Butterflies of West Bengal, India

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoLepidoptera • DivisioRhopalocera
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This is a gallery list of butterfly species and subspecies found in West Bengal, India.


Family: Papilionidae[edit]

Subfamily: Papilioninae[edit]

Tribus: Leptocircini

Genus: Graphium (Swordtails, bluebottles and jays)[edit]

Species: Graphium agamemnon (Tailed Jay)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium agamemnon agamemnon (Oriental Tailed Jay)

Species: Graphium agetes (Four-bar Swordtail)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium agetes agetes (Assam Four-bar Swordtail)

Species: Graphium antiphates (Five-bar Swordtail)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium antiphates pompilius (Indo-Chinese Five-bar Swordtail)

Species: Graphium aristeus (Chain Swordtail)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium aristeus anticrates (Assam Chain Swordtail)

Species: Graphium cloanthus (Glassy Bluebottle)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium cloanthus cloanthus (Himalayan Glassy Bluebottle)

Species: Graphium doson (Common Jay)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium doson axionides (Himalayan Common Jay)

Species: Graphium macareus (Lesser Zebra)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium macareus indicus (East Himalayan Lesser Zebra)

Species: Graphium nomius (Spot Swordtail)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium nomius nomius (Indian Spot Swordtail)

Species: Graphium sarpedon (Common Bluebottle)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium sarpedon sarpedon (Oriental Common Bluebottle)

Species: Graphium xenocles (Great Zebra)[edit]

Subspecies: Graphium xenocles phrontis (East Himalayan Great Zebra)

Tribus: Papilionini

Genus: Papilio (Swallowtails, mimes)[edit]

Species: Papilio alcmenor (Redbreast)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio alcmenor alcmenor (Khasi Redbreast)

Species: Papilio bianor (Common Peacock)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio bianor ganesa (East Himalayan Common Peacock)

Species: Papilio castor (Common Raven)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio castor polias (Himalayan Common Raven)

Species: Papilio clytia (Common Mime)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio clytia clytia (Oriental Common Mime)

Species: Papilio crino (Common Banded Peacock)[edit]
Species: Papilio demoleus (Lime Swallowtail)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio demoleus demoleus (Northern Lime Swallowtail Or Lime Butterfly)

Species: Papilio epycides (Lesser Mime)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio epycides epycides ( Himalayan Lesser Mime)

Species: Papilio helenus (Red Helen)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio helenus helenus (Oriental Red Helen)

Species: Papilio memnon (Great Mormon)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio memnon agenor (Continental Great Mormon)

Species: Papilio nephelus (Yellow Helen)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio nephelus chaon (Khasi Yellow Helen)

Species: Papilio paris (Paris Peacock)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio paris paris (Chinese Paris Peacock)

Species: Papilio polymnestor (Blue Mormon)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio polymnestor polymnestor (Indian Blue Mormon)

Species: Papilio polytes (Common Mormon)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio polytes romulus (Indian Common Mormon)

Species: Papilio protenor (Spangle)[edit]

Subspecies: Papilio protenor euprotenor (Himalayan Spangle)

Tribus: Teinopalpini

Genus: Meandrusa[edit]

Species: Meandrusa payeni (Yellow Gorgon)[edit]

Subspecies: Meandrusa payeni evan (Sikkim Yellow Gorgon)

Tribus: Troidini

Genus: Atrophaneura[edit]

Species: Atrophaneura polyeuctes (Common Windmill)[edit]

Subspecies: Atrophaneura polyeuctes polyeuctes (Sylhet Common Windmill)

Genus: Pachliopta[edit]

Species: Pachliopta aristolochiae (Common Rose)[edit]

Subspecies: Pachliopta aristolochiae aristolochiae (Indian Common Rose)

Genus: Troides[edit]

Species: Troides helena (Common Birdwing)[edit]

Subspecies: Troides helena cerberus (Khasi Common Birdwing)

Family: Pieridae[edit]

Subfamily: Coliadinae[edit]

Genus: Catopsilia (Emigrants)[edit]

Species: Catopsilia pomona (Lemon Emigrant Or Common Emigrant)[edit]

Subspecies: Catopsilia pomona pomona (Oriental Lemon Emigrant)

