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87 Sylvia 
outer main-belt asteroid
ESO - 87 Sylvia-2 (by).jpg
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Instance of asteroid
Named after
Site of astronomical discovery
  • Madras Observatory
Minor planet group
Discoverer or inventor
  • Norman Robert Pogson
Time of discovery or invention
  • 16 May 1866
  • 86 Semele
Followed by
  • 88 Thisbe
Authority control
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(87) Silvia (es); 林神星 (yue); 87 Sylvia (hu); 87 Silvia (eu); 87 Sylvia (ast); (87) Sylvia (nds); Sylvia (de-ch); (87) Sylvia (de); (87) Сільвія (be); سیارک ۸۷ (fa); 林神星 (zh); 林神星 (zh-hk); 87 Sylvia (sv); 87 Сільвія (uk); 87 Sylvia (la); 林神星 (zh-hant); 林神星 (zh-cn); 87 Sylvia (fi); 87 Silvio (eo); Sylvia (cs); 87 Sylvia (it); (87) Sylvia (fr); Sylvia (nl); 87 Σύλβια (el); 87 Силвија (sr-ec); 87 Sylvia (en-gb); 87 Sylvia (nn); 87 Силвија (sr-el); シルヴィア (ja); (87) Сильвия (ru); 87 Sylvia (pt); Сильвия (kv); 87 Silvija (lv); 87 Sylvia (pl); 87 Силвија (sr); 87 Silvija (sl); 87 Sylvia (tl); 87 Sylvia (pt-br); 林神星 (zh-sg); (87) Sylvia (lb); 87 Sylvia (nan); 87 Sylvia (nb); 林神星 (zh-tw); (87) Սիլվիա (hy); 87 Sylvia (en-ca); (87) Sylvia (oc); (87) Sylvia (ca); 87 Sylvia (en); 87 Sylvia (sk); 林神星 (zh-hans); 87 실비아 (ko) asteroide (es); астероид (ky); asteroide (eu); asteroide (ast); asteroide (ca); Астероид (ba); asteroid (cy); Астероид (ce); астэроід (be); աստերոիդ (hy); 小行星 (zh); asteroïde (fy); Asteroid (ksh); 小惑星 (ja); asteroide (ia); asteroid (id); huvudbältesasteroid (sv); αστεροειδής της Κύριας Ζώνης Αστεροειδών (el); אסטרואיד (he); Asteròid (eml); গ্রহাণু (bn); asteroido (io); outer main-belt asteroid (en); asteroidi (fi); Asteroid des Hauptgürtels (de); asteroido (eo); asteroid (cs); Asteroid (bs); asteroide (an); Астероид (krc); astéroïde de la ceinture principale (fr); astewoyid (ht); asteroid (et); астероид (ru); астероид (lez); asteroide (da); asteroide (it); planetoïde (nl); asteroid (az); asteroide (pt); kisbolygó (hu); 소행성 (ko); asteroid (ilo); астероид (bg); asteroid (sl); astaróideach (ga); Asteroid (bar); asteroïde (af); Asteroid (lb); астэроід (be-tarask); asteroid (sk); asteroid (sh); asteroîd (ku); asteroidi (hr); سیارک (fa); астероид (cv); asteroide (gl); كويكب (ar); asteroidenn (br); क्षुद्रग्रह (hi) Silvia, 87 silvia (es); (87) Sylvia II Rémus, (87) Sylvia I Romulus, Sylvia (fr); (87) Sílvia, 87 Sylvia (ca); A909 GA (de); Sylvia (pt); سیارک 87 (fa); 87林神星, 小行星87 (zh); 87 Sylvia (sr); 87 Sylvia (sl); (87) Sylvia (nn); (87) Sylvia (nb); (87) Sylvia (nl); 87 Сильвия, Сильвия, 87 Sylvia, (87) Sylvia, A909 GA, Sylvia (ru); (87) Sylvia, Sylvia (en); 86 Sylvia (eo); Sylvia (pl); 87 Сильвія, 87 Sylvia (uk)

87 Sylvia is one of the largest main belt asteroids. It orbits beyond most of the main belt asteroids, so it is classed as one of the Cybeles. Sylvia is remarkable for being the first known asteroid to possess more than one moon.

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