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Scroll-mounted painting (Kakejiku/Kakemono) depicting a traditional Japanese 2-man comedy team known as "manzai" (a generic term). A pair of manzai performers at a traditional/period Japanese New Year celebration. The tsukkomi is at front (with fan), the boke behind him (with drum); overhead hangs a shimenawa, a straw rope with streamers & fern fronds, commonly used as decoration for New Year. Behind the boke, over his right shoulder, there appears to be a small sprig of what is possibly pine-branches (another popular New Year motif); either natural growth, or another decoration. Sumi ink & water-colours(?) on paper. Unsigned, or signature and/or seal removed (lost as a result of damage? Note particularly: damage to bottom right corner), artist unknown. Japanese, late Edo to Meiji era; late 19th century or earlier (18??). From a private collection; fam. Wittig et cie.

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