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English: An alidade (archaic forms include alhidade, alhidad, alidad) is a device that allows the user to sight a distant object and use the line of sight to perform a task. This task can be, for example, to draw a line on a plane table in the direction of the object or to measure the angle to the object from some reference point. Angles measured can be horizontal, vertical or in any chosen plane.
<nowiki>Alidada; Alidada; alidada; Alhidade; آلیداد; 照準儀; alidat; アリダード; Alhidáda; Алідада; Ịdị ike; Alidado; Alidada; Алидада; Alidado; alhidáda; alidade; Alidada; alidade; Alidaad; Alidade; الىيدادا; Alïdada; Алидад; Alhidade; Алидада; linea fiduciæ; Alidad; Alidada; alhidade; alidade; Alhidad; Alidad; ಆಲಿಡೇಡ್; 조준의; alidade; العضادة; Алидада; Alidadă; Alat yang membantu memerhati objek yang jauh; Messlineal als Schenkel zu messender Winkel an verschiedenen Instrumenten; device for measuring angles; réglette mobile permettant la mesure d'angle; alat untuk melihat objek jauh; parte superiore di teodolite e tacheometro; misura gli angoli sul piano verticale; turning board; alhidade; alhidad; alidad; الیداد; عضاده; alidad; idâde; izâde; mastara</nowiki>
device for measuring angles
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