Species: Catopsilia pyranthe (Mottled Emigrant)[edit]

Subspecies: Catopsilia pyranthe pyranthe (Oriental Mottled Emigrant)

Genus: Eurema (Grass yellows)[edit]

Species: Eurema andersonii (One-spot Grass Yellow)[edit]

Subspecies: Eurema andersonii jordani (Sikkim One-spot Grass Yellow Or Jordan's Grass Yellow)

Species: Eurema hecabe (Common Grass Yellow)[edit]

Subspecies: Eurema hecabe hecabe (Oriental Common Grass Yellow)

Genus: Gandaca[edit]

Species: Gandaca harina (Tree Yellow)[edit]

Subspecies: Gandaca harina assamica (Assam Tree Yellow)

Subfamily: Pierinae[edit]

Tribus: Anthocharidini

Genus: Hebomoia[edit]

Species: Hebomoia glaucippe (Great Orange-tip)[edit]

SubSpecies: Hebomoia glaucippe glaucippe (Oriental Great Orange-tip)

Tribus: Leptosiaini

Genus: Leptosia[edit]

Species: Leptosia nina (Psyche)[edit]

SubSpecies: Leptosia nina nina (Oriental Psyche)

Tribus: Pierini

Genus: Appias[edit]

Species: Appias albina (Common Albatross)[edit]

SubSpecies: Appias albina darada (Sylhet Common Albatross)

Species: Appias lalage (Spot Puffin)[edit]

SubSpecies: Appias lalage lalage (Himalayan Spot Puffin)

Species: Appias libythea (Western Striped Albatross)[edit]
Species: Appias lyncida (Chocolate Albatross)[edit]

SubSpecies: Appias lyncida eleonora (Indo-Chinese Chocolate Albatross)

Genus: Delias (Jezebels)[edit]

Species: Delias acalis (Redbreast Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias acalis pyramus (Himalayan Redbreast Jezebel)

Species: Delias agostina (Yellow Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias agostina agostina (Sikkim Yellow Jezebel)

Species: Delias belladonna (Hill Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias belladonna ithiela (Sikkim Hill Jezebel)

Species: Delias descombesi (Red-spot Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias descombesi descombesi (Vietnamese Red-spot Jezebel)

Species: Delias eucharis (Indian Jezebel)[edit]
Species: Delias hyparete (Painted Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias hyparete indica (Indian Painted Jezebel)

Species: Delias pasithoe (Red-base Jezebel)[edit]

SubSpecies: Delias pasithoe pasithoe (Chinese Red-base Jezebel)

Genus: Prioneris[edit]

Species: Prioneris philonome (Redspot Sawtooth)[edit]

SubSpecies: Prioneris philonome clemanthe (Myanmarese Redspot Sawtooth)

Species: Prioneris thestylis (Spotted Sawtooth)[edit]

SubSpecies: Prioneris thestylis thestylis (Himalayan Spotted Sawtooth)

Tribus: Teracolini

Genus: Ixias[edit]

Species: Ixias pyrene (Yellow Orange-tip)[edit]

SubSpecies: Ixias pyrene familiaris (East Himalayan Yellow Orange-tip)

Family: Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily: Apaturinae[edit]

Tribus: Apaturini

Genus: Euripus[edit]

Species: Euripus nyctelius (Courtesan)[edit]

Subspecies: Euripus nyctelius nyctelius (Sylhet Courtesan)

Genus: Herona[edit]

Species: Herona marathus (Pasha)[edit]

Subspecies: Herona marathus marathus (Assam Pasha)

Genus: Hestinalis[edit]

Species: Hestinalis nama (Circe)[edit]

Subspecies: Hestinalis nama nama (Sylhet Circe)

Genus: Mimathyma[edit]

Species: Mimathyma ambica (Indian Purple Emperor)[edit]

Genus: Rohana (Princes)[edit]

Species: Rohana parisatis (Black Prince)[edit]

Subspecies: Rohana parisatis parisatis (Assam Black Prince)

Subfamily: Biblidinae[edit]

Tribus: Danaini

Genus: Ariadne (Castors)[edit]

Species: Ariadne ariadne (Angled Castor)[edit]

Subspecies: Ariadne ariadne indica (Indian Angled Castor)

Species: Ariadne merione (Common Castor)[edit]

