Carl von Preußen

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English: Prince Charles of Prussia (Friedrich Karl Alexander) was born on June 29, 1801 in Charlottenburg. He was the third son of King Frederick William III of Prussia and Queen Luise. He was a brother of King Frederick William IV of Prussia, of King (later Kaiser) Wilhelm I of Germany and of Prince Albrecht. He had five sisters, among them Charlotte of Prussia, the later Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. He was married to Princess Marie of Saxe-Weimar. His Schloss Glienicke, located between Berlin and Potsdam, is one of the most attractive castles of the Hohenzollern family
Deutsch: Prinz Friedrich Carl Alexander von Preußen (* 29. Juni 1801 im Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin; † 21. Januar 1883 in Berlin) ist der dritte Sohn König Friedrich Wilhelms III. von Preußen und Königin Luise.