Rathinda[edit]

Rathinda amor (Monkey puzzle)[edit]