Catalogue of Wilhelm von Gloeden's pictures

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Catalogues of Wilhelm von Gloeden's pictures[edit]

This is a list of the images created by Gloeden by catalogue number. This is not an inventory of auctions sales of Gloeden's physical prints. A faded, small, watermarked, damaged, censored scan will be replaced in this catalogue anytime a better one surfaced, even if it comes from a source different than the one originally uploaded. Please consult an art expert if you need an expertise.
  • English: Images are arranged by number of catalogue. A short paper dealing with the cataloguing of Gloeden's images (in Italian) is here. All numbers may appear twice or thrice, for each of the 3 sizes sold by Gloeden: the smallest ones (cm 11 x 16), that have been marked below with a letter "P" before the number, the middle-sized ones (cm 18 x 24), that have been marked with a letter "M" before the number, and eventually the largest ones, (cm 30 x 40), that being less than 300, were listed in a separate catalogue, and marked with a "G" before the number. To further complicate the issue, some numbers also appear as duplicates by adding a "B" and a "C" (often passing unnoticed to cataloguers!) after the number. Further confusion yet was created by silver reprints printed in the 1930s-1970s, bearing the original numbering but not necessarily the original size. These ones and those published without size indication, were entered the catalogue marking them with a "?" before the number, waiting to find out the original size.

Trademark / Marchio[edit]

Campionari / Contact sheets[edit]

Largest-size catalogue of Wilhelm von Gloeden's pictures[edit]

The largest size catalogue is here (cm 30x40).

Smallest and medium-size catalogue / Catalogo generale (cm. 13x18 & 18x24)[edit]

Numbers 1-24[edit]