Butterflies of Sikkim, India

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoLepidoptera • DivisioRhopalocera

This is a gallery list of butterfly species and subspecies found in Sikkim, a state in Northeast India.


Family: Papilionidae[edit]

Subfamily: Papilioninae[edit]

Tribus: Leptocircini

Genus: Graphium (Swordtails, bluebottles and jays)[edit]

Species: Graphium cloanthus (Glassy Bluebottle)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium cloanthus cloanthus (Himalayan Glassy Bluebottle)

Species: Graphium sarpedon (Common Bluebottle)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium sarpedon sarpedon (Oriental Common Bluebottle)

Tribus: Papilionini

Species: Papilio bianor (Common Peacock)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio bianor ganesa (East Himalayan Common Peacock)

Species: Papilio helenus (Red Helen)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio helenus helenus (Oriental Red Helen)

Species: Papilio polytes (Common Mormon)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio polytes romulus (Indian Common Mormon)

Family: Pieridae[edit]

Subfamily: Coliadinae[edit]

Genus: Eurema[edit]

Species: Eurema hecabe (Common Grass Yellow)[edit]

Subspecies: Eurema hecabe hecabe (Oriental Common Grass Yellow)

Subfamily: Pierinae[edit]

Tribus: Pierini

Genus: Delias (Jezebels)[edit]

Species: Delias agostina (Yellow Jezebel)[edit]

Subspecies: Delias agostina agostina (Sikkim Yellow Jezebel)

Species: Delias pasithoe (Red-base Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias pasithoe pasithoe (Chinese Red-base Jezebel)

Genus: Pieris[edit]

Species: Pieris canidia (Asian Cabbage White)[edit]

Subspecies: Pieris canidia indica (Indian Cabbage White)

Family: Lycaenidae[edit]

Subfamily: Lycaeninae[edit]

Genus: Heliophorus[edit]

Species: Heliophorus epicles (Purple Sapphire)[edit]

Subspecies: Heliophorus epicles latilimbata (Himalayan Purple Sapphire)

Species: Heliophorus indicus (Dark Sapphire Or Indian Sapphire)[edit]

Subfamily: Miletinae[edit]

Tribus: Miletini

Genus: Allotinus[edit]

Species: Allotinus drumila (Crenulate Mottle)[edit]

Subspecies: Allotinus drumila drumila (Himalayan Crenulate Mottle)

Subfamily: Polyommatinae[edit]

Tribus: Polyommatini

Genus: Acytolepis[edit]

Species: Acytolepis puspa (Common Hedge Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Acytolepis puspa gisca (Himalayan Common Hedge Blue)

Genus: Jamides[edit]

Species: Jamides alecto (Metallic Cerulean)[edit]

Subspecies: Jamides alecto eurysaces (Himalayan Metallic Cerulean)

Genus: Lampides[edit]

Species: Lampides boeticus (Pea Blue)[edit]

Genus: Lestranicus[edit]

Species: Lestranicus transpectus (White-banded Hedge Blue)[edit]

Genus: Nacaduba[edit]

Species: Nacaduba beroe (Opaque Six-Lineblue)[edit]

Subspecies: Nacaduba beroe gythion (Assam Opaque Six-Lineblue)

Genus: Pseudozizeeria[edit]

Species: Pseudozizeeria maha (Pale Grass Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Pseudozizeeria maha maha (Himalayan Pale Grass Blue)

Subfamily: Theclinae[edit]

Tribus: Hypolycaenini

Genus: Hypolycaena[edit]

Species: Hypolycaena kina (Blue Tit)[edit]

Subspecies: Hypolycaena kina kina (Darjeeling Blue Tit)

Family: Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily: Apaturinae[edit]

Tribus: Apaturini

Genus: Hestinalis[edit]

Species: Hestinalis nama (Circe)[edit]

Subspecies: Hestinalis nama nama (Sylhet Circe)

Genus: Mimathyma[edit]

Species: Mimathyma ambica (Indian Purple Emperor)[edit]

Subfamily: Charaxinae[edit]

Genus: Charaxes (Rajahs and nawabs)[edit]

Species: Charaxes bharata (Indian Nawab)[edit]

Subfamily: Cyrestinae[edit]

Genus: Chersonesia[edit]

Species: Chersonesia risa (Common Maplet)[edit]

Subfamily: Danainae[edit]

Tribus: Danaini

Genus: Parantica[edit]

Species: Parantica aglea (Glassy Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Parantica aglea melanoides (Himalayan Glassy Tiger)

Subfamily: Heliconiinae[edit]

Tribus: Acraeini

Genus: Acraea[edit]

Species: Acraea issoria (Yellow Coster)[edit]

Genus: Cethosia[edit]

Species: Cethosia biblis (Red Lacewing)[edit]

Subspecies: Cethosia biblis tisamena (Himalayan Red Lacewing)

Tribus: Argynnini

Genus: Argynnis[edit]

