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How to use this category
English: Index of aircraft categories ordered by designation. Designations are systemic alphanumeric codes (though sometimes exclusively numeric or alphabetic) which are assigned either by the manufacturer or operator of an aircraft. It may be assigned to cover an aircraft class, family, type, variant, or even an individual aircraft in some cases in according with the organization's own system. The highest-level category for each designation should be contained in this index. There is no need to include sub-categories with variations of the designation, except in cases where the variation would not be easily found or recognized by looking for the base designation. For example, for the designation "C-130", use the following guide:
  1. List the highest-level category of "C-130" here (Category:Lockheed C-130 Hercules, sort key "C130")
  2. Do not list other categories with "C-130" in the name (e.g. Category:Lockheed C-130 Hercules)
  3. Do not list sub-variations of the same aircraft identified merely by a suffix on the designation (e.g. Category:C-130E Hercules), as long as they can be found under the listed category.
  4. Do list variants which have a substantially different designation than the base designation (e.g. Category:Lockheed L-100 Hercules, sort key "L100"), so users do not need to know the designation of the parent aircraft family to find their target in this index.
  5. Do list variants which have a different prefix on the designation (e.g. Category:KC-130 Hercules, sort key "KC130"), so users do not need to identify the 'base' designation to find it in this index.

Sort key: All contents of this index must have a consistent sort key assigned to ensure that the index is easy to use.

  1. The sort key should consist of the alphanumeric designation without manufacturer or model names that may also form part of the category name. (e.g. Category:Lockheed C-130 Hercules would not include "Lockheed" (manufacturer name) or "Hercules" (popular name).)
  2. The sort key should not contain any spaces or other special characters (".", ",", "/", "-", etc.). (e.g. "C-130" to "C130" and "Bf 109" to "BF109") An exception to this rule is when a designation consists of two numbers which only contain a character between them, in which case the sort key should contain a "-" between the numbers. (e.g. "A300-600" would be "A300-600" while "A120/9" would become "A120-009")
  3. All numbers should be represented by three digits, adding leading zeroes as needed. (e.g. "A-10" to "A010" and "B-1" to "B001") In cases where the number is more than four digits, use the entire number with an "A*" preceding it. (e.g. "L-1011" to "LA*1011") This should result in readable sorting in the vast majority of cases.
  4. Letter case is not critical, as the current sorting algorithm does not factor this in when sorting a category by key.


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