Calochortus albus

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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Cladusmonocots • OrdoLiliales • FamiliaLiliaceae • GenusCalochortus • Species: Calochortus albus (Benth.) Douglas ex Benth. (1838

Calochortus albus var. rubellus Greene (1893)[edit]


Green open book 1.png Description of taxon

  • Douglas, D. (1938) Botanist 2: no. 98.

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  • Ownbey, M. (1940) A monograph of the genus Calochortus. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 27, 371-560 [1]
  • Patterson, T.B. & Givnish, T.J. (2003). Geographic cohesion, chromosomal evolution, parallel adaptive radiations, and consequent floral adaptations in Calochortus (Calochortaceae): evidence from a cpDNA phylogeny. New Phytologist 161(1): 253–264 [2]

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