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English: 8x57 mm (also referred to as 7.92x57 mm) was the standard German military rifle cartidge in both World Wars and remains a popular hunting and target-shooting cartridge.
7,92 × 57 mm (es); 7,92×57 mm Mauser (hu); 8x57mm Mauser (hr); 7,92 x 57 mm (ca); 7,92×57 мм (ru); 7.92x57mm Mauser (vi); 7,92 × 57 mm (de); 7,92 x 57 mm (pt); 7,92 × 57 mm (fr); 7,92×57 մմ (hy); 7.92×57mm毛瑟 (zh); 7,92 × 57 mm Mauser (id); 7,92×57 Mauser (sl); 7.92x57mmモーゼル弾 (ja); 7,92×57 mm Mauser (fi); 7.92x57mm Mauser (tr); 7,92 × 57 mm Mauser (sk); Nabój 7,92 x 57 mm Mauser (pl); 7.92×57 מ"מ מאוזר (he); 7.92×57mm Mauser (nl); 8x57 mm (nb); 8 × 57 IS (sv); 8×57 Маузер (uk); 7.92 × 57 mm 마우저 (ko); 7.92×57mm Mauser (en); 7,92 × 57 mm Mauser (it); 7,92 × 57mm Mauser (cs); 7.92*57 (fa) cartucho de fusil (es); puškovni naboj nemškega izvora (sl); Jagd- und Standard-Gewehrpatrone des Deutschen Militärs während der beiden Weltkriege. (de); Riflepatron (nb); rifle cartridge (en); Metak za puške iz Njemačkog carstva, i za Treći Reich. (hr); druh náboje (cs); Mühimmat (tr) 7,92x57 mm, 7,92 mm Mauser (sl); 7.92 mm×57弾, 7.92x57mm弾 (ja); 7.92 x 57 mm Mauser, 7.92 mm Mauser, 7.92×57mm, 7.92 × 57mm, 8mm Mauser, 8x57mm IS, 8x57 IS (en); 8mm Mauser, 7,92mm Mauser, 7,9mm metak, Mauser metak, 8mm njemački, 8x57 IS, 7,92x57mm Mauser (hr); 7,92 x 57 mm Mauser, 8x57 IS (nb); 7.92x57mm毛瑟步槍彈 (zh)
7.92×57mm Mauser 
rifle cartridge
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  • MG 34(6 C, 1 P, 150 F)
  • MG 42(10 C, 1 P, 118 F)


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