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In this article, we describes the "MOJIE" Friendship #AAAP.
Other uses to see -> AAAP or others.

What a #AAAP?[edit]

#AAAP is License.


  • License to compensate for the that can not be."The Commons license shortcomings basically only use free for all".
Σ/D<If making an announcement to those the customer who want to pay.Who company get appropriately to just fee author to use this license good things because save a government tax the company law.
We use for that purpose This License is available.

Let's talk About #AAAP[edit]

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  3. 4chan #AAAP No.1

License of conflict resolution[edit]

Not for the purpose of the use of monopoly.

  • #AAAP license is shared rather than private ones.
When MOTOI_Kenkichi died, but my timeline no archives don't find out about people in problem and trouble, it does not matter whether it you?[1]


  1. May 3,2002 - Crisis of w:en:Neomugicha_incident.Subspecies or GIKONEKO(ギコ猫)[2]" character, Is reported on TV on a large scale.
  2. March 12,2002 - The toy maker Takara Co.,LTD. has filed an application for trademark registration as text art of GIKONEKO[3].
  3. April 11,2003 - The toy maker Takara Tomy Arts Co.,LTD. has filed an application for trademark registration (Application No. 4662575 quotient).Name by "KAOMOJI-KUN(顔文字くん)"[4].
  4. September 22,2005 - Open to the public. Application for registration of the trademark Avex Group Holdings Inc. paper company "ZEN limited company", Industrial Property Digital Library.[5]
  5. Cleverly The state of copyright will be stripped[6].


They Ignore of the law[7].


Licenced to born のまネコ問題(ja) at 2005.

アスキーアート保護協会 (AAAP) が設立されることとなっている。 だがこの協会には 問題点が多く存在する 為、
のまネコに続く 新たなる問題として顕在化 し始めている。
Issues such as the problem does not happen again like that "cat Noma(のま猫/米酒)",
It will be established so that the "(AAAP) Association for the Protection of ASCII art."
To this association because there are many problems,
however,Are beginning new to emerge as a problem following the "cat Noma(のま猫/米酒)"[8].

AAAP Disscuss.[edit]

  1. AAAP(アスキーアート保護協会) 7スレ目 inAAサロン(ja)
  2. アスキーアート保護協会7->文字絵友の会 #AAAP 1(ja)

Re:Born #AAAP[edit]

#__#_#__________________Born at October 11,2012
#_#####____A_A_A____PP__Re:MOTOYe Kenkichi
#__#_#____A_A_A_A___P_P_And All Net Users give me[9] solutions.
#_#####__AAAAAAAAA__PP__We have No money.


    1. AAAP MOJIE club official hash tags.

It is the official hashtag Friends of character painting. Terms and Conditions will be updated to the new. I apply from 2012-10-11.

Thanks Adobe Systems Co,.Ltd.[edit]

  • Nachweisliche(Januar 08 2013)Ich werde demonstrieren. Adobe License wird nicht an Dritte gebunden.[11]



  • Is Adobe able to confirm how the attacker got in—whether it was a vulnerability in the server software?
  1. We are still investigating how the compromise occurred.

  • Adobe は、この攻撃者の侵入方法、即ち、サーバーソフトウェア内の脆弱性の有無を確認することができるのですか?
  1. Adobeは、侵害の発生状況について現在調査を続行中です。

  1. AT YOUR OWN RISK.svgCAUTION:Adobe License of the Deferred payment scheme to money for Adobe Systems.

2ちゃんねる 趣味一般@2ch掲示板【Commons】ウィキメディア・コモンズ【Wikimedia】

Thanks Co,.Ltd.[edit]

  1. AT YOUR OWN RISK.svgCAUTION:Amazon Licence of the Onestop[13] payment scheme to money for Composers.


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