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This category (and its subcategories) holds pictures of Ancient Chinese Characters (ACC) that contain the character component (see wiktionnary : en, fr, ja, zh, ).

It is automatically filled by the template:ACClicense, according to the component1= parameters. Please use that template, and do not add characters by hand.

This category is part of the Ancient Chinese characters project (古漢字-Anciens Hanzi), a project to create a complete set of SVG images depicting ancient Chinese characters. Help is welcome (Tutorial).

Barberini Faun side Glyptothek Munich 218.jpg 夭 夭 夭 夭 夭
Oracle Bronze Silk & bamboo Great seal Small seal Present day

Please note that the character composition is (normally) given for the corresponding picture, which may not be the same as the present-day one. Please note further that beyond its temporal evolution, the graphic form may vary, especially in the great seal script.

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