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四 : three strokes in the seal script (the pen can circle round), five in modern script.

This category is automatically fed by the {{ACClicense}}, using the |strokes= parameter.

The purpose of this classification is to help identification of character components in ancient scripts. The characters that should be categorized are simple characters (not compound ones) that might be used as character elements in compound characters.

  • category:-stroke ancient Chinese characters holds the characters where the |strokes= parameter has not been filled. If not empty, it should be reviewed to classify newly uploaded characters.
  • category:0-stroke ancient Chinese characters is used for compound characters or duplicates, or illegible characters, anyway those not needed or useless for component identification.
  • Other categories sort simple characters according to their strokes number.

Please note that the "strokes" are pen-drawn, not brush-drawn, and may bend or curve round or upward (which differs from the brush count).

Please note that this strokes count may be approximative or erroneous : do not hesitate to search a character in a neighboring category, and feel free to correct the categorization if needed.