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In an ordinary visit to the site of Ancient Ephesus, the sequence of places visited is (beginning at the Main Entrance):

  1. Ruins of ancient baths at the entrance
  2. Temple of Dea Roma and Divus Julius Cesar
  3. Odeon
  4. Basilica
  5. Prytaneion
  6. Temple o Memmius
  7. The circular fountain
  8. Pollio Fountain
  9. Temple of Domitian
  10. First half of Curetes Street
  11. Heracles Gate
  12. Second Half of Curetes Street
    1. Trajan Fountain (right)
    2. Scholastikia Baths (right)
    3. Latrinae
    4. Terrace Houses (both escavated and unescavated sections) - (left)
    5. Hadrian Temple (right)
    6. Brothel (right)
  13. Celsus Library
  14. Mazeus-Mithridates Gate (right)
  15. Monumental Gate (left)
  16. Marble road (through the Mazeus-Mithridates Gate)
  17. Agora (left)
  18. Ruins (right)
  19. Theatre
  20. Harbor


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