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Please refer to the batch upload project page Commons:Batch uploading/Airliners. If you are helping with categorization, please add your name to the project members list there. Suggestions for improvement are welcome there too. :-)

This category is being used as part of a series of large batch uploads from, and other enthusiast sites/forums from June 2013 until we reach a target of 100,000 photos (likely to be a 12 month project). Photographs from these websites are not automatically available for free reuse, this is being negotiated with each photographer with records maintained on OTRS. Shortly after these uploads started, many were being reused for educational value in the Chinese, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and English Wikipedias.

Photos need categorization, and may need to have an image credit bar/watermark removed from the file. The credit bar may vary in size, these are being systematically and accurately removed within a few hours or days after upload, with EXIF data being preserved, there is no need to do this by hand.

Please remove this category from a photograph if:

  1. You have added categories on the photograph to make it realistically find-able. Please check against the scheme explained at Commons:Batch uploading/Airliners.
  2. There is no watermark or credit bar on the photograph, if there are then please ensure they are placed in the watermark sub-category.
  3. The data in the information box appears correct.

Let User:Fæ know if you are making significant changes to this category, or deleting it.


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