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Millennium: 5th millennium BC
Centuries: 43rd century BC - 42nd century BC - 41st century BC
Decades: 4190s BC 4180s 4170s 4160s 4150s 4140s 4130s 4120s 4110s 4100s BC
XLII secolo a.C.; খ্রিষ্টপূর্ব ৪২শ শতাব্দী; i. e. 42. század; 42. stoljeće pr. Kr.; Sieglu XLII e.C.; XLII век до н. э.; 42. Jahrhundert v. Chr.; MÖ 42. yüzyıl; 紀元前42世紀; 4100-talet fvt.; 42e eeuw v.Chr.; 42. vijek pne.; 42-a jarcento a.K.; 4100-luku eaa.; 42nd century BC; القرن 42 ق م; XLIIe siècle av. J.-C.; Abad ke-42 SM; anni che vanno dal 4200 a.C. al 4101 a.C.; 紀元前4200年から紀元前4101年までの100年間; Jahrhundert; vuosisata; century; évszázad; XLIIe siecle av. J.-C.; 42. vuosisata eaa.; 42nd-century BC; 4100-talet f.Kr.; 42. hundreåret fvt.; 42. hundreåret f.Kr.; i.e. 42. század; Kr. e. 42. század
42nd century BC 
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  • 42nd century BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
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The 42nd century BC, from 4200 BC to 4101 BC.


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