Caserta surrender meetings

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First Meeting on 28 April 1945, 18:00[edit]

English: After the proxies verification, Chief of Staff to Field Marshal Alexander handed over the Instrument of Surrender and its appendices to the German officers. Instument to be acepted or not within the second meeting to be held that night at 21:00 hours.

Second Meeting on 28 April 1945, 21:00 (with soviets)[edit]

English: German acceptation of the Instrument of Surrender and prolonged discussion of the appendices with the presence of the Red Army observers.

Final Meeting on 29 April 1945, 14:00 (with soviets)[edit]

At the presence of the Red Army observers the German officers and the General Morgan signed the Instrument of Surrender.

The German representatives came back to Italy with three copies of the signed act (two of which written in english), with the intent of obtaining the necessary ratification of the new Commander-in-Chief Southwest Kesselring (unexpectedly designated by the Füherer on 28 April).

Kislenko claim on 3 April 1945[edit]

General Aleksei Kislenko attended the last two meetings as observer on behalf of the Russian General Staff. By submitting his claim on 3 May, Kislenko declares that he received a copy of the Terms of Surrender (the Instrument of Surrender with its Appendices) on 29 April at 17:00 hours, only when he returned in Russia.

The claim pertains to the inclusion of the Vlasovskie forces, being soviet citizens, among the German complementary forces alike the Italo-Repubblican forces and organizations. He asked also the inclusion of the soviet military equipments.