Subspecies: Ariadne merione tapestrina (Intricate Common Castor)

Subfamily: Charaxinae[edit]

Genus: Charaxes (Rajahs and nawabs)[edit]

Species: Charaxes arja (Pallid Nawab)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes arja arja (Bengal Pallid Nawab)

Species: Charaxes bernardus (Tawny Rajah)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes bernardus hierax (Variable Tawny Rajah)

Species: Charaxes bharata (Indian Nawab)[edit]
Species: Charaxes eudamippus (Great Nawab)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes eudamippus eudamippus (Himalayan Great Nawab)

Species: Charaxes marmax (Yellow Rajah)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes marmax marmax (Sylhet Yellow Rajah)

Species: Charaxes solon (Black Rajah)[edit]

Subspecies: Charaxes solon solon (Pale Black Rajah)

Subfamily: Cyrestinae[edit]

Genus: Cyrestis (Maps)[edit]

Species: Cyrestis thyodamas (Map Butterfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Cyrestis thyodamas thyodamas (Oriental Map Butterfly)

Subfamily: Danainae[edit]

Tribus: Danaini

Genus: Danaus[edit]

Species: Danaus chrysippus (Plain Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Danaus chrysippus chrysippus (Oriental Plain Tiger)

Species: Danaus genutia (Striped Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Danaus genutia genutia (Oriental Striped Tiger)

Species: Euploea klugii (King Crow)[edit]

Subspecies: Euploea klugii kollari (Brown King Crow)

Species: Euploea radamanthus (Magpie Crow)[edit]

Subspecies: Euploea radamanthus radamanthus (Oriental Magpie Crow)

Species: Euploea sylvester (Magpie Crow)[edit]

Subspecies: Euploea sylvester hopei (Cachar Double-branded Blue Crow)

Species: Euploea mulciber (Striped Blue Crow)[edit]

Subspecies: Euploea mulciber mulciber (Bengal Striped Blue Crow)

Genus: Parantica[edit]

Species: Parantica aglea (Glassy Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Parantica aglea melanoides (Himalayan Glassy Tiger)

Species: Parantica melaneus (Chocolate Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Parantica melaneus plataniston (Himalayan Chocolate Tiger)

Genus: Tirumala[edit]

Species: Tirumala limniace (Blue Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Tirumala limniace exoticus (Oriental Blue Tiger)

Species: Tirumala septentrionis (Dark Blue Tiger)[edit]

Subspecies: Tirumala septentrionis septentrionis (Oriental Dark Blue Tiger)

Subfamily: Heliconiinae[edit]

Tribus: Acraeini

Genus: Acraea[edit]

Species: Acraea terpsicore (Tawny Coster)[edit]

Genus: Cethosia[edit]

Species: Cethosia biblis (Red Lacewing)[edit]

Subspecies: Cethosia biblis tisamena (Himalayan Red Lacewing)

Species: Cethosia cyane (Leopard Lacewing)[edit]

Subspecies: Cethosia cyane cyane (Bengal Leopard Lacewing)

Tribus: Argynnini

Genus: Argynnis[edit]

Species: Argynnis hyperbius (Tropical Fritillary)[edit]

Subspecies: Argynnis hyperbius hyperbius (Chinese Tropical Fritillary)

Tribus: Vagrantini

Genus: Cirrochroa[edit]

Species: Cirrochroa aoris (Large Yeoman)[edit]

Subspecies: Cirrochroa aoris aoris (Himalayan Large Yeoman)

Species: Cirrochroa tyche (Common Yeoman)[edit]

Subspecies: Cirrochroa tyche mithila (Bengal Common Yeoman)

Genus: Phalanta[edit]

Species: Phalanta phalantha (Common Leopard)[edit]

Subspecies: Phalanta phalantha phalantha (Oriental Common Leopard)

Genus: Vagrans[edit]

Species: Vagrans egista (Vagrant)[edit]

Subspecies: Vagrans egista sinha (Himalayan Vagrant)

Genus: Vindula[edit]

Species: Vindula erota (Cruiser)[edit]

Subspecies: Vindula erota erota (Thai Cruiser)

Subfamily: Limenitidinae[edit]

Tribus: Adoliadini

Genus: Euthalia[edit]

Species: Euthalia lubentina (Gaudy Baron)[edit]

