Cartuja de Miraflores (Burgos)

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The Miraflores Charterhouse (Spanish: Cartuja de Miraflores) is a charterhouse, or Carthusian monastery, located in the city of Burgos, (Spain). For centuries it was a summer residence of the Spanish monarchy and is one of the most important Gothic buildings of Spain. The buildings were originally built as a palace for Henry III of Castile in 1401, while his son John II of Castile gave it to the Carthusian Order in order to make it a royal burial place, and in 1441 the abbey was founded. In 1452 the palace was damaged by fire and reconstruction started in 1454 under the direction of the architects Juan de Colonia and Simón de Colonia. The restoration was finished in 1484, during the reign of Isabella I of Castile.
Location: 42°20′17″N 3°29′24″W / 42.338056°N 3.49°W / 42.338056; -3.49

Building / Edificio[edit]

Exterior / Exterior[edit]

Interior / Interior[edit]

Interior of the church / Interior de la iglesia[edit]

Main altarpiece / Retablo mayor[edit]
Sepulcher of John II and Isabella of Portugal / Sepulcro de Juan II de Castilla e Isabel de Portugal[edit]
Sepulcher of the infante Alfonso / Sepulcro del infante Alfonso[edit]
Choir / Coro[edit]
Otras partes de la iglesia[edit]



La Anunciación, de Pedro Berruguete[edit]

Tríptico del Calvario[edit]

Sculptures / Esculturas[edit]