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Akshardham (Gujarati: દિલ્હી અક્ષરધામ, Devnagari: दिल्ली अक्षरधाम) is a Hindu temple complex in Delhi, India. Also referred to as Delhi Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham, the complex displays centuries of traditional Indian and Hindu culture, spirituality, and architecture. The temple, which attracts approximately 70 percent of all tourists who visit Delhi, was officially opened on November 6, 2005, on the banks of the Yamuna adjacent to the proposed 2010 Commonwealth Games village. 28°36′50.35″N 77°16′39.73″E / 28.6139861°N 77.2777028°E / 28.6139861; 77.2777028

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