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Suomi: µTorrent on ilmainen BitTorrent-ohjelma Windowsille ja Mac OS X:lle.
English: µTorrent is a free, ad-supported, closed source BitTorrent client owned and developed by BitTorrent, Inc.
μTorrent (es); μTorrent (hu); ΜTorrent (ms); ΜTorrent (de-ch); MTorrent (cy); µTorrent (lmo); μTorrent (be); میوتورنت (fa); ΜTorrent (zh); ΜTorrent (fy); ΜTorrent (ro); μTorrent (ja); 뮤토렌트 (ko); ΜTorrent (zh-hans); μTorrent (sk); μTorrent (en-gb); ΜTorrent (he); µTorrent (tt); ΜTorrent (tg); µTorrent (hi); ΜTorrent (wuu); ΜTorrent (fi); ΜTorrent (hy); ΜTorrent (en-ca); μTorrent (cs); µTorrent (bs); μTorrent (it); মাইক্রোটরেন্ট (bn); μTorrent (fr); ΜTorrent (da); మ్యూటోరెంట్ (te); ΜTorrent (ca); µTorrent (tt-cyrl); µTorrent (de); ΜTorrent (zh-hant); यूटोरेंट (mr); ΜTorrent (ku); μTorrent (pt); µTorrent (pl); ΜTorrent (lv); ΜTorrent (id); ΜTorrent (sv); ΜTorrent (uk); ΜTorrent (tr); ΜTorrent (pt-br); ΜTorrent (vi); มิวทอร์เรนต์ (th); ΜTorrent (nn); ΜTorrent (nb); μTorrent (nl); ΜTorrent (oc); µTorrent (ru); ಎಂಟೊರೆಂಟ್ (kn); میوٹورنٹ (ur); µTorrent (en); يوتورنت (ar); ΜTorrent (el); ΜTorrent (zh-cn) client di BitTorrent (it); বিটটরেন্ট সাইলেন্ট (bn); logiciel de partage (fr); fildelningsprogram (sv); תוכנת שיתוף קבצים מבוססת Torrent (he); cliente BitTorrent freeware desarrollado por BitTorrent, Inc (es); proprietary adware BitTorrent client (en); Filesharingprogramm (de); 무료로 제공되는 멀티플랫폼 비트토렌트 클라이언트 (ko); BitTorrent-кліент (be); یو تورنت (fa); λογισμικό (el); BitTorrent-ohjelma Androidille, Windowsille ja OS X:lle (fi) uTorrent, uT, μT (es); uTorrent (ja); µTorrent (fr); Torrent (nl); uTorrent, µT, uT, μTorrent (de); µTorrent, uTorrent (fi); uTorrent, uT, μT (en); ইউটরেন্ট (bn); uTorrent, µT, uT (it)
proprietary adware BitTorrent client
ΜTorrent screenshot.png
Скрыншот «μTorrent» — запатэнтаванага рэкламнага кліента BitTorrent, які належыць і распрацаваны «BitTorrent, Inc.»
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Instance of
  • BitTorrent client
Copyright license
  • adware
Owned by
  • Rainberry, Inc.
  • Ludvig Strigeus
  • Rainberry, Inc.
Operating system
Software version identifier
  • 3.5.5 (build 46096) (stable version, 2021)
  • 18 September 2005
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Authority control
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