Species: Argynnis hyperbius (Tropical Fritillary)[edit]

Subspecies: Argynnis hyperbius hyperbius (Chinese Tropical Fritillary)

Tribus: Vagrantini

Genus: Cirrochroa[edit]

Species: Cirrochroa aoris (Large Yeoman)[edit]

Subspecies: Cirrochroa aoris aoris (Himalayan Large Yeoman)

Subfamily: Libytheinae[edit]

Genus: Libythea[edit]

Species: Libythea myrrha (Club Beak)[edit]

Subfamily: Limenitidinae[edit]

Tribus: Adoliadini

Genus: Bassarona[edit]

Species: Bassarona durga (Blue Duke)[edit]

Subspecies: Bassarona durga durga (Himalayan Blue Duke)

Genus: Euthalia[edit]

Species: Euthalia alpheda (Streaked Baron)[edit]

Subspecies: Euthalia alpheda jama (Himalayan Streaked Baron)

Species: Tanaecia julii (Common Earl)[edit]

Subspecies: Tanaecia julii appiades (Changeable Common Earl)

Tribus: Limenitidini

Genus: Athyma[edit]

Species: Athyma jina (Bhutan Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma jina jina (Sullied Bhutan Sergeant)

Species: Athyma selenophora (Staff Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma selenophora selenophora (West Himalayan Staff Sergeant)

Genus: Parasarpa[edit]

Species: Parasarpa dudu (White Commodore)[edit]

Subspecies: Parasarpa dudu dudu (Sylhet White Commodore)

Species: Parasarpa zayla (Bicolor Commodore)[edit]

Subspecies: Parasarpa zayla zayla (Himalayan Bicolor Commodore)

Genus: Sumalia[edit]

Species: Sumalia daraxa (Green Commodore)[edit]

Subspecies: Sumalia daraxa daraxa (Sylhet Green Commodore)

Tribus: Neptini

Genus: Neptis[edit]

Species: Neptis ananta (Yellow Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Neptis ananta ochracea (East Himalayan Yellow Sailer)

Species: Neptis harita (Dingiest Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Neptis harita harita (Bengal Dingiest Sailer)

Species: Neptis miah (Small Yellow Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Neptis miah miah (East Himalayan Small Yellow Sailer)

Species: Neptis pseudovikasi (False Dingy Sailer)[edit]

Genus: Phaedyma[edit]

Species: Phaedyma columella (Short-banded Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Phaedyma columella ophiana (Sikkim Short-banded Sailer)

Subfamily: Nymphalinae[edit]

Tribus: Junoniini

Genus: Hypolimnas[edit]

Species: Hypolimnas misippus (Danaid Eggfly)[edit]

Genus: Junonia[edit]

Species: Junonia iphita (Chocolate Pansy)[edit]
Species: Junonia lemonias (Lemon Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia lemonias lemonias (Chinese Lemon Pansy)

Tribus: Kallimini

Genus: Kallima[edit]

Species: Kallima inachus (Orange Oakleaf)[edit]

Subspecies: Kallima inachus inachus (Himalayan Orange Oakleaf)

Tribus: Nymphalini

Genus: Aglais[edit]

Species: Aglais caschmirensis (Indian Tortoiseshell)[edit]

Subspecies: Aglais caschmirensis aesis (Himalayan Tortoiseshell)

Genus: Symbrenthia[edit]

Species: Symbrenthia brabira (Yellow Jester)[edit]

Subspecies: Symbrenthia brabira brabira (Himalayan Yellow Jester)

Species: Symbrenthia hypselis (Spotted Jester)[edit]

Subspecies: Symbrenthia hypselis cotanda (Himalayan Spotted Jester)

Species: Symbrenthia lilaea (Northern Common Jester)[edit]

Subspecies: Symbrenthia lilaea khasiana (Khasi Common Jester)

Species: Symbrenthia niphanda (Bluetail Jester)[edit]

Subspecies: Symbrenthia niphanda niphanda (Himalayan Bluetail Jester)

Subfamily: Pseudergolinae[edit]

Tribus: Pseudergolini

Genus: Pseudergolis[edit]

Species: Pseudergolis wedah (Tabby)[edit]

Genus: Stibochiona[edit]

Species: Stibochiona nicea (Popinjay)[edit]

Subfamily: Satyrinae[edit]

Tribus: Amathusiini

Genus: Stichophthalma[edit]

Species: Stichophthalma camadeva (Northern Junglequeen)[edit]

Subspecies: Stichophthalma camadeva camadeva (Sikkim Northern Junglequeen)

Tribus: Elymniini

Genus: Elymnias[edit]

Species: Elymnias malelas (Spotted Palmfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Elymnias malelas malelas (Bengal Spotted Palmfly)

Tribus: Satyrini

Genus: Lethe[edit]

Species: Lethe confusa (Banded Treebrown)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe confusa confusa (Himalayan Banded Treebrown)

