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695-709 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) between West 22nd and 23rd Streets in the Flatiron District, Manhattan, New York City. Originally built in 1889 as the Ehrich Brothers Emporium, designed by William Schickel, with additions in 1894 (Buchman & Deisler) and 1902 (Buchmkan & Fox); the additions were necessitated by the expansion of the store and were made to copy the original Renaissance-style forms. In 1911, with many of the grand emporia in the area moving uptown, the Ehrich Brothers retired, and a lease was taken on the building by J.L. Kesner, who had the firm of Taylor & Levi remodel the interior and the storefronts and construct an addition at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 22nd Street. The Kesner Store closed in 1913, but the "K" ornamentation on the storefronts remains. The building was renovated in 1995 by Frank Richard Gencorelli. The building is currently occupied by Staples and Burlington Coat Factory. It is located within the Ladies' Mile Historic District. (Sources: AIA Guide to NYC (4th ed.) and "NYCLPC Ladies' Mile Historic District Designation Report, volume 1")

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