Subspecies: Euthalia lubentina lubentina (Chinese Gaudy Baron)

Species: Euthalia monina (Powdered Baron)[edit]

Subspecies: Euthalia monina kesava (Assam Powdered Baron)

Species: Euthalia phemius (White-edged Blue Baron)[edit]

Subspecies: Euthalia phemius phemius (Sylhet White-edged Blue Baron)

Genus: Symphaedra[edit]

Species: Symphaedra nais (Baronet)[edit]

Genus: Tanaecia[edit]

Species: Tanaecia jahnu (Plain Earl)[edit]

Subspecies: Tanaecia jahnu jahnu (Darjeeling Plain Earl)

Species: Tanaecia julii (Common Earl)[edit]

Subspecies: Tanaecia julii appiades (Changeable Common Earl)

Species: Tanaecia lepidea (Grey Count)[edit]

Subspecies: Tanaecia lepidea lepidea (Himalayan Grey Count)

Tribus: Limenitidini

Genus: Athyma[edit]

Species: Athyma cama (Orange Staff Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma cama cama (Himalayan Orange Staff Sergeant)

Species: Athyma inara (Colour Sergeant)[edit]

Subspecies: Athyma inara inara (Himalayan Colour Sergeant)

Genus: Auzakia[edit]

Species: Auzakia danava (Commodore)[edit]

Subspecies: Auzakia danava danava (Indian Commodore)

Genus: Lebadea[edit]

Species: Lebadea martha (Knight)[edit]

Subspecies: Lebadea martha martha (Thai Knight)

Genus: Moduza[edit]

Species: Moduza procris (Commander)[edit]

Subspecies: Moduza procris procris (Oriental Commander)

Genus: Parasarpa[edit]

Species: Parasarpa dudu (White Commodore)[edit]

Subspecies: Parasarpa dudu dudu (Sylhet White Commodore)

Tribus: Neptini

Genus: Lasippa[edit]

Species: Lasippa viraja (Yellowjack Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Lasippa viraja viraja (Bengal Yellowjack Sailer)

Genus: Neptis[edit]

Species: Neptis hylas (Common Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Neptis hylas varmona (Indian Common Sailer)

Species: Neptis jumbah (Chestnut-streaked Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Neptis jumbah jumbah (Bengal Chestnut-streaked Sailer)

Species: Neptis zaida (Pale Green Sailer)[edit]

Subspecies: Neptis zaida bhutanica (East Himalayan Pale Green Sailer)

Genus: Pantoporia[edit]

Species: Pantoporia hordonia (Common Lascar)[edit]

Subspecies: Pantoporia hordonia hordonia (Oriental Common Lascar)

Subfamily: Nymphalinae[edit]

Tribus: Junoniini

Genus: Hypolimnas[edit]

Species: Hypolimnas bolina (Great Eggfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Hypolimnas bolina jacintha (Oriental Great Eggfly)

Genus: Junonia[edit]

Species: Junonia almana (Peacock Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia almana almana (Oriental Peacock Pansy)

Species: Junonia atlites (Grey Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia atlites atlites (Oriental Grey Pansy)

Species: Junonia hierta (Yellow Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia hierta hierta (Oriental Yellow Pansy)

Species: Junonia iphita (Chocolate Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia iphita iphita (Oriental Chocolate Pansy)

Species: Junonia lemonias (Lemon Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia lemonias lemonias (Chinese Lemon Pansy)

Species: Junonia orithya (Blue Pansy)[edit]

Subspecies: Junonia orithya ocyale (Dark Blue Pansy)

Tribus: Kallimini

Genus: Doleschallia[edit]

Species: Doleschallia bisaltide (Autumn Leaf)[edit]

Subspecies: Doleschallia bisaltide indica (Himalayan Autumn Leaf)

Genus: Kallima[edit]

Species: Kallima inachus (Orange Oakleaf)[edit]

Subspecies: Kallima inachus inachus (Himalayan Orange Oakleaf)

Tribus: Nymphalini

Genus: Aglais[edit]

Species: Aglais caschmirensis (Indian Tortoiseshell)[edit]

Subspecies: Aglais caschmirensis aesis (Himalayan Tortoiseshell)

Genus: Symbrenthia[edit]

