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Across the continent on the Kansas Pacific Railroad: route of the 35th parallel / by Alexander Gardner, photographer.

  • On March 9, 1869 a joint resolution of Congress authorized the changing of the Union Pacific Railway Company, Eastern Division's name to the Kansas Pacific Railway Company.
  • Although all of the photographs published in "Across the Continent on the Kansas Pacific Railroad (Route of the 35th Parallel)" are attributed to Gardner, some of the images may have been taken by one of the other photographers Gardner supervised on the expedition.
  • "As official photographer for the expedition, Gardner was allowed to published all the expedition photographs under his name. In 1867 he stated in a deposition that although a photograph was identified on the mount as a 'Photograph by A. Gardner,' it simply meant that it was printed or copied in his gallery; he was not necessarily the photographer.
  • The other photographers on the expedition were Dr. William A. Bell, William R. Pywell, and Gardner's son, Lawrence, who apprenticed on the expedition." [Katz, D. Mark (1991). Witness to an era: the life and photographs of Alexander Gardner: the Civil War, Lincoln, and the West. Nashville, Tennessee: Rutledge Hill. Page 220]; Images most likely published in 1869. "Along with images made by photographers under his [Alexander Gardner's] supervision, his photographs were published in an album titled "Across the Continent on the Kansas Pacific Railway (Route of the 35th Parallel)", offered for sale on April, 1869."

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Images of this document have been scanned by Boston Public Library and released on their Digital Commonwealth site.

There is also a Flickr stream with much lower-resolution files.

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Detail from "Banks of the Kaw, near Fort Riley".

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