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  • A.G. Rålin, Åmål, parlor organ c. 1915. KH 167.. Klaverens Hus, Hemmansvägen. "Anders Gustaf Rålin (1842-1906) was born in Ånimskog in the landscape of Dalsland. ... and made his first reed organ at the age of 28 (1870) and started a factory in Ånimskog in 1876. Between 1879 and 1884 he went to America twice to develop his professional knowledge. The A.G. Rålin Reed Organ Factory was established in 1885 (the official year). ... In 1901 a bigger factory was built when also fabrication of pianos started. When in 1918 the marketing and selling company ‘Joint Piano and Reed Organ Factories’ (AB Förenade Piano- och Orgelfabriker) was founded, the Rålin factory was incorporated into this new organization. It remained active until 1935 ..."

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