Species: Symbrenthia lilaea (Northern Common Jester)[edit]

Subspecies: Symbrenthia lilaea khasiana (Khasi Common Jester)

Genus: Vanessa[edit]

Species: Vanessa cardui (Painted Lady)[edit]
Species: Vanessa indica (Indian Red Admiral)[edit]

Subspecies: Vanessa indica indica (Himalayan Red Admiral)

Subfamily: Pseudergolinae[edit]

Tribus: Pseudergolini

Genus: Pseudergolis[edit]

Species: Pseudergolis wedah (Tabby)[edit]

Subspecies: Pseudergolis wedah wedah (Himalayan Tabby)

Genus: Stibochiona[edit]

Species: Stibochiona nicea (Popinjay)[edit]

Subspecies: Stibochiona nicea nicea (Himalayan Popinjay)

Subfamily: Satyrinae[edit]

Tribus: Amathusiini

Genus: Discophora[edit]

Species: Discophora sondaica (Common Duffer)[edit]

Subspecies: Discophora sondaica zal (Indian Common Duffer)

Tribus: Elymniini

Genus: Elymnias[edit]

Species: Elymnias hypermnestra (Common Palmfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Elymnias hypermnestra undularis (Wavy Common Palmfly)

Species: Elymnias malelas (Spotted Palmfly)[edit]

Subspecies: Elymnias malelas malelas (Bengal Spotted Palmfly)

Species: Elymnias vasudeva (Jezebel Palmfly)[edit]

Tribus: Melanitini

Genus: Melanitis[edit]

Species: Melanitis leda (Common Evening Brown)[edit]

Subspecies: Melanitis leda leda (Oriental Common Evening Brown)

Tribus: Satyrini

Genus: Lethe[edit]

Species: Lethe chandica (Angled Red Forester)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe chandica chandica (Darjeeling Angled Red Forester)

Species: Lethe confusa (Banded Treebrown)[edit]

Subspecies: Lethe confusa confusa (Himalayan Banded Treebrown)

Genus: Mycalesis[edit]

Species: Mycalesis anaxias (White-bar Bushbrown)[edit]

Subspecies: Mycalesis anaxias aemate (Indo-Chinese White-bar Bushbrown)

Species: Mycalesis malsara (White-line Bushbrown)[edit]

Genus: Ypthima[edit]

Species: Ypthima baldus (Common Five-ring)[edit]

Subspecies: Ypthima baldus baldus (Himalayan Common Five-ring)

Species: Ypthima huebneri (Common Four-ring)[edit]

Family: Lycaenidae[edit]

Subfamily: Curetinae[edit]

Genus: Curetis[edit]

Species: Curetis acuta (Acute Sunbeam)[edit]

Subspecies: Curetis acuta dentata (Indian Acute Sunbeam)

Species: Curetis bulis (Bright Sunbeam)[edit]

Subspecies: Curetis bulis bulis (Himalayan Bright Sunbeam)

Species: Curetis thetis (Indian Sunbeam)[edit]

Subfamily: Lycaeninae[edit]

Genus: Heliophorus[edit]

Species: Heliophorus brahma (Golden Sapphire)[edit]

Subspecies: Heliophorus brahma brahma (Himalayan Golden Sapphire)

Subfamily: Polyommatinae[edit]

Tribus: Lycaenesthini

Genus: Anthene[edit]

Species: Anthene emolus (Common Ciliate Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Anthene emolus emolus (Bengal Common Ciliate Blue)

Tribus: Polyommatini

Genus: Acytolepis[edit]

Species: Acytolepis puspa (Common Hedge Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Acytolepis puspa gisca (Himalayan Common Hedge Blue)

Genus: Caleta[edit]

Species: Caleta elna (Elbowed Pierrot)[edit]

Subspecies: Caleta elna noliteia (Indo-Chinese Elbowed Pierrot)

Genus: Castalius[edit]

Species: Castalius rosimon (Common Pierrot)[edit]

Subspecies: Castalius rosimon rosimon (Continental Common Pierrot)

Genus: Catochrysops[edit]

Species: Catochrysops panormus (Silver Forget-me-not)[edit]

Subspecies: Catochrysops panormus exiguus (Malay Silver Forget-me-not)

Species: Catochrysops strabo (Forget-me-not)[edit]

