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A fragment of scallop shell having precipitates attached on its edge was found inside one of the screw hub holes of No.1 Torpedo. Some civilian groups claimed that this scallop was a kind of indigenous species to East Sea (the sea at the opposite side of Korean Penninsula from West Sea, where Cheonan sunk) and so, the No.1 Torpedo could not be relevant to the ROKS Cheonan sinking. Soon after this claim and the other, KCIC, the highest ranking military criminal investigation authority, picked out these and inspected them solely without any prior discusstion with any scientific sector or else. They announced that this scallop fragment was from Chlamys Farreri that could be harvested in West Sea, and the precipitates were of the same kind as other a.k.a adsrobates. News Article: Clamshell covered in white substance discovered The diameter of the holes is about 20mm. The morphology of precipitates clearly demonstrates their origin.