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Coat of Arms[edit]


  • Shield: Per fess Azure and Argent, two arrows chevronwise point to point counterchanged between in chief a cross patée of the last and in base a spreading palm Vert debruised by a castle Or.
  • Crest: On a wreath of the colors an imperial Chinese dragon affronté Or scaled and finned Azure incensed and armed Gules.


  • Shield:
  1. The regiment was organized in 1861 and played a notable part in all the Virginia Campaigns from the Siege of Yorktown in 1862 to October 1864.
  2. It was in Sykes' regular division of the 5th Corps of the Army of the Potomac whose badge was a white cross patée.
  3. At Gaines Hill and Malvern Hill the division commander praised the regiment and the brigade commended it at Second Manassas.
  4. It performed a most difficult service at Antietam, was in the repulse of the crucial attack of the enemy at Gettysburg and made a most gallant charge at the Wilderness.
  5. In later years the regiment took part in two Indian Campaigns indicated by the two arrows and detachments were in two others but not in sufficient strength to entitle the regiment as a whole to participation.
  6. It was at the capture of Manila in the Spanish War indicated by the castle, and in the fighting around the same city in 1899 indicated by the palm, and in the China Relief Expedition as shown by the dragon.
  • Motto: The motto is the much prized remark made by General Meade directing the station of the regiment in the Review just after the Civil War.


  • The coat of arms was originally approved on 1922-12-21.

Distinctive Unit Insignia[edit]


  • A gold color metal and enamel device 1 5/32 inches (2.94cm) in height overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Azure in fess two crosses moline Agent in base a wigwam of the like, on a chief embattled Or a sea lion Gules holding in dexter paw a sword of the like.


  1. The field is blue for Infantry.
  2. This regiment took part in the Civil War, its great achievement was its first engagement at Gaines' Mills, Virginia, 1862-06-27 and 1862-06-28, where its loss was almost 50%.
  3. This is shown by the moline crosses which represent the iron fastening of a mill stone and the pair recall the crushing losses sustained.
  4. The wigwam with its five poles is for the five Indian Campaigns in which portions of the regiment took part.
  5. The chief is for the Spanish and Philippine Wars, yellow and red being the Spanish colors, red and blue the Katipunan colors; the embattled partition line is for the capture of the blockhouse at El Caney; the sea lion is from the arms of the Philippine Islands.
  6. The crest in the Spanish colors is to commemorate the capture of a Spanish flag at El Caney.


  1. The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 1923-06-20.
  2. It was amended to change the blazon of the shield on 1965-10-12.



  • Size:
  1. Hoist: Three Feet.
  2. Fly: Four Feet.
  • Organizational colors:
  1. Background: National flag blue
  2. Fringe: Yellow.
  3. Letters and Numbers: National Flag Blue
  4. Scrolls: Yellow
  • Arms:
  1. The flag has a solid background with an embroidered American eagle displayed centered thereon, in Proper Colors.
  2. In its right talon the eagle holds an olive branch; in its left talon, a bundle of 13 arrows, all in proper colors.
  3. Its beak grasps a scroll inscribed with the unit motto.
  4. Below the eagle is a scroll inscribed with the designation of the organization.
  5. On the eagle’s breast is embroidered the shield of the coat of arms and the crest is above the eagle’s head.

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