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Fifty-Fifth Series source

— The Fifty-Fifth series factory introductions were on Jan. 17, 1955

Official Packard comparisons for their salesmen

Clipper De Luxe — Buick Special
Clipper Super & Panama — Buick Century
Clipper Custom & Constellation — Buick Super
Patrician — Cadillac 62
Caribbean — Cadillac El Dorado

Model name

Clipper Deluxe 225hp
Clipper Super 225hp
Clipper Custom 245hp
Patrician 260hp
Four Hundred 260hp
Caribbean 275hp

Chassis number

5520 Clipper Deluxe (=5540)
5540 122" Super
5560 122" Clipper Custom
5580 127" Patrician, Four Hundred and Caribbean

Body number (x=third digit of Chassis number)

55x2 touring sedan
55x7 Panama / Constellation / Four Hundred (2-door) hardtop coupe
55x8 Caribbean convertible coupe


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