Subspecies: Catochrysops strabo strabo (Oriental Forget-me-not)

Genus: Chilades[edit]

Species: Chilades pandava (Plains Cupid)[edit]

Subspecies: Chilades pandava pandava (Oriental Plains Cupid)

Genus: Everes[edit]

Species: Everes lacturnus (Oriental Cupid)[edit]

Subspecies: Everes lacturnus syntala (Dakhan Cupid)

Genus: Jamides[edit]

Species: Jamides bochus (Dark Cerulean)[edit]

Subspecies: Jamides bochus bochus (Indian Dark Cerulean)

Species: Jamides celeno (Common Cerulean)[edit]

Subspecies: Jamides celeno celeno (Oriental Common Cerulean)

Species: Jamides elpis (Glistening Cerulean)[edit]

Subspecies: Jamides elpis pseudelpis ( False Glistening Cerulean)

Genus: Leptotes[edit]

Species: Leptotes plinius (Zebra Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Leptotes plinius plinius (Asian Zebra Blue)

Genus: Neopithecops[edit]

Species: Neopithecops zalmora (Common Quaker)[edit]

Subspecies: Neopithecops zalmora zalmora (Myanmar Common Quaker)

Genus: Prosotas[edit]

Species: Prosotas dubiosa (Tailless Lineblue)[edit]

Subspecies: Prosotas dubiosa indica (Indian Tailless Lineblue)

Species: Prosotas nora (Common Lineblue)[edit]

Subspecies: Prosotas nora ardates (Indian Common Lineblue)

Genus: Pseudozizeeria[edit]

Species: Pseudozizeeria maha (Pale Grass Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Pseudozizeeria maha maha (Himalayan Pale Grass Blue)

Genus: Tarucus[edit]

Species: Tarucus balkanicus (Little Tiger Pierrot)[edit]

Subspecies: Tarucus balkanicus nigra (Black-spotted Pierrot)

Genus: Zizeeria[edit]

Species: Zizeeria karsandra (Dark Grass Blue)[edit]

Genus: Zizina[edit]

Species: Zizina otis (Lesser Grass Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Zizina otis otis (Oriental Lesser Grass Blue)

Subfamily: Poritiinae[edit]

Tribus: Poritiini

Genus: Poritia[edit]

Species: Poritia hewitsoni (Common Gem)[edit]

Subspecies: Poritia hewitsoni hewitsoni (Himalayan Common Gem)

Subfamily: Theclinae[edit]

Tribus: Amblypodiini

Genus: Iraota[edit]

Species: Iraota rochana (Scarce Silverstreak Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Iraota rochana boswelliana (Malayan Scarce Silverstreak Blue)

Tribus: Aphnaeini

Genus: Cigaritis[edit]

Species: Cigaritis elima (Scarce Shot Silverline)[edit]

Subspecies: Spindasis elima elima (Indian Scarce Shot Silverline)

Species: Cigaritis ictis (Common Shot Silverline)[edit]

Subspecies: Spindasis ictis ictis (Indian Common Shot Silverline)

Species: Cigaritis syama (Club Silverline)[edit]

Subspecies: Spindasis syama peguanus (Pegu Club Silverline)

Species: Cigaritis vulcanus (Common Silverline)[edit]

Subspecies: Spindasis vulcanus vulcanus (Indian Common Silverline)

Tribus: Arhopalini

Genus: Arhopala[edit]

Species: Arhopala abseus (Aberrant Oakblue)[edit]

Subspecies: Arhopala abseus indicus (Indian Aberrant Oakblue)

Species: Arhopala atrax (Indian Oakblue)[edit]
Species: Arhopala bazalus (Powdered Oakblue)[edit]

Subspecies: Arhopala bazalus teesta (Teesta Powdered Oakblue)

Species: Arhopala centaurus (Centaur Oakblue)[edit]

Subspecies: Arhopala centaurus pirithous (Bengal Centaur Oakblue)

Genus: Flos[edit]

Species: Flos adriana (Variegated Plushblue)[edit]
Species: Flos areste (Tailless Plushblue)[edit]

Genus: Surendra[edit]

Species: Surendra quercetorum (Common Acacia Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Surendra quercetorum quercetorum (Himalayan Common Acacia Blue)