Species: Lethe mekara (Common Red Forester)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe mekara mekara (Darjeeling Common Red Forester)

Species: Lethe sinorix (Tailed Red Forester)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe sinorix sinorix (Assam Tailed Red Forester)

Species: Lethe verma (Straight-banded Treebrown)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe verma sintica (East Himalayan Straight-banded Treebrown)

Genus: Mycalesis[edit]

Species: Mycalesis intermedia (Intermediate Bushbrown Or Pale-brand Bushbrown)[edit]
Species: Mycalesis malsara (White-line Bushbrown)[edit]

Species: Mycalesis visala (Long-branded Bushbrown)[edit]

Genus: Ypthima[edit]

Species: Ypthima baldus (Common Five-ring)[edit]

Subspecies: Ypthima baldus baldus (Himalayan Common Five-ring)

Species: Ypthima huebneri (Common Four-ring)[edit]

Family: Riodinidae[edit]

Subfamily: Nemeobiinae[edit]

Tribus: Abisarini

Genus: Abisara[edit]

Species: Abisara chela (Spot Judy)[edit]

Subspecies: Abisara chela chela (Sikkim Spot Judy)

Tribus: Nemeobiini

Genus: Dodona[edit]

Species: Dodona egeon (Orange Punch)[edit]

Subspecies: Dodona egeon egeon (Himalayan Orange Punch)

Genus: Zemeros[edit]

Species: Zemeros flegyas (Punchinello)[edit]

Subspecies: Zemeros flegyas flegyas (Himalayan Punchinello)

Family: Hesperiidae[edit]

Subfamily: Hesperiinae[edit]

Tribus: Aeromachini

Genus: Aeromachus[edit]

Species: Aeromachus stigmata (Veined Scrub Hopper)[edit]

Genus: Ancistroides[edit]

Species: Ancistroides nigrita (Chocolate Demon)[edit]

Genus: Notocrypta[edit]

Species: Notocrypta curvifascia (Restricted Demon)[edit]

Subspecies: Notocrypta curvifascia curvifascia (Chinese Restricted Demon)

Species: Notocrypta feisthamelii (Spotted Demon)[edit]

Subspecies: Notocrypta feisthamelii alysos (Himalayan Spotted Demon)

Genus: Pedesta[edit]

Species: Pedesta masuriensis (Mussoorie Bush Bob)[edit]
Subspecies: Pedesta masuriensis masuriensis (White-spotted Mussoorie Bush Bob)[edit]
Species: Pedesta pandita (Brown Bush Bob)[edit]

Genus: Pithauria[edit]

Species: Pithauria stramineipennis (Light Straw Ace)[edit]
Subspecies: Pithauria stramineipennis stramineipennis (Assam Light Straw Ace)[edit]

Genus: Sebastonyma[edit]

Species: Sebastonyma dolopia (Tufted Ace)[edit]

Genus: Zographetus[edit]

Species: Zographetus ogygia (Purple-spotted Flitter)[edit]

Subspecies: Zographetus ogygia ogygia (Continental Purple-spotted Flitter)

Tribus: Baorini

Genus: Baoris[edit]

Species: Baoris farri (Complete Paint-brush Swift)[edit]

Genus: Pelopidas[edit]

Species: Polytremis discreta (White-fringed Swift)[edit]

Subspecies: Polytremis discreta discreta (Himalayan White-fringed Swift)

Species: Pelopidas assamensis (Great Swift)[edit]

Genus: Polytremis[edit]

Species: Polytremis eltola (Yellow-spot Swift)[edit]

Subspecies: Polytremis eltola eltola (Darjeeling Yellow-spot Swift)

Tribus: Taractrocerini

Genus: Telicota[edit]

Species: Telicota bambusae (Dark Palm-Dart)[edit]
Species: Telicota colon (Pale Palm-Dart)[edit]

Subspecies: Telicota colon colon ( Indian Pale Palm-Dart)

Subfamily: Pyrginae[edit]

Tribus: Celaenorrhinini

Genus: Pseudocoladenia[edit]

Species: Pseudocoladenia fatua (Ruddy Pied Flat)[edit]

Tribus: Tagiadini

Genus: Coladenia[edit]

Species: Coladenia indrani (Tricolor Pied Flat)[edit]

Genus: Gerosis[edit]

Species: Gerosis sinica (White Yellow-breasted Flat)[edit]

Genus: Mooreana[edit]

Species: Mooreana trichoneura (Yellow Flat)[edit]

Genus: Seseria[edit]

Species: Seseria sambara (Notched Seseria)[edit]

Subspecies: Seseria sambara sambara (Himalayan Notched Seseria)

Genus: Tagiades[edit]

Species: Tagiades menaka (Spotted Snow Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Tagiades menaka menaka (Bengal Spotted Snow Flat)

Species: Tagiades parra (Multi-spotted Snow Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Tagiades parra gala (Sikkim Multi-spotted Snow Flat)