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This category contain's images from William Blake's A Large Book of Designs. For a complete record of the copies of "A Large Book of Designs" see The William Blake Archive Website. The below is a list of objects in the books:

object 1 (Bentley 85.1, Butlin 262.1)-- "Albion rose"
object 2 (Bentley 85.2, Butlin 262.3)-- "The First Book of Urizen, plate 21"
object 3 (Bentley 85.3, Butlin 262.2)-- "The Accusers"
object 4 (Bentley 85.4, Butlin 262.4)-- "Visions of the Daughters of Albion, plate 7"
object 5 (Bentley 85.5, Butlin 262.5)-- "Visions of the Daughters of Albion, plate 1"
object 6 (Bentley 85.6, Butlin 262.6)-- "Joseph of Arimathea Preaching to the Inhabitants of Britain"
object 7 (Bentley 85.7, Butlin 262.7)-- "The First Book of Urizen, plate 14"
object 8 (Bentley 85.8, Butlin 262.8)-- "America, A Prophecy, plate d"

Present Location: British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG, United Kingdom