Catalogue of Carlo Brogi's pictures

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Virtual catalogue of Carlo Brogi's images[edit]

Images are arranged by number of catalogue.

For the catalogue of his father Giacomo Brogi's pictures please see the Catalogue of Giacomo Brogi's pictures.

Trademark / Marchio[edit]


Some of the pictures of the "Edizioni Brogi Firenze" with a catalogue number higher than 8000 can be dated to events happened later than 1881, when Giacomo Brogi died, therefore they should be given to his son Carlo Brogi, who took over his business, rather than to him. It appears actually that Carlo Brogi, when he took over the business, began numbering his own images from number 8.000 sharp.

8000-8092 - Sanremo[edit]

8093-8169 - Turin[edit]

8170-8199 - Rome[edit]

8200-8249 - Certosa di Pavia[edit]

8250-8499 - Vatican Museums[edit]

8500-8699 - Florence[edit]

8700-8773 - Liguria[edit]

8875-8890 - Perugia[edit]

8891-8999 - ?[edit]





Unknown number[edit]