Tribus: Catapaecilmini

Genus: Catapaecilma[edit]

Species: Catapaecilma major (Common Tinsel)[edit]

Subspecies: Catapaecilma major major (Himalayan Common Tinsel)

Tribus: Cheritrini

Genus: Cheritra[edit]

Species: Cheritra freja (Common Imperial)[edit]

Subspecies: Cheritra freja evansi (Khasi Common Imperial)

Genus: Ticherra[edit]

Species: Ticherra acte (Blue Imperial)[edit]

Subspecies: Ticherra acte acte (Himalayan Blue Imperial)

Tribus: Deudorigini

Genus: Rapala[edit]

Species: Rapala iarbus (Common Red Flash)[edit]

Subspecies: Rapala iarbus iarbus (Oriental Red Flash)

Species: Rapala manea (Slate Flash)[edit]

Subspecies: Rapala manea schistacea (Bengal Slate Flash)

Species: Rapala pheretima (Copper Flash)[edit]

Subspecies: Rapala pheretima petosiris (Indian Copper Flash)

Genus: Virachola[edit]

Species: Virachola perse (Large Guava Blue)[edit]

Subspecies: Virachola perse perse (Himalayan Large Guava Blue)

Tribus: Iolaini

Genus: Creon[edit]

Species: Creon cleobis (Broad-tail Royal)[edit]

Subspecies: Creon cleobis cleobis (Bengal Broad-tail Royal)

Tribus: Horagini

Genus: Horaga[edit]

Species: Horaga onyx (Common Onyx)[edit]

Subspecies: Horaga onyx onyx (Variable Common Onyx)

Genus: Rathinda[edit]

Species: Rathinda amor (Monkey Puzzle)[edit]

Tribus: Hypolycaenini

Genus: Hypolycaena[edit]

Species: Hypolycaena erylus (Common Tit)[edit]

Subspecies: Hypolycaena erylus himavantus (Sikkim Common Tit)

Species: Hypolycaena othona (Orchid Tit)[edit]

Subspecies: Hypolycaena othona othona (Oriental Orchid Tit)

Genus: Zeltus[edit]

Species: Zeltus amasa (Fluffy Tit)[edit]

Subspecies: Zeltus amasa amasa (Indian Fluffy Tit)

Tribus: Remelanini

Genus: Ancema[edit]

Species: Ancema blanka (Silver Royal)[edit]

Subspecies: Ancema blanka minturna (Blue-streaked Silver Royal)

Genus: Remelana[edit]

Species: Remelana jangala (Chocolate Royal)[edit]

Subspecies: Remelana jangala ravata (Northern Chocolate Royal)

Family: Riodinidae[edit]

Subfamily: Nemeobiinae[edit]

Tribus: Abisarini

Genus: Abisara[edit]

Species: Abisara bifasciata (Double-banded Judy)[edit]

Subspecies: Abisara bifasciata angulata (Angled Double-banded Judy)

Species: Abisara echerius (Plum Judy)[edit]
Species: Abisara fylla (Dark Judy)[edit]

Tribus: Nemeobiini

Genus: Dodona[edit]

Species: Dodona dipoea (Lesser Punch)[edit]

Subspecies: Dodona dipoea dipoea (Himalayan Lesser Punch)

Species: Dodona egeon (Orange Punch)[edit]

Subspecies: Dodona egeon egeon (Himalayan Orange Punch)

Genus: Zemeros[edit]

Species: Zemeros flegyas (Punchinello)[edit]

Subspecies: Zemeros flegyas flegyas (Himalayan Punchinello)

Family: Hesperiidae[edit]

Subfamily: Coeliadinae[edit]

Genus: Badamia[edit]

Species: Badamia exclamationis (Brown awl)[edit]

Genus: Bibasis[edit]

Species: Bibasis sena (Orangetail awl)[edit]

SubSpecies: Bibasis sena sena (Indian Orangetail Awl)

Genus: Burara[edit]

Species: Burara amara (Small Green Awlet)[edit]

Genus: Choaspes[edit]

Species: Choaspes benjaminii (Common Awlking)[edit]

SubSpecies: Choaspes benjaminii japonica (Oriental Common Awlking)

Species: Choaspes furcata (Hooked Awlking)[edit]

Genus: Hasora[edit]

Species: Hasora badra (Common Awl)[edit]

SubSpecies: Hasora badra badra (Oriental Common Awl)

Subfamily: Hesperiinae[edit]

Tribus: Aeromachini

Genus: Hyarotis[edit]

Species: Hyarotis adrastus (Tree Flitter)[edit]

Subspecies: Hyarotis adrastus praba (Bengal Tree Flitter)

Genus: Matapa[edit]

Species: Matapa aria (Common Branded Redeye Or Common Redeye)[edit]

Genus: Ochus[edit]

Species: Ochus subvittatus (Tiger Hopper)[edit]

Subspecies: Ochus subvittatus subradiatus (Khasi Tiger Hopper)

Genus: Suastus[edit]

Species: Suastus gremius (Oriental Palm Bob)[edit]

Subspecies: Suastus gremius gremius ( Indian Palm Bob)

Genus: Udaspes[edit]

Species: Udaspes folus (Grass Demon)[edit]

Genus: Zographetus[edit]

Species: Zographetus ogygia (Purple-spotted Flitter)[edit]

Subspecies: Zographetus ogygia ogygia (Continental Purple-spotted Flitter)

Tribus: Erionotini

Genus: Ancistroides[edit]

Species: Ancistroides nigrita (Chocolate Demon)[edit]

Subspecies: Ancistroides nigrita diocles (Bengal Chocolate Demon)

Genus: Arnetta[edit]

Species: Arnetta atkinsoni (Black-tufted Bob Or Atkinson's Bob)[edit]

Genus: Iambrix[edit]

Species: Iambrix salsala (Chestnut Bob)[edit]

Subspecies: Iambrix salsala salsala (Eastern Chestnut Bob)

Tribus: Baorini

Genus: Borbo[edit]

Species: Borbo bevani (Lesser Rice Swift Or Bevan's Swift)[edit]

Subfamily: Pyrginae[edit]

Tribus: Carcharodini

Genus: Spialia[edit]

Species: Spialia galba (Indian Grizzled Skipper)[edit]

Tribus: Celaenorrhinini

Genus: Celaenorrhinus[edit]

Species: Celaenorrhinus putra (Restricted Spotted Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Celaenorrhinus putra putra (Bengal Restricted Spotted Flat)

Genus: Pseudocoladenia[edit]

Species: Pseudocoladenia dan (Fulvous Pied Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Pseudocoladenia dan fabia (Himalayan Fulvous Pied Flat)

Genus: Sarangesa[edit]

Species: Sarangesa dasahara (Common Small Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Sarangesa dasahara dasahara (Indian Common Small Flat)

Tribus: Tagiadini

Genus: Caprona[edit]

Species: Caprona ransonnettii (Golden Angle)[edit]

Subspecies: Caprona ransonnettii potiphera (Dakhan Golden Angle)

Genus: Coladenia[edit]

Species: Coladenia agni (Brown Pied Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Coladenia agni agni (Himalayan Brown Pied Flat)

Genus: Ctenoptilum[edit]

Species: Ctenoptilum vasava (Tawny Angle)[edit]

Subspecies: Ctenoptilum vasava vasava (Himalayan Tawny Angle)

Genus: Gerosis[edit]

Species: Gerosis phisara (Dusky Yellow-breast Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Gerosis phisara phisara (Khasi Dusky Yellow-breast Flat)

Genus: Mooreana[edit]

Species: Mooreana trichoneura (Yellow Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Mooreana trichoneura pralaya (Yellow-veined Flat)

Genus: Odontoptilum[edit]

Species: Odontoptilum angulata (Chestnut Angle)[edit]

Subspecies: Odontoptilum angulata angulata (Oriental Chestnut Angle)

Genus: Seseria[edit]

Species: Seseria dohertyi (Contiguous Seseria)[edit]

Subspecies: Seseria dohertyi dohertyi (Himalayan Contiguous Seseria Or Himalayan White Flat)

Species: Seseria sambara (Notched Seseria)[edit]

Subspecies: Seseria sambara sambara (Himalayan Notched Seseria Or Sikkim White Flat)

Genus: Tagiades[edit]

Species: Tagiades japetus (Common Snow Flat)[edit]

Subspecies: Tagiades japetus ravi (Himalayan Common